Watch a Leopard Carry an Antelope as Big As He Is Straight Up A Tree

Written by Hannah Crawford
Published: November 28, 2023
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One of the most adorable things is to see a little child try to carry something too big because they are trying to help. Maybe they pick up a bag of groceries spilling onto the ground because they can’t have it. Or they offer to carry mom’s purse to the car, but it is too big, and they struggle to walk. We see a similar situation happen in Africa where a leopard tries to carry an antelope as big as he is straight up a tree!

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Leopard Sighting in Africa

The Instagram reel posted just above takes us to the land of Africa. The place where all the action seems to take place that mesmerizes us so much! The Wild Africa Sightings Instagram page posted this video a few months ago and received over 130,000 likes. This channel recently posted footage of lions, leopards, hippos, hyenas, and rhinos. 

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Leopard Carries Antelope Up a Tree

As the video below starts, a safari tour stops once they see the sight of a leopard that has already completed his kill of an antelope. This tour could have kept going very well because they didn’t see the action happen with the hunt. However, they would have missed something more incredible than a leopard hunt.

Not far off in the distance, we see a lone hyena away from his pack and looking at that antelope like it would make a great meal, even though the leopard is the one who hunted and killed it. However, the Wildlife Conservation Society points out that “hyenas will steal food” from predators.

So, this leopard did the only thing he knew he could do. He picked up the antelope with his teeth and struggled to get it over to the tree. Then, with colossal strength, he leaped up the tree carrying this animal as big as he was.

Are Hyenas Only Scavengers?

Hyena Teeth- Spotted Hyenas

Hyenas are not dogs or cats.


Typically, when we hear or think of hyenas, we think of them as these dirty creatures who are kleptomanics. Yes, hyenas will steal food from other predators. However, many predators, such as lions, steal from others. 

Hyenas are most famously known for scavenging. Scavenging is an “animal that feeds partly or wholly on the bodies of dead animals.” Not only do they scavenge and eat the dead animal’s meat, but they also will even eat the bones!

However, stealing and scavenging are not the only ways these hyenas can survive. Hyenas are skilled hunters as well. The African Wildlife Foundation estimates that about 70% of their food comes straight from direct kills they and their packs do together. 

And well, that other 30% is spent trying to scavenge and steal food, like the video posted at the top. Only this leopard was a bit too smart for this hyena. 

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