100+ Irish Cat Names and Their Meanings

Written by Rachael Monson
Updated: November 7, 2023
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Naming your new cat can be overwhelming. However, it also presents an exciting opportunity to pay homage to something you enjoy. Many people name their cats after things or places they love. They may also choose book or movie characters or even their favorite foods! Perhaps you live in Ireland, or your family has Irish roots. Maybe you just like the culture of Ireland. Whatever your reason for picking the Irish theme, we’ve got some awesome Irish cat names for you!

From names that make you think of the Emerald Isle to those that honor Celtic deities and Irish celebrities, this list of Irish cat names will surely help you find the right cat name. We searched far and wide to find the best, most Irish names to consider for your feline friends. While we include Irish names suited to cats, there are also many Irish names for dogs. Without further ado, let’s dive into the best Irish cat names and their meanings!

Cat for St Patrick's Day - Irish cat names

People around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Naming your cat after this Saint is truly Irish, indeed.

©Michele Pevide/iStock via Getty Images

We’ll start off the list with some popular Irish cat names! These names might fit into some other categories, but they are more well-known than others. You can’t go wrong with one of these distinctively Irish cat names!

  • Patrick, Patty, and Paddy – These Irish cat names rank at the top of the list in popularity! They reference Saint Patrick. He is the primary patron saint of Ireland, known for bringing Christianity to the Irish people. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide as a day for feasting and drinking. In Ireland, it is the celebration of the life of St. Patrick observed on his death date, March 17th.
  • Blarney – This name refers to a pleasant way of talking. However, Ireland features Blarney Castle, home of the famous Blarney Stone. Legends hold that kissing the stone whilst upside down gives the kisser the gift of the gab. In other words, the ability to convince people through your speaking. What a great name for a kitty that meows a lot to get their way!
  • Finnbar, Finnegan, Fionn, or Fiona – This group of names refers to being “fair-haired.” That means having blonde or lightly colored hair. These names work well for cats with white, orange (technically called “red”), or cream-colored coats! You can even shorten all of these to Finn.
  • Molly – Meaning “star of the sea,” this name is perfect for a blue (gray) female cat that is the star of your life! Of course, it could be used for any color cat, as well.
  • Murphy – The companion name for Molly, it’s actually a gender-neutral name meaning “warrior of the sea.” If you’ve just adopted two kittens, naming them Molly and Murphy is a great fit!
  • Orla, Orlaith, or Orlagh – This group of Irish cat names means “golden princess.” This is the perfect name for your girl cat, who is as valuable to you as gold and your little princess!
CLoseup Common Juniper branch with fresh blue berries

Juniper, from the juniper tree native to Ireland, is a great Irish cat name!

©INTREEGUE Photography/Shutterstock.com

Ireland’s nickname, the Emerald Isle, comes from its rich and luscious landscape of rolling green hills. Everywhere you look, beautiful green foliage greets you. Let’s discover some Irish cat names that draw inspiration from the land itself and the many wonderful cities there!

  • Ireland – Naming your cat after the beