Watch a Dominant Polar Bear Take on a Huge Herd of 100+ Walruses

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: November 10, 2023

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Do Bears Have Tails
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There is something to be said about the power of being together in a herd. However, even with the power of numbers, there is always the fear of a predator being able to cut prey off from the herd. So, while we know there is power in numbers, a herd of animals only ever sees danger. 

In this BBC Earth YouTube video shown below, we see a very hungry polar bear that is on the hunt for food. While not many predators will brave a herd of animals alone, this large bear does not seem to care. He is hungry enough to risk any damage that might happen. And like most predators, if he can simply cut one off from the herd, then he will have found his meal.

However, this is no small herd and no small animals he has set his eyes on. This polar bear has feasted his eyes on a group of 100 walruses! At the start of this video, seen at the bottom, we see so many walruses it is difficult to see anything else. The walruses are climbing over each other to get away from the coming danger. 

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As the polar bear looks for any avenue to get in, he finds that it is more difficult than he anticipated. The commentator on this educational video states, “The world’s largest land carnivore has met his match.” 

It is quite amazing to see that this polar bear is against all these walruses and just how tiny it looks in comparison to 100 walruses. He dives in, grabs a walrus, and tries to bite into its skin. However, it is too thick, and the polar bear is unsuccessful. 

As the walruses retreat to the water, the polar bear goes in with the hopes he can cut one from the herd. He is successful and tries his best to hold the walrus underwater while trying to penetrate the skin. But it is not long before this slippery walrus escapes the grip of the polar bear in the water and escapes. 

How Large are Polar Bears?

Polar bear with cub

Polar bears can run 25 miles per hour.


Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) of the family Ursidae reside in Eurasia, Europe, and North America. These large bears can reach an enormous weight of 150-600 kilograms (330-1,322 pounds). And reach heights of 2-2.5 meters (6.5-8.3 feet) tall. 

We might think this is enormous, and it is. However, the walrus weighs 

800-1,700 kilograms (1,764-3,748 pounds) and reaches up to 2.7-3.66 meters (9-12 feet) long. No wonder this was a difficult fight for this polar bear. 

Is This Normal Behavior?

In some ways, the video of the polar bear going after a walrus is not surprising. Polar bears are hunters that prey on any meat that they can procure, and a walrus would provide a lot of food to help the bear survive. There is not much that would sway a polar bear away from its catch.

What makes this video unusual is that it catches the polar bear basically charging into a huge group of walruses to make a kill. It seems totally oblivious to the sheer size and population of the walruses as it makes its way to them. This leads one to believe that the polar bear is on the brink of starvation and is looking for anything and everything!

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