Best Pet Scales: Reviewed for 2021

Published: November 6, 2021

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If you need to monitor your pet’s weight to ensure they remain healthy, finding the right pet scale is essential. Tracking a cat or dog’s weight may be necessary to ensure kittens or puppies are gaining weight properly or to keep a senior or sick cat or dog from losing too much weight. There are many different types of pet scales on the market including digital, analog, stainless steel, portable, products for small breeds or large breeds, and even high-end models with extra bells and whistles.

This number of options can make it difficult to decide which model to choose for your cat, dog, hamster, or other pets. We’ve tried to help make your decision a bit easier and have reviewed and tested lots of different pet scale models. Continue reading to learn more about our top picks and discover which product is best for your pet.

Verified Review: Our Hands On Experience

As we mentioned above, we tested a large number of different pet scales. We wanted to evaluate them in person to see how user-friendly they were, how accurate they were, and evaluate the various features offered by each model. Here are a few additional observations we made during our testing:

  • MINDPET-MED Digital Pet Scale: Overall we were very happy with this product. It was easy to use, and we liked that the tray is removable for easier storage. However, snapping the tray back on sometimes took some time and sometimes it would snap off when one of our dogs stepped on it in the wrong spot.
  • IBE Supply Digital Portable Pet Scale: We found that this scale was very accurate when we tested it using a bag of cat food. We also like that it feels solid for our pets when they sit on it. However, we wish it could weigh in grams, which would make it ideal for checking the weight of tiny kittens and puppies.
  • W.C. Redmon Precision Digital Scale: This product was very easy to use and perfect for our larger dogs that won’t fit on a tabletop scale. It also delivered consistent and accurate weights. Some of our pups, however, had some trouble staying still enough for their weight to lock in, though.

The Top Picks for the Best Pet Scale: Ranked

MINDPET-MED Digital Pet Scale, Baby Scale, with 3 Weighing Modes(kg/oz/lb), Max 220 lbs, Capacity with Precision up to ±0.02lbs, White, Suitable for Infant, Puppies, Mom
  • 🐾Multi-Function Digital Scale:This digital scale can measure the weight of small animals, cats, puppies, newborns, babies, infants, toddlers, children, adults accurately and the height of baby, ensure accurate assessment of breastfeeding and complementary feeding.
  • 🐾Good design: The free tray with a maximum length of 60 cm(precision of 1mm) is easy to clean, easy to use, and pack to small sizes, The tray design allows it to hold different items, and its material is safe and comfortable for infants. Once the baby outgrows the tray, open the swivel lock at the bottom, the scale can also provide weighting when taking off the removable tray.
  • 🐾High precision sensors:Precision up to ±0.02lbs(10g), Max:220lbs; Capacity (0.07lbs-220lbs/30g~100kg), (lbs/kg/oz)switchable,Touch button ON/OFF, Zero function, HOLD function, The Hold function keeps the accurate weight numbers not be fluctuate on display because of pets/infants move too activity.
  • 🐾LCD display with blue backlight, high contrast for clearly reading even in dark, Runs on two AAA alkaline batteries
  • 🐾One year warranty on the products, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

This digital scale from MINDPET-MED is our top pick. It is ideal for weighing cats and smaller dogs. The maximum capacity is 220 pounds, but based on the size of the tray, you probably will find this is a bit too small for large breed dogs.

The tray on this model is designed to be easy to clean. The scale features precise sensors that keep it accurate within +/- 0.02 pounds (10 grams).

Some other features of this model include the easy-to-read backlit LED display, hold function that prevents the displayed weight from fluctuating, and the one-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.

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Digital Portable Pet Dog Cat Scale 44 lb x 0.22 lb by IBE SUPPLY (One Pack)
  • Monitor your pet or newborns growth
  • Complete portable, bring it anywhere
  • Scale Dimensions : 13 x 21.7 x 1.5"
  • Smooth contours provide great support for your pet
  • Capacity 44lb / 20kg; Resolution: 0.22lb / 10g

If you need an easily portable choice, take a look at this digital scale from IBE Supply. The compact size of 13 inches by 21.7 inches by 1.5 inches makes it easier to store or transport than some bulkier models.

