Watch A Bald Eagle Steal a Fisherman’s Shark in Crazy Video

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: September 7, 2022
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Bald eagles are incredibly magnificent—and incredibly bold. This amazing moment caught on video made FOX13 Tampa Bay news.

The video starts with a serene view of quiet waters with the sun setting in the background. A man stands in the foreground with blue shorts, a jacket, and a sports cap.

Just ahead of him, there is some commotion in the water and as he moves over, you can see his fishing pole beginning to pull something out of the water.

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He keeps slowly reeling in a small bonnet shark and another man is seen assisting him by pulling on the fishing line. The next moment happens so quickly, that all onlookers are left in shock.

Just as the second man approaches and begins pulling the small shark in by tugging at the fishing line, a bald eagle swoops in from the right of the screen to capture the shark within its powerful claws.

It happens in the flash of an eye, and you can hear the onlookers’ sounds of surprise as they process what has just happened.

The small bonnet shark is still hooked to the line, so the bald eagle stops and stays standing on top of the shark in the shallow water. It looks around, taking in the humans standing on the shore just ahead of it as if to say, “it’s mine.”

No argument there from the fisherman or anyone else standing on the shore.

The group of surprised onlookers shouts “take a picture!” And you can hear some shuffling about as the people taking in this unbelievable scene gather to capture the moment for themselves.

The bald eagle holds its ground, remaining atop the small shark while it flaps its large wings. The shark wriggles beneath the bald eagle, still attempting to fight for its life. The man with the fishing pole is amazed and ecstatic as he tries to figure out how to cut the hook so the bald eagle can enjoy its stolen catch.

The man waits a few moments to let onlookers take more photos before he begins to move in. The bald eagle starts nipping at the shark and then the video cuts to a slow-motion replay of the moment when the bald eagle took the bonnet shark from the fisherman.

Is it Normal for Bald Eagles to Steal Food from Humans?

The simple answer to this question is yes, if bald eagles see an opportunity to steal food from humans or other birds, they will certainly do so.

Bald eagles have been known to steal fish and other types of pray from fishermen and other animals. Fishermen have fell victim to bald eagles and have lost prized catches due to eagles.

The bald eagle is a scavenger bird, and can be a bit of a bully. They will aggressively take and steal until they are satisfied.

Bald eagle doesn’t hesitate when it spots an opportunity.

The red and orange sunset background was perfect to capture the shadow of the magnificent bald eagle as it came into the frame to enjoy the fisherman’s catch. Every person on shore that day knew that the only right move was to let the bald eagle have its way.

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