Watch This Bear Think Twice About Attacking an Absolutely Gargantuan Moose

Moose hiding among the tress

Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: October 19, 2023

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In what this TikTok poster describes as a once-in-a-lifetime video, we see an adult moose being followed through the forest by a bear. The predator is lurking behind the trees trying not to be spotted! It has yet to make its move on this large herbivore and seems to be undecided as to whether that is a good idea. We don’t get to see how this plays out, but we can look at who would stand the best chance of winning in this encounter.

Check out the full video to see the unique forest footage from New Hampshire:

Watch the Unique Clip Below

Where Is the Best Place to Spot Moose in New Hampshire?

Moose are the largest member of the deer family and survive by eating leaves, twigs, and sometimes aquatic plants. They are found throughout New Hampshire, but the largest populations are north of the White Mountains. The total New Hampshire moose population numbers between 3,000 and 4,000 animals.

If you want to see one, head to ponds and clearcuts. This is where you will find moose feeding on aquatic plants especially early in the morning and at dusk. Any forest clearcut that has a regrowth between 1 and 4 feet will also be a favorite spot.

Moose also gather around roadside salt licks. Salt accumulates in some wet areas next to roads and these are frequented by moose in the late spring and early summer. One example is Route Three north of Pittsburgh to the Canadian border.

Which Bears Live in New Hampshire?

The only bear species living in New Hampshire is the black bear. There are around 5,000 of them living in forested areas. There are so many of them that the state uses controlled hunting to keep a check on the numbers.

Black bears are omnivores and can eat both plant and animal material. Most of their diet is made up of plants but they are also efficient hunters when they want to be.

Can a Black Bear Catch a Moose?

Moose are large animals and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. A black bear weighs a maximum of 990 pounds. Moose will fend off a bear by stomping kicking and ramming it with their antlers. This can cause trauma and severe punctures. Black bears, however, have extremely powerful bites, and sharp claws, and are experts at using their weight to drag large animals to the ground.

Having said that, studies have shown that black bears are not significant predators of adult moose. They are much more successful if they target calves. This individual is weighing up its chances!

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