Watch This Hyena Realize It’s Made a Big Mistake When It Tries to Mooch a Lion’s Lunch

hyenas preying on lions

Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: November 9, 2023

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Just as there are thieves in the human world, there are thieves in the animal world. Many types of animals will take food from other animals when the opportunity arises so that they aren’t doing work themselves. We see this happening with a pride of lions and a hyena below. 

Viewer discretion is advised: the video below contains graphic content of lions ripping apart a zebra and eating it. Video may not be suitable for young viewers or those who are sensitive to animal violence. 

Check Out the Amazing Video Below!

Lion and Hyena Sighting in South Africa

The YouTube video takes us to South Africa. This random adventure is at the Welgevonden Game Reserve. This game reserve is home to over “50 different mammals including the Big 5. The reserve also has kudu, giraffe, zebra, warthog, cheetah, brown hyena, honey badger, close to 300 bird species, and a whole lot more.”

This video was uploaded and shared by the Random Adventures YouTube page. This channel shares that they are dedicated to offering random footage from all around South Africa from their adventures. In this video, they explain that “A pride of lions enjoying a Zebra kill is visited by a Hyena and Jackall.” 

Pride of Lions Vs. Hyena


Lions are one of the main apex predators in the animal kingdom.

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At the start of this video, we see that a pride of lions on this game reserve has hunted down a zebra and is in the process of eating it. It’s not every day that pride is lucky enough to catch an animal of this size, and so when they do, they want to consume it as quickly as possible so there is no fear of other predators in the wild trying to steal it. 

However, at 1:51, a bold, lone hyena enters this pride territory. He smells freshly killed blood, and he wants a piece. Hyenas are notorious for stealing other kills. After all, why put in all the hard work and effort when you can just swipe someone else’s dinner?

According to Safari Partner, “More than 60% of what hyenas eat is a result of their hunting skills. Like all carnivores, scavenging and stealing another animal’s kills is a great way of saving energy. This is why hyenas as well as lions or leopards will steal food whenever there is a chance.” 

To defend their kill, we see the pride of lions leave their meal to chase after the hyena. They are letting him know that he will not be able to get anywhere close without a fight. And this hyena is smart enough to know that trying to take on a whole pride of lions is nothing less than smart. 

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