Neptune Direct 2023: What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Written by August Croft
Published: November 30, 2023
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Technically, in retrograde since late June, what can you expect when Neptune turns direct in 2023? The planet of fantasy, healing, and subconsciousness, Neptune affects us in mysterious, large-scale ways. This planetary transit may not be one you’re aware of– yet. But Neptune influences every one of us, regardless of our Sun sign or astrological beliefs!

Today, we’ll discuss the significance of this Neptune direct 2023 transit and detail why it’s important. We will provide the date, sign, and relevant information needed to interpret Neptune’s dreamy directness best and give you a comprehensive horoscope for your zodiac sign. Let’s dive into the mysterious waters of Neptune now!

Neptune Direct in Pisces Occurs on December 6th, 2023

neptune direct 2023

December 6th, 2023, is when Neptune ends its retrograde and stations direct in Pisces.

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On December 6th, 2023, at approximately 8:30 am EST, Neptune will station direct in its sign of rulership, Pisces. Neptune will remain direct until July 2nd, 2024. Appearing to be traveling backward through the constellation of Pisces since summertime, Neptune will begin its forward motion once more, affecting us on a societal level.

Neptune is a slow-moving, generational planet that represents illusions, hopes, and facades. Ruling the sign of Pisces, Neptune is always more than it appears, just like the mutable, adaptable fishes of the zodiac. While retrogrades often earn a bad reputation, Neptune’s retrograde works differently from many others.

What happens as Neptune stations direct in Pisces? Let’s discuss the important and often misunderstood components of this transit now.

The Significance of Neptune Direct 2023

neptune direct 2023

When Neptune goes direct, all the zodiac signs will feel like dreams are possible again.


During its time in retrograde, Neptune likely gave us harsh reality checks and sobering stances, clearing the wishful thinking we may have entertained in early 2023. As Neptune stations direct, it will allow for more intuitive dreaming and fantasy in our lives again. But this transit is more than meets the eye, as the planet Neptune also represents deception and escapism.

Neptune moves slowly, so it may have taken time for every sign of the zodiac to identify the illusions and facades in their lives during retrograde. As Neptune stations direct, dreams will feel real again. However, the sobering time spent during Neptune’s retrograde should’ve informed all of us about the dangerous power of our own delusions!

Neptune will be in Pisces until early 2026. It’s a strong position for Neptune, which lends compassion, understanding, and possibilities. Just as the fishes of the zodiac seem slippery or avoidant occasionally, Neptune may feel as elusive as it is imaginative. 

When Neptune goes direct, every zodiac sign will feel like their dreams are possible– within reason. 

Neptune Direct 2023: Horoscopes for Your Zodiac Sign

neptune direct 2023

Identifying the difference between dreams and reality will be key for every zodiac sign when Neptune goes direct.


How will Neptune’s impending directness affect you and your dreams? Here are the horoscopes for each and every sign of the zodiac so that you can best navigate the often misunderstood waters of Neptune!

Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

Inspiration will be yours once more, Aries. When Neptune stations direct, you may feel a levity and energy surrounding your beliefs and spirituality. Rather than retreat into yourself (as you may have felt inclined to do this retrograde season), readily share what you believe in. Few other zodiac signs speak with as much conviction as you. Lend your dreams a voice!

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Your time spent in Neptune’s retrograde showed you who your most faithful friends are, Taurus. Not only will this transit bring you an indulgent capacity for socializing, but it will also ensure that you socialize with compassion. Remember to spend your time with the people that encourage your dreams. Your practical and reliable nature always benefits from a bit of healthy fantasy!

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Neptune stationing direct will impact your career and goals, Gemini. As fantasies infect reality, you may be tempted to return to your haphazard, spontaneous ways, particularly in regard to your schedule. But don’t give in to these mutable, shifting energies. You have the power to enhance your professional life, so long as you don’t get distracted by things too good to be true!

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Now is the time for stillness, Cancer. Neptune going direct in a fellow water sign, Pisces, will have you dreaming of new experiences and opportunities. But pause before jumping into uncharted waters. Neptune’s retrograde likely showed you the importance of self-compassion and patience. Carry these themes into the new year, and choose your dreams carefully!

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

You might have been the only person you could trust during Neptune’s retrograde, Leo. Themes of loyalty and false promises will continue as Neptune stations direct. But your genuine heart will tap into Pisces’s nurturing energy to bring clarity, even as fantasies overwhelm you. Take care of yourself and be a little selfish during this time. Only then will reality get clearer!

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

As Pisces’s opposite, Virgo, you understand the hopeful side of Neptune’s directness. While wishful thinking isn’t something you engage in often, you may want to practice more positivity and optimism during this time, particularly when it comes to your closest relationships. What you hope for in these connections may just be real– especially if you keep your heart open!

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

It may feel easy to slip back into fantasies as Neptune stations direct, Libra. But fantasies surrounding your health and routines are best left ignored. Neptune’s time in retrograde demonstrated to you the importance of daily balance. Indulging in your wellness and self-care is key right now. Just make sure to avoid any and all potentially addictive or unhealthy patterns!

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

You likely struck a wonderful balance between creativity and reality during Neptune’s retrograde, Scorpio. As the planet of fantasies goes direct once again, it may prove difficult to maintain your carefully crafted creative endeavors. Neptune will make everything feel full of potential, even when this isn’t true. Use your discernment and intuition to reclaim your inspiration!

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Potential is a very important word for you, Sagittarius. But, as Neptune stations direct, it’s vital to identify the difference between potential and what’s truly possible. Don’t evade the potential you see in others during this time, particularly in your family and friend groups. Use your wisdom and personal beliefs to help you slow down and strategically seek the truth in possibilities!

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

As your season looms, Capricorn, Neptune’s transit may make you anxious, particularly regarding how you wield your words. Communication may feel more fanciful and fake as Neptune stations direct, something you may not enjoy. Your pragmatism has and will always guide you. There’s no need to maintain a facade in your conversations during this time!

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

Stability will call to you in your dreams, Aquarius. Neptune’s directness will instill a need for day-to-day security in you, something rooted in finances and savings. Lean on your fixed nature during this time. You have the power to see anything through, guiding your dreams into reality. Just don’t give into quick fixes or false senses of security– remain innovative and tenacious!

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

Neptune going direct in your sign, Pisces, may leave you feeling mournful at first. Your planetary ruler had you in deep introspection during its retrograde, an introspection surrounding the potential lies you tell yourself. The fantasies return during this transit, but they will feel hollow. You know exactly who you are. Now is the time to embrace that vision over any of your facades! 

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