Here’s the Best Harry Potter Dog Costumes: Ranked for 2022

Updated: May 20, 2022

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#1 Overall Best: Coomour Pet Wizard CostumeCoomour Pet Wizard Costume
#3 Best Bandana: HP GryffinDog BandanaHP GryffinDog Bandana
#4 Best Scarf: ComfyCamper Red and Yellow Striped ScarfComfyCamper Red and Yellow Striped Scarf
#5 Best Accessory: G003 Dog Pet Round Costume Prop GlassesG003 Dog Pet Round Costume Prop Glasses

Would you like your dog to become a student of Hogwarts, the legendary school for wizards, this Halloween? Then you may want to dress him like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, or another student of magic. What better way to demonstrate your love of the amazing books and movies than by dressing your dog up in a Harry Potter costume?

We know choosing anything for your dog isn’t easy. You want to find safe and high-quality products, and you also want a costume that your pooch enjoys wearing. That is why we’ve taken the time to put together this review of the best Harry Potter costumes for dogs. We think you’ll be spellbound by our picks (as well as your dogs)!

How to Choose the Best Harry Potter Dog Costume

Before you purchase a Harry Potter costume for your dog, you will want to take your time and compare the various options that are available. Using the features outlined in the next few sections will help facilitate your search and ensure you choose a costume that includes all the features and design elements you’re looking for.

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First, consider the overall design of the costume. Are Harry Potter’s iconic glasses integrated into the design? Does it look like your pup will tolerate keeping the glasses on their face? Are there less cumbersome costume options for the dog that is more resistant to clothing?

Harry Potter was in the Gryffindor House at Hogwarts. However, this wasn’t the only House at the school. Perhaps you want to dress your dog as a member of one of the other houses. If so, you may want to choose a costume that offers different colors associated with the various houses. As a refresher, Gryffindor’s colors are red and gold, Slytherins colors are green and silver, Hufflepuff’s colors are yellow and black, and Ravenclaw’s colors are blue and bronze.

Fit and Size

Next, make sure you take time to measure your dog and choose a costume to provide a good fit. Since each manufacturer offers a different sizing chart, sizes vary from brand to brand. Have measurements for your dog’s neck girth, chest girth, back length, and weight in hand. You may need all or some of these measurements, depending on which costume you are interested in. You may also want to read some reviews from customers who have bought the costume you’re interested in because you may find out the costume runs smaller or larger than expected.

Comfort and Durability

Your dog’s comfort should also be a deciding factor when shopping for a Harry Potter costume. Pay attention to the materials used to make each costume and select ones that will feel nice against your dog’s skin. Some recommended materials for dog costumes are stretchy ones like cotton or spandex, or synthetic materials. But a material like wool can cause a dog to feel itchy.

When paying attention to materials, also consider their durability. Choose costumes made using quality materials that hold together correctly, and that are likely to deliver multiple opportunities for wear.


Safety, of course, should also be an important consideration as you’re shopping. Look for costumes that don’t contain anything that may pose a choking risk for your dog. Regardless of which costume you choose, you should always keep an eye on your dog when he’s wearing it. This will help prevent accidental injury.

Our Criteria and Experience–How We Chose the Best

Many pets would rather not wear clothing, so dog costumes need to be comfortable, lightweight, and practical. We strive to find options that also hold up for several wears. And perhaps most importantly–they also need to look good! We’ve pooled our own findings together with customer experience to give some comments on each item.

  • For our overall top pick, we found that the design of the cape made it very easy to put this costume on our pups. This costume is also truest in design to a character from the world of Harry Potter, and any dog will look adorable in it. However, we wished the manufacturer would have added an elastic strap to help keep the glasses in place, since customers complained that they fall right off. Some customers also didn’t find this costume to be very durable.
  • Overall, we found our #2 costume choice fits well based on the measurements from the manufacturer. It’s also more durable than our #1 pick based on customer reviews. However, we found it to be a bit tighter on dogs with a wider chest, and again, the glasses had no elastic strap.
  • We liked the size of these bandanas, and they are a great choice for dogs that don’t like to wear full costumes. Oftentimes, bandanas are too small for larger dogs, but this one seemed to fit our larger pups perfectly. We found that the color of the bandana was a little darker than what was pictured online; it looks a bit more maroon than red.
  • We found our #4 scarf to be a great option for simplicity if your dog is resistant to a full costume. The Gryffindor bright red and gold signature colors are enchanting. Customers found it to be very high quality and good for an active dog. Some complained that the velcro strip could be thicker as it sometimes came loose, and for some dogs, the neck was too wide for breeds with short necks.

The Top Picks for the Best Harry Potter Dog Costume: Ranked

Coomour Halloween Dog Costume Pet Wizard Shirt Cat Soft Clothes for Dogs Cats Soft Hoodies with Glasses (Large)
  • Dog costume Suitable for patries, costume party, photograph, daily wear or walking
  • Super cute and funny dog costume, a perfect gift for your pet
  • Make for durable and breathable material, dog shirtmake your pet more comfortable
  • Dog Clothes machine washable by cool water, but we recommend hand washable
  • Package includes 1 X dog outfit and 1 X glasses. Perfect any size dogs and cats

Our pick for the overall best Harry Potter dog costume is the Coomour Pet Wizard Costume. In it, your pup will look just like the famous wizard himself! The costume features a black cape with an attached tie to go around your dog’s neck. A pair of signature Harry Potter glasses are also included.

If you’d prefer to make your dog look like one of the other wizards from the movie, such as Draco Malfoy from the Slytherin House, there are multiple tie color options available. Choose from various red, blue, green, and yellow ties.

There are four different costume sizes available: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The sizing guide from the manufacturer can help you select the right fit for dogs with a neck circumference between 14.4 and 23.6 inches and a back length between 11.8 and 23.6 inches.

Click here to check out Coomour Pet Wizard Costume on

Impoosy Pet Dog Shirts Funny Cat Wizard Costume Cute Apparel Soft Clothes with Glasses (Large,Neck:18")
  • Use Occasion:Dog costume perfect for walking, daily wear, costume party, photo shoot or any occasions
  • Size Chart:Our sizing chart image provides exact measurements by size. If you're between sizes, go with the larger size
  • Fashion Design:Super funny pet costume, which looks cool and cute, make your pet are wizard in magic school
  • High Quality:Soft and breathable, lightweight and comfortable. Velcro making it easy for your pet to put on and take off clothes
  • Customer Service:If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We also really like this Harry Potter dog costume from Impoosy. This costume has a black cape with a white collar and colored tie. You can choose from four tie colors that match the various Houses from Harry Potter. These colors include red with yellow stripes, blue with white stripes, green with silver stripes, and yellow with blue stripes. A hooked black cape with a red and yellow tie is also available.

This costume comes with a pair of round Harry Potter eyeglasses to help pull together the look for your pup. Velcro is integrated into the design to help make it easy to put the costume on and take it off while also ensuring a secure fit.

Lightweight and breathable fabrics were used when making this costume to keep dogs from overheating. There are four different size options (small, medium, large, and extra-large) for dogs with a neck circumference between 12 and 21 inches and a back length between 12 and 21 inches.

Click here to check out Impoosy Dog Wizard Costume on

Your dog will feel like he just got accepted into Hogwarts with this bandana. Harry Potter was a member of the Gryffindor house in Hogwarts, and this bandana features the signature yellow and red colors of Gryffindor with the lion logo. However, it features a fun play on words and reads “GryffinDog” instead.

The bandana is made in the United States and designed to be soft and comfortable for dogs to wear. The tie-on design makes it easy to provide a comfortable fit for your dog. When needed, you can hand-wash the bandana or clean it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

There are two sizes available. The miniature size is designed to fit smaller dogs weighing less than 20 pounds, and the larger size should fit most medium and large-breed dogs.

Click here to check out HP GryffinDog Bandana on

ComfyCamper Red and Yellow Striped Scarf for Dog Costumes, Clothes for Dogs Pets and Cats, L, Red
  • REDESIGNED FOR 2022: New darker red and yellow coloring to match so your puppy can be perfect! Sticky velcro to for a secure, comfortable fit. Perfect for dogs, cats and pets of all sizes and types. Retails for $39.99.
  • High-quality dog costume designed for play. Our products are suited for the dogs that lay in the sun AND the dogs that like the rough-and-tumble life.
  • Polyester material. Sizes X-Small through X-Large available. Perfect for pugs, golden retrievers, corgis, Australian shepherds – the list goes on!
  • See images for a size chart. Help your little one become a witch or wizard and save the world. Dog scarf is light-weight but also provides warmth for chilly days outside. Just the scarf. Does NOT include wand , glasses, books or any other accessories.
  • Thanks to Chunk the Corgie and Sergio for the beyond adorable photos.

This comfy Gryffindor Scarf is the perfect choice for an unburdensome Harry Potter accessory. The bright red and yellow colors will stand out in an canine crowd, and the scarf is made of soft polyester which secures around the neck with a strip of velcro. This scarf is designed for the dog on the run–it’s durability will withstand all physical antics!

The neck sizes range from 10″ to 20″ (S-XL) and accommodates dogs with weights of 10lb-40lb+. Note that the other accessories in the page (including the glasses) are not included in the price.

Click here to check out ComfyCamper Red and Yellow Striped Scarf on

G003 Dog pet Round Costume Prop Glasses Sunglasses Medium Breeds 18-40lbs (Round Black-Clear Lens)
  • (IMPORTANT) Sunglasses will NOT fit Flat nosed or Wide faced dog breeds such as Bulldogs, Boxers, Pit-bulls, Bull Terriers, Shar-Pei, Chow Chows, etc.
  • Fits Most Medium Dog breeds (18~40lbs) such as American Cattle dog, Cocker Spaniel, Dalmation, Welshi Corgi, Shiba Inu, Beagle, Border collie, German Pinsher, Scottish Terrier, Cannan Dog, Carolina dog, Australian Shepherd, Schnauzer, etc

If you’re buying a bandana or scarf, yet wish your dog had the cute signature Harry Potter round framed glasses, then we wanted to give you that option in our best accessory pick. These light-weight plastic glasses come with that all-important strap so that your dog can sport them all around town without them falling off. And to top it off, the strap is adjustable!

Please note that these glasses do not fit all sizes of dogs. They are designed for medium breeds ranging from 18-40lbs. Also, the manufacturer states they won’t fit flat-nosed or wide-faced breeds (bulldogs, chows, pit-bulls, bull terriers, etc.).

Click here to check out G003 Dog Pet Round Costume Prop Glasses “] on


Summary of the Best Harry Potter Costumes

RankBest ForProduct
1OverallCoomour Pet Wizard Costume
2Runner-UpImpoosy Dog Wizard Costume
3BandanaHP GryffinDog Bandana
4ScarfComfyCamper Red and Yellow Striped Scarf
5AccessoryG003 Dog Pet Round Costume Prop Glasses

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Best Overall

Coomour Pet Wizard Costume
  • Dog costume Suitable for patries, costume party, photograph, daily wear or walking
  • Super cute and funny dog costume, a perfect gift for your pet
  • Make for durable and breathable material, dog shirtmake your pet more comfortable
  • Dog Clothes machine washable by cool water, but we recommend hand washable
  • Package includes 1 X dog outfit and 1 X glasses. Perfect any size dogs and cats
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Here’s the Best Harry Potter Dog Costumes: Ranked for 2022 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do I know what size Harry Potter costume to get my dog?

To select an appropriately sized costume for your dog, you will need your dog’s measurements. Every manufacturer’s sizing is different, and a size small from one company may be much larger or smaller than a size small from another company.

Before you shop, use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your dog’s chest and neck. You should also measure the length of their back, from the base of their neck to the top of their tail. Having these measurements on hand should provide you with the information needed to use the sizing charts provided by each manufacturer.

Is a Harry Potter costume safe for dogs?

Dogs should be supervised when they are wearing any costume. They could become stuck on something walking by and may try to chew at the costume. In some cases, dogs may break a small piece of a costume off, which could make the costume a choking hazard.

When your dog is dressed up as Harry Potter, just keep him or her in your sight. This way you can make sure the costume doesn’t get stuck on something when your dog walks by. You’ll also be able to quickly stop your dog if he or she starts chewing on the glasses or another part of the costume.

Will my dog enjoy wearing a costume?

For some dogs, the answer to this question is yes. They seem to enjoy wearing a costume and hanging out with their owners.

However, for other dogs, the answer is no. Some dogs seem to be frightened by a costume and don’t like the idea of something being put over them. Many may even try to run away, bark at the costume, or begin to shake as you try to dress them. If your dog seems overly anxious as you’re trying to put their costume on, it would be advisable to just skip out on the costume altogether. The anxiety it may cause your dog isn’t worth the few cute pictures you’ll be able to get.

Where can you buy Harry Potter costumes for dogs?

Since Harry Potter is so popular, you may be able to find Harry Potter costumes for dogs from a variety of retailers. However, if you’re shopping in a store, the options are more likely to be limited, and you may not find a style you love or an appropriate size for your dog. Online retailers should offer a more extensive selection of sizes and styles to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

What colors does Harry Potter wear?

Harry Potter is a member of the Gryffindor House at Hogwarts. Gryffindor’s colors are red and yellow.