These Are the 15 States That Get the Most March Snow

Written by Kristen Holder
Published: March 4, 2024
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While the mention of March elicits ideas of spring sunshine and the first blooming trees, it’s also still a snowy time of year in some spots. Where can you see snow in the United States in March? We’re going to go over the 15 states that get the most March snow together now.

15. West Virginia: 6 Inches in March

More snow accumulates in the mountainous eastern portion of the state than in the west.

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In West Virginia, around 6 inches of snow falls on average per year. More snow accumulates in the Appalachian Mountains in the state’s eastern portion than in the flatter western part.

Average March Snowfall: 6 inches in March.

Snowiest West Virginia City: Elkins, WV.

14. Alaska: 6 Inches in March

Since Alaska is so huge, snowfall is highly variable across the state.


Alaska is a huge state, and the average 6 inches of snow that falls in March doesn’t occur evenly across its vast terrain. Some places receive dozens of inches of snow every month, while other locations gain just a few inches per year.

Climate change is changing the snowy landscape in Alaska every year. It’s projected that lower elevations in the state will lose over forty percent of its average snowpack by the end of the twenty-first century.

Average March Snowfall: 6 inches.

Snowiest Alaska City: Valdez, AK.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 6 inches.

Record March Snowfall:  29 inches in Anchorage, AK, on March 17, 2002.

13. Michigan: 6.4 Inches in March

Michigan averages around 6.4 inches of snow in March annually.

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On average, about 6.4 inches of snow falls around Michigan in March. By the end of March, most Michiganders can bank on no more snowy days with more than an inch of total accumulation for the season.

Average March Snowfall: 6.4 inches.

Snowiest  Michigan City: Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 10 inches.

Record March Snowfall: 13.9 inches in Grand Rapids, MI, on March 2, 2002.

12. Wisconsin: 7 Inches in March

As part of the Great Lakes region, Wisconsin sometimes gets walloped with tons of snow.

©Michele M Vogel/

Wisconsin is a northerly state in the Midwest that receives around 7 inches of snow in March on average. Since it’s also part of the Great Lakes region, lake effect snow sometimes dumps dozens of inches of snow in one go.

Average March Snowfall: 7 inches.

Snowiest Wisconsin City: Hurley, WI.

Record March Snowfall: 52.6 inches during March 1881 in Milwaukee.

11. North Dakota: 8.5 Inches in March

Winters in North Dakota are brutally cold with an average of 8.5 inches of snow in March.

©Phillip Schultz/

North Dakota is a northerly state which means that it withstands brutally cold winters. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that North Dakota receives an average of 8.5 inches of snow in March.

Average March Snowfall: 8.5 Inches in March.

10. Massachusetts: 9 Inches in March

The last few years haven’t seen the usual 9 inches of March snow expected in Massachusetts.

©Simon Drouin/

While 9 inches of snow falls on average in Boston, MA, only an inch has fallen during March in the last few years. However, it’s not unheard of for a whopping blizzard to blow through during March before the real start of Spring.

Average March Snowfall: 9 inches.

Snowiest Massachusetts City: Worcester, MA.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 1 inch.

Record March Snowfall: 29 inches on March 13, 1888.

9. Minnesota: 9 Inches in March

March 2023 was one of the top five snowiest seasons in recorded history.

©Roger Siljander/

Minnesota gets an average of 9 inches of snow in March with some of the biggest snow totals happening recently. For example, the 2023 winter in Minnesota was one of the top five coldest and snowiest seasons on record.

Average March Snowfall: 9 inches.

Snowiest Minnesota City: Duluth, MN.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 23.5 inches.

Record March Snowfall: 16 inches from March 8 to 9, 1999, in Minneapolis, MN.

8. Wyoming: 11 Inches in March

Many feet of snow can fall in one storm in Wyoming.

© Steele

Wyoming is a desolate state with towering mountains that experience brutal winters. As a result, the state averages about 11 inches of snow annually. Once in a while, a snowstorm blows through that dumps many feet of snow at once.

