Watch a Relentless Hyena Chase and Harass a Wildebeest Twice Its Size

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: October 19, 2023
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The intensity of a chase keeps your eyes glued to the screen, whether it’s a high-speed chase on TV or a wild animal chase on your computer screen. In the video at the bottom of the page, a spotted hyena is persistent when it spots a meal-worthy wildebeest calf. It doesn’t let up, even after its mama steps in.

Watch This Great Video of a Wildebeest Get Chased By a Hyena!

Unrelenting hyena roams through wildebeest herds until it spots a calf and chases after it.

How Fast Can Hyenas Run?

Spotted hyenas can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. They can travel long distances at the pace of a comfortable trot, which allows them to cover six miles per hour. Not only are they swift, agile travelers on land, but they are also good swimmers.

They’re not the fastest animals found throughout the world, but they can definitely make an escape if they need to or chase down prey when they’re hungry. It’s ultimately their endurance that is the most impressive, which is why they can be incredibly relentless when focused on a certain outcome.

How Fast Can Wildebeests Run?

Wildebeests aren’t only bigger than hyenas, they’re also faster runners, making it up to speeds of up 50 miles per hour. They give hyenas a run for their money when it comes to endurance as well because they regularly migrate over long distances (approximately 1,000 miles every year in search of food).

They aren’t carnivores like their predators and instead feast on grasses and leaves. Spotted hyenas are known for scavenging the kills of other predators but they’re also quite skilled at hunting and can take down large animals like antelope and wildebeests.

Wildebeests make up part of the Great Migration and travel about 1,000 miles annually in search of food.

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Hyena Chases Wildebeests Twice Its Size

When the video below starts, action music is playing as a spotted hyena runs across a field with a backdrop of wildebeests. There’s a safari car on site and you can hear the clicking sounds of the cameras capturing the scene in the background. The person with the camera keeps the focus on the hyena, even as wildebeests run in the opposite direction behind it.

There are several herds of wildebeests, and the hyena manages to spot a calf amid a scattering herd. The wildebeests run in opposite directions, leaving the smaller one alone and the hyena hyper focuses on it. The hyena made a smart choice going for the calf in the herd, but it seems to have underestimated the young one’s speed and stamina.

It gets close a few times but the wildebeest switches directions abruptly, able to create distance and continue running to get away. A few moments later, the calf finds its mother and runs alongside her. Once the hyena faces the larger protective wildebeest, it’s not so brazen and ends up getting run off. Although the mother stepped in to save her calf, later, the relentless hyena was able to get a hold of the calf.

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