The Largest Sea Snake Ever: Discover an Ancient 40-Foot-Long Giant

Let’s take a closer look at the largest sea snake ever, and discover how it got so big. To do that, we’ll need to know more about colossaeus’s home, what it might have eaten, and how it would have killed its prey.

Where Did Collosaeus Live?

Scientists believe that collosaeus was entirely (or almost entirely) aquatic and would have spent its life in the 1,800 square miles Trans-Sahara Seaway.

What Did the Largest Sea Snake Ever Eat?

Collosaeus measured around 40 feet long, long enough to prey on large creatures. But, scientists aren’t sure whether the structure of its skull allowed it to consume creatures bigger than its own head, as many of today’s snakes do.

Which Was Bigger: Titanoboa, or Collosaeus?

Collosaeus may be the largest sea snake ever, but is it the largest snake to ever live? Even with its tremendous length of up to 40 feet, collosaeus still doesn’t beat out the largest snake ever, titanoboa.


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