Average March Snowfall: 11 Inches.

Snowiest Wyoming City: Casper, WY.

Record March Snowfall: 26.3 inches from March 13 to 14, 2021, in Casper, WY.

7. Colorado: 12 Inches in March

March is notoriously the snowiest month in Denver, Colorado.


On average, about 12 inches of snow falls across Colorado in March. All of this snow usually dumps in one or two strong Spring snow storms. March is notoriously the snowiest season in Denver which is the capital city.

Average March Snowfall: 12 inches.

Snowiest Colorado City: Breckenridge Resort, CO.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 5.1 inches.

Record March Snowfall: 40 inches in Aurora, CO, from March 17 to 19, 2003.

6. California: 12.5 Inches in March

In California’s Sierra Nevadas, hundreds of feet of snow can fall per year.

©Joseph Sohm/

While California’s landscapes vary drastically, the thickest snow in the United States exists within its borders. Despite a sunny reputation, a rough average of 12.5 inches of snow falls somewhere in the state during March.

California has many tall mountains and mountain ranges that receive a substantial snow accumulation annually. Of all of the mountain ranges in California, the Southern Cascades and the Sierra Nevadas are the snowiest on average.

Average March Snowfall: 12.5 inches.

Snowiest California City: Tahoe City, CA.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 200+ inches.

Record March Snowfall: 451 inches during March 1911 in Tamarack, CA.

5. Maine: 12.7 Inches in March

Portland, Maine, is one of the snowiest cities in the state.

©EJ Johnson/ via Getty Images

The average snowfall in Maine during March is about 12.7 inches, though a well-timed storm called a Nor’easter can dump a lot more than that. However, in the late 2010s and early 2020s, almost no snow fell in the major cities.

Average March Snowfall: 12.7 inches.

Snowiest Maine City: Portland, ME.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 14 inches.

Record March Snowfall: 27.5 inches from March 11 to 13, 1993, in Portland, ME.

4. Vermont: 13.4 Inches in March

In fourth place for the snowiest March average in the United States is Vermont.

©Don Landwehrle/

Vermont is one of the most northerly states in the USA. Because of this, it gets an average of 13.4 inches of snow per year.

Average March Snowfall: 13.4 inches.

Snowiest Vermont City:Burlington, VT.

3. New Hampshire: 14 Inches in March

New England winter scene from Londonderry, New Hampshire.

About 14 inches of snow fall in New Hampshire every March.

©Remo Nonaz/

New Hampshire is no stranger to snow. Residents are accustomed to long and snowy winters with March accumulating about 14 inches of snow on average.

Average March Snowfall: 14 inches.

Snowiest New Hampshire City: Berlin, NH.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 12 inches.

Record March Snowfall: 10 inches on March 16, 1956, in Concord, NH.

2. New York: 14 Inches in March

New York City will have at least one day where it snows an inch in March.


In New York, the average snowfall is around 14 inches though the northern part of the state sometimes receives a lot more. In contrast, New York City (NYC) receives up to 4 inches on average every March. NYC should expect at least one snowy day in March that drops up to an inch in 24 hours.

Average March Snowfall: 14 inches.

Snowiest New York City: Syracuse, NY.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 18 inches.

Record March Snowfall: 50.9 inches in Albany, NY, from March 11 to 14, 1888.

1. Montana: 15 Inches in March

Big Sky ski resort, Montana

Montana is the snowiest state during March in the United States.

©Robert Vincelli/

The snowiest state in the United States in March is Montana. Montana’s higher elevations see drastically more snow than its lower elevations, but almost everywhere in the state is at least kissed by snow every year. With all elevations averaged together, Montana receives around 15 inches of snow in March.

Average March Snowfall: 15 inches.

Snowiest Montana City: Red Lodge, MT.

March 2023 Snowfall Average: 53 inches.

Record March Snowfall: 50 inches from March 24 to 27, 2023, at Red Lodge, MT.

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