Watch the First Five Wolves Reintroduced Into Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Black wolf photos from springtime in the Midwest
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Written by Chris Madden

Published: February 16, 2024

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Colorado’s Rocky Mountains Welcome the First Five Wolves to be Reintroduced!

In the remarkable and heartwarming video at the bottom of the page, witness the reintroduction of wolves to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains! The touching TikTok video begins on a scene that shows the extreme parameters of this mission! A tranquilized wolf is picked up and lowered out of a helicopter, showing the remoteness of the area! These wolves are being released as far from human activity as possible, to avoid the hunting that led to eradication in the area. 

The video cuts to the wolf, now wrapped in a blanket, being carefully carried across a field. The caretakers carrying the wolf carefully set it down on the ground before making a final check. Spreading the wolf’s lips to analyze its teeth and breathing, one researcher confirms the wolf is ready for release. The video cuts once more, now showing the wolf waking up within a small cage set outside. The front of the cage is wide open, and the wolf quickly decides to explore the great outdoors that lay before it!

Mountain Landscape in Colorado Rocky Mountains, Colorado, United States.

Before European colonization, wolves lived in forest across


including around Colorado’s rocky mountains. The wolves were there first, and farmers must learn to coexist instead of driving wild animals to localized extinction.

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With the first wolf wasting no time in bounding into the surroundings, the video cuts to another wolf in a neighboring cage. This wolf is difficult to see in the shadow, and as it steps out of the cage its full dark black coat helps to explain why! This wolf is just as excited as its friend to explore the world before it, and it sprints in the same direction! Reclaiming their place in the ecosystem of Colorado’s rocky mountains, these five wolves are hopefully the first of many!

The Importance of Wolves in Ecosystems Across America! 

Wolves play a crucial role in shaping and maintaining healthy ecosystems. This is particularly evident in the continental United States and Canada, where their populations have been heavily reduced. Take Yellowstone National Park, for instance. It is a living testament to the positive impact of wolf reintroduction. As visible in the video at the bottom of the page, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are at the beginning of the same process of reintroduction! Across different iconic regions, wolves serve as nature’s checks and balances.

Wolf eating a deer.

Gray Wolf in natural habitat eating a captured deer. This is a crucial part of keeping an ecosystem balanced. Without predatory pressures, prey species such as deer can balloon in population.

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By preying on species like deer, wolves prevent overgrazing. This averts potential snowball effects on the ecosystem. In Yellowstone, the absence of wolves led to an overabundance of elk. This caused widespread vegetation decline and altered landscapes through erosion. The ripple effects extend beyond iconic locations. Places where wolves haven’t returned still showcase imbalanced ecosystems with unnaturally high populations of certain species.

The reintroduction of wolves as predators into an ecosystem actually maintains biodiversity. It also promotes a healthier landscape, demonstrating the interconnectedness of nature. As we delve into the inner workings of ecosystems, it becomes very clear. The presence or absence of predators can make or break an ecosystem! While it might be ‘sad’ that these predators kill to survive, eating animals is part of the cycle of life!


Wildlife experts on Monday released five gray wolves in Colorado’s Western Slope, the culmination of years of planning for a program that has stoked political tensions and is likely to lead to conflicts as the predators make the valleys, lakes and peaks of the north-central Rocky Mountains their new home. Video courtesy: Colorado Parks and Wildlife #wolves #wolf #colorado

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