You Won’t Believe What Fishermen Find Inside This Northern Pike

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: December 11, 2023

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You are what you eat takes on a whole new meaning once we watch this video clip shown above. Animals eat a variety of meats and plant matter. So, it’s almost like a mystery for those who hunt or fish animals to discover what is inside. Take a guess what you think it is before you watch the ending!

Northern Pike Caught

The YouTube video posted at the top of this blog post shares footage of some fishermen who caught a northern pike and found something mysterious inside. The Furry Tails YouTube page shared this video on their platform. Their mission is to share heartwarming and insightful stories about animals. Their latest videos highlight animals such as cows, street dogs, cats, pigs, and prairie dogs.

Shocking Discovery in a Northern Pike

As the video above starts, we see that these fishermen have caught a massive fish. They were out and were ready to cut him open when they noticed something bulging from his stomach. 

We hear one of the fishermen share with the video viewers that this fish is a northern pike that they caught. They pinch the object so we can see just how oddly shaped this object is. He asks the viewers to guess what it is before he cuts it out. We hear another man in the background comically say “I think its a frisbee.” 

The fisherman begins to cut it open and shares that he believes it to be something that swims around and is round – a turtle. As he cuts it open, he reveals that it is in fact a round fish! They were shocked that they were both wrong. And what is amazing is that this fish is still alive! 

What Does the Northern Pike Eat?

Underwater photo of a big Northern Pike

The northern pike can swim up to 10 miles per hour.


The northern pike (Esox lucius) is a species of pike (Esox spp.) Pike fish are able to reach anywhere from 20-71 inches in length and usually weigh about 36 pounds; however, they can reach up to 70 pounds in some cases. 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources study of the northern pike has revealed that  they are “a carnivorous lie-in-wait predator and a daytime feeder.” These carnivorous fish like to eat various prey such fish, ducks, mice, rats, frogs, snakes, crayfish, fish, and yes even other pike fish. The unique structure of their head and jaw gives them the perfect opportunity to swallow their prey whole as seen in the video above. However, sometimes they can choke if the prey is too big. 

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