This product is designed to keep pets supported while they are being weighed. It features a very smooth design and doesn’t have a separate tray that could tip while you’re weighing your cat or dog.

With a capacity of up to 44 pounds, you can use this model with small to medium dogs, cats, and other small animals. It is accurate within .22 pounds.

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W.C Redmon Precision Digital Pet Scales, Large
  • Features include unit of measure in-pound or kilograms, delta weight calculation, graduation, previous weight memory, low battery indicator
  • Runs on two AAA alkaline batteries
  • Maximum weight capacity of the large scale is 225-pounds with a minimum weight capacity of 1-1/5-pounds
  • Measures 28-inch length by 16-inch width by 1.75-inch height

Whether you work for a vet or grooming company or just own a large dog, you may want to consider the W.C. Redmon Precision Digital Scale. You can set this model to weigh in pounds or kilograms, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 222 pounds. The scale can also be used with smaller pets as well, though, with its minimum capacity of 1 1/5 pounds.

All you’ll need to operate this model is two AAA batteries. Some of the features of this product include the low battery indicator, memory function to save the previous weight, and the slim profile.

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Pet Scale Buying Guide

With so many different options on the market, it is important to know exactly what you’re looking for before you start shopping for a new pet scale. Use the brief buying guide below to help you zero in on the product that will best meet your needs.

Pet Breed and Size

The first thing you’ll want to think about is the type of pet you have. Obviously, the right scale for a large breed dog will be different from that of a small kitten. Knowing your pet’s current weight (or approximate weight) and their projected weight when fully grown (if they’re a puppy or kitten) can help you choose a scale that will continue to work for the coming years.

Purpose and Accuracy

Next, consider the reason you are looking for a scale. Do you own a vet or grooming business where you need to be able to take accurate weights of lots of different pets, or are you simply looking for a model for personal use for just one or two pets at home? If you own a grooming business or veterinary clinic, you’ll need a much more versatile scale than if you’ll only be using it with a few animals at your home.

Also, look for information about how accurate each scale is. For best results, try to choose a model that is accurate up to at least 0.02 pounds.

Scale Type

Next, consider the type of scale you’re interested in purchasing. Do you prefer a digital scale? Or would you like an analog model? Do you need the product you choose to be portable so you can put it away? Or will you be leaving it out? Also, consider any preferences you have towards the scale’s material. Many models are made from durable plastic, while others may be constructed from stainless steel.


Finally, don’t forget to also keep your budget in mind. Do you just need a basic scale, or are you looking for a high-end model with a backlit digital LCD screen and other enhanced features?

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Best Pet Scales: Reviewed for 2021 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you weigh a dog or cat on a human scale?

Generally speaking, using a human scale to weigh a dog or cat won’t give you a completely accurate weight. If you try to get a dog or cat to stand on a digital scale, they’ll likely move around too much for the scale to accurately record their weight.

If your cat or dog is small enough to hold, you may be able to weigh yourself while holding the pet, weigh yourself alone, and subtract your weight from the combined weight. However, the number you get doing this likely won’t be completely accurate, and may not be exact enough for monitoring health or weight issues.

The best bet is to purchase a scale that is specifically designed to weigh pets. These products respond better to the movement of a cat or dog and will be able to display a more accurate weight.

What is a good scale to weigh a puppy?

Smaller scales that offer precise measurements are typically best for weighing puppies. One of our favorites is the MINDPET-MED Digital Pet Scale. This scale is accurate up to 0.02 pounds (10 grams) and features an easy-to-read display.

How much does a pet scale cost?

The cost of a pet scale can vary from around $20 to over $400. The size, accuracy, and overall quality of the scale will impact its price. There are plenty of budget-friendly models, but you’ll also find high-end or stainless steel scales that may be more expensive. Additionally, if you’re looking for a scale for a large breed dog, you should expend the overall cost to be more than that of a scale for a small breed dog.

Are vet pet scales accurate?

Yes, vet pet scales are typically very accurate. They allow for a more even distribution of a pet’s weight since they have a larger surface area than most at-home scales.

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