You Won’t Believe How Easily These Crocodiles Go Vertical

A crocodile seeks to travel vertically as it jumps. This is how crocodiles get their prey, which is typically an animal sitting on a tree.

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Crocodiles can jump while they’re still. They leap from the ground just like a human would. A crocodile raises its head above the water’s surface before leaping. Whatever they have their sights set on, most often a bird, has to be visible in order for these animals to jump.

When the crocodile is prepared, it makes a sinusoidal undulation with its tail. It implies that the crocodile moves its tail in a manner similar to how a snake moves its body. The crocodile is forced out of the water by this motion.

The incredible aspect of this movement is how quickly it occurs. In a fraction of a second, a crocodile can leap forth. The croc is propelled into the air as a result of the jump. Crocs can also jump a good distance into the air.

On Land and Sea

The video below shows just how jaw-dropping it is when these animals do jump out of the water. Often for these boat tours, a skipper will hold a huge chunk of meat that’s attached to a string and stick. In one fluid motion, the croc will jump straight out of the water to grab the meat before swimming back off into the murky water.

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