Watch a Grizzly Drag a Moose Calf Through the Woods Like It’s Nothing

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: April 25, 2023
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Key Points

  • Grizzly bears have an eclectic diet of plants and animals.
  • An Alaskan transplant’s sleep was disturbed in the night by a crying animal.
  • Alaska Parks and Wildlife had an unexpected visit while retrieving the attacked moose calf’s carcass.

Brutality is a reality of nature. Although humans have created safety for themselves in homes and neighborhoods, in certain areas, wildlife manages to make it over onto these concrete encampments.

Grizzly bears are apex predators—their diets consist of plenty of vegetarian foods, but they don’t shy away from making other animals their meals. They’ll go for animals they can tackle, drag, and conquer.

Unfortunately for the moose calf in the video you’re about to watch, this grizzly was hungry and ready to feast.

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Grizzly Bear (Ursus Arctos Horriblis) - grizzly bear growling
On average, a female grizzly, like the one in this video, weighs 200 – 400 pounds.

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Grizzly Bear Kills Moose Calf

This video is narrated by a woman named Jennifer McLendon. She says she was awoken in the early hours at home by the sound of crying. Startled and thinking it was her own children, she ran to make sure they were okay.

She realized the crying wasn’t coming from them but from outside. She peered out and saw a rather large grizzly dragging a moose calf by its neck. The moose calf was struggling but it had already met its fate.

Jennifer and her family had just moved to Alaska and had been there only about two months when they saw what was surely not to be their last bear in that area.

Jennifer had become familiar with that moose calf and its mom—they were frequently seen around their property during the previous two months since they had moved in. She says the bear had it by the back of the neck and the claw marks were visible on the hind quarters of the moose.

The mother moose stood by about 50 feet from the scene—but there was nothing she could do. She had to watch her baby get mauled and dragged off by the bear. You could see in her stance that she wanted to run toward her baby with her leg up but was frozen and helpless as she watched the scene unfold.

The very next day, Alaska Parks and Wildlife went out to the area to retrieve the moose calf carcass. While there, the grizzly appeared and charged toward them. Jennifer explains that they were able to get out of that situation without harming the sow or her cubs and successfully retrieved the carcass as well.

“It’s an experience we’ll never forget,” she says as the men can be seen dragging the carcass out of the woods.

Mother moose watches helplessly as her calf gets dragged into the woods by a hungry grizzly.

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