The Top 8 Reasons Bernese Mountain Dogs Are the Perfect Family Dog

Bernese mountain dog cuddling. Dogs like St. Bernards

Written by Angie Menjivar

Published: December 30, 2023

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There is a perfect pet for every family. Bernese mountain dogs do well in homes with a secure yard where they can run and play and with families who spend time at home. They are highly sociable and eager to love on you and your kiddos. They shed a lot but they’re lovebugs that want to be part of your family. Discover the top eight reasons Bernese mountain dogs are the perfect family dog!

Top 8 Reasons Bernese Mountain Dogs Are the Perfect Family Dog

1. Their Sweet Temperament

Young bernese mountain dog isolated on white background

Bernese mountain dogs are known for their sweet temperament.

©Dora Zett/

The American Kennel Club describes the Bernese mountain dog as “good-natured, calm, and strong.” These pups are the kind to dote on you and your family. They’re also exceptionally well-behaved with young children and even other dogs. A sweet temperament is important in a family home with people of different ages and personalities roaming about all the time. This dog is adaptable, even when the home gets chaotic and they’re open and playful, adding levity to your home environment. When you’re managing a busy home, having a sweet-tempered dog alongside you and your kids offers an indescribable sense of comfort.

2. Their Protective Nature

Adorable Cute Female Of Bernese Mountain Dog Standing In The Park

Bernese mountain dogs are large, protective pups.


These dogs are energetic and loving to everyone in your family, including the little ones. However, you can expect this pup to get especially attached to one person. These dogs aren’t the most vigilant of dog breeds but they’re certainly not aloof. They have a protective nature, which makes them the perfect watchdog for your entire family. They’re big dogs, weighing between 70 to 115 pounds and standing tall at 23 to 27.5 inches, so even though they’re protective, they may accidentally bump into a small human! Help them thrive by supervising them with young children and training them early on.

3. They’re Cuddlers

Bernese mountain dog cuddling

Bernese mountain dogs are sweet, affectionate, and patient.


During downtime, when you can cuddle on the couch with your family and enjoy a feel-good movie, your Bernese mountain dog is going to happily join you and flop into the cuddle puddle. These are cuddly animals with social natures that make them fantastic companions in homes with kids and adults of all ages.

4. They’re Patient

Senior Bernese mountain dog

Eager to please, the Bernese mountain dog is happy to adapt to your schedule and patient with your kiddos.

© Sorokaite

You know all too well that patience is a requirement in a family home. Bernese mountain dogs display this virtue beautifully. They’re interested in the whole family and enjoy being around the humans they love. They are effortlessly loving and affectionate and they always demonstrate that they can wait if needed. This is also why they’re so great with young kids. They have the patience to deal with all of their unpredictable antics.

5. Their Adaptability

dog and person running on a track

Go for a jog or hike and your Bernese mountain dog will be thrilled to join you!

© sponsors a 5K race, for the stalwart, as well as 1/2 mile and 1 mile fun runs

Even if your home runs like a well-oiled machine, there’s always something unexpected happening. Just as you and your family members have to adapt to all the changes, so does your family pet. Bernese mountain dogs are adaptable to changes in the home, so you won’t stress them out if your schedule suddenly changes. Keep in mind, however, that these are social dogs, so they need to have you and your family around, especially for tons of play. You shouldn’t leave these pups alone for long periods as they may experience separation anxiety when their favorite humans aren’t around.

6. Their Trainability

bernese mountain puppy in a basket outdoors

Early socialization and training sets your pup up to be the best version of itself.


These high-energy pups are eager to please, which makes training a breeze. They want to love you and they want to do as you say. With a bit of training, you can enjoy this dog’s sweet temperament to the max! Plus, you can have your kiddos help with training, which makes the experience an unforgettable family activity.

7. Their Sociability (With Humans and Other Pets!)

Bernese Mountain Dog - sisters of Bernese Dog in the garden

Bernese mountain dogs get along swimmingly with humans and other pets.

© Vydrova

Dogs, like humans, sometimes don’t get along. However, the Bernese mountain dog is highly sociable, which means that if you have other pets, they’re likely to meld well together. It’s tough enough maintaining harmony with competing schedules. But knowing that you can trust your pets to get along well and contribute to a harmonious environment takes a massive weight off your back.

8. Their Versatility

Bernese mountain dog pulling cart

Give a Bernese mountain dog a task, and it’ll carry it out like a pro.


Bred as working dogs, Bernese mountain dogs love a good task. Active families can help Bernese mountain dogs by taking them along to their activities, like hiking. Your Bernese mountain dog won’t ever turn down an opportunity to exercise. Get creative in your yard and play with hurdles and hula hoops! After exercising outdoors, this pup is happy to join you inside for some downtime.

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