Watch a Humongous Hippopotamus Humble an Unlucky Lioness as It Chomps Her in its Jaws!

Huge hippo charging at three lion brothers in the evening light. Wild animals in the nature habitat. Lions fight against a hippo.
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Written by Ryan Fisher

Updated: October 18, 2023

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This queen of the jungle may have picked the wrong fight. Watch below as an enormous hippopotamus fights back against a ravenous lioness! 

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The video begins by showing a large hippo running out of water, clearly in a state of panic. Following closely behind is a lioness, attempting to take swipes at the giant beast. In retaliation to the lioness, the hippo arches back and opens its mouth, showing just how powerful it can be. Unfortunately, it is no use, as the lioness continues to make planned attacks. 

Eventually, the hippo turns to face the lion and begins to charge full speed with its mouth open. As the lioness tries to run away, the hippo grabs onto its head and whips it around the air. The clip ends with the lioness being bashed around by the humongous animal. As it struggles to fight back, it’s clear it has learned a lesson about who she should attack in the future! 

What Are Hippopotamus Teeth For? 

A territorial Hippo bull makes a huge gaping yawn as a warning to other males to keep out of his territory. They will also make this threat gesture to humans on the riverbank.

Hippos have a mix of typical heterotrophic teeth, characteristic of animals that eat meat. On the contrary, their actual diet consists mostly of plant material!

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One unique feature that hippopotamuses have is their teeth. Like most herbivores, they have numerous molar-like teeth that line the back of their mouths. These teeth are typically used for grinding up dense plant matter, as hippos can eat anywhere from 30 to 150 pounds of food a day, depending on their body size. 

In addition to the typical herbivore teeth, hippos also have large canines which protrude from the front of their mouth. These canines can grow up to 20 inches in length, so they are very conspicuous features. 

It should also be noted that their canine teeth are not used for any type of eating. Instead, hippo canines are purely for defensive purposes, whether it is fighting against other hippos, or attacking predators. 

The large canines that hippos grow are extremely similar to elephant tusks. They have a very similar composition, containing enamel, dentin, and even ivory! 

Hippos Can Be Very Dangerous Animals

Don’t be fooled by how they are depicted in children’s cartoons; hippos are extremely powerful animals that can cause a lot of damage if they want to. As shown in the video, they do not mind charging and even biting if they are threatened by a fearsome predator. Additionally, they are fairly adept swimmers, which means they pose a threat in water and on land. 

Due to this, hippos are one of the most deadly animals in the world and are the cause of many deaths every year. Likewise, not many animals can hunt hippos, as they are dangerous and can easily fight back, as shown in the video below. 

On top of all these traits, hippos have the strongest bite force of any land animal, being able to produce around 1800 psi in a very strong bite! 

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