Watch a Black Lab Narrowly Outswim Two Killer Whales in New Zealand

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: September 12, 2022
Image Credit Tom Meaker/
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Labradors are a popular breed because they make easy-going and affectionate life companions for humans. They’re great with families and they love being in the water. In fact, their chubby tails act as rudders in the water, helping them swim quickly.

Their coats are waterproof and even when the water is cold, they remain happy-go-lucky! They have boundless energy, which makes them incredibly versatile as hunting and working dogs. They can run and swim for hours on end and are often utilized in settings that require a commitment to hard work like search and rescue missions.

This video starts with a view of Mathesons Bay, Leigh in New Zealand. There are some rocks peeking out of the water and a diver is right in the center of the screen, looking forward, as a large black orca fin approaches him.

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It gets a bit too close for comfort and he shimmies his way up the rocks, crawling backward as he keeps his gaze on the giant orca in front of him. As the video continues, you spot a second fin and realize there are two orcas in the water, swimming extremely close to shore.

Healthy orcas gravitate toward oxygenated water, which they find close to shore. The water tends to be clearer, and they don’t have to deal with the pollution they normally encounter in deeper waters.

The camera pans over to the diver again, and you can see he has emerged fully out of the water and is resting on the rocks to keep away from the two killer whales. Then, the video cuts to a shot of the black lab enjoying the water.

The pup is so close to the shore that you can see the small waves as they roll in just behind him. He’s looking around, swimming toward shore when one of the orca’s fins emerges out of the water, much too close to the lab.

The lab has his focus on shore and continues forward as the orca comes up out of the water just behind him. He notices that he’s not alone and has a normal reaction to hurry up and keep swimming. It gets to the point where the water isn’t deep enough to keep swimming and he stands, turns around, and looks over at the orca.

The orca has managed to make its way to the shallow area of the bay and when it realizes it can’t go further, it makes a turn and swims off as the black lab stares in disbelief (along with other onlookers!).

Watch a black lab narrowly escape from an encounter with an orca.

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