Watch a Boater Stick His GoPro in the Water and Capture Insane Great White Shark Footage

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: October 22, 2023
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A great white sighting is always awe-inspiring and though it may also be fear-inducing, the safety of being in a boat makes the experience more enjoyable. In the video below, a man is out enjoying a fishing trip off the Port Lincoln South in Australia when an unexpected guest joins him.

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Great white shark joins man on his fishing trip!

What Are Great White Sharks Attracted To In The Water?

There have been cases of great white sharks stalking boaters, but they aren’t interested in the humans — they’re curious and approach to further investigate if there is something worth snacking on or scavenging. Of course, if they spot prey, they zero in and head on over. For example, great white sharks frequent Cape Cod off the New England coast because of the seal populations in the area.

Great white shark

Great white sharks are curious and will approach items to investigate.

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While food bits are always attractive to great white sharks, there have also been some unusual attractants. In South Australia’s Neptune Bay, a tour operator noticed that great white sharks would approach whenever he blared AC/DC — yes, the rock and roll band!

Why Do Great White Sharks Have Scars On Their Bodies?

Great white shark - Carcharodon carcharias, in pacific ocean near the coast of Guadalupe Island - Mexico.

Great white sharks may stalk boats out of curiosity to determine if they’re meal-worthy.


Many great white sharks are littered with scars. They are apex predators, but it doesn’t mean that their prey goes down without a fight every single time. It may be a predator-prey interaction or a fight with another type of shark that leaves these sharks with physical memories of moments past.

Boater Uses GoPro For Awesome Footage

When the video below starts, a man is on a fishing boat and points over to where he’s headed in the water. Once out on the location he planned to get to, he throws his fishing line out into the glimmering deep blue sea. He catches a few small fish at first and throws them back out. Then he has a bit more luck but something else captures his attention. He notices a great white shark stalking his boat. At times, it’s so close to the water’s surface that its dorsal fin pops out of the water. During other moments, it’s almost completely concealed by the dark blue water — but it stays close.

The man takes the opportunity to dunk his GoPro in the ocean and take some amazing, close-up footage. The shark, unbothered, keeps swimming near the boat allowing the camera to get close. You get the view from the underwater camera, and you also see how the man uses a selfie stick with the GoPro pointed away from him while the great white keeps swimming right next to his boat. What it found so attractive about the boat is not clear, but it certainly sticks around as if he and the man were old pals reuniting on a fishing trip!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Elias Levy / CC BY 2.0 – License / Original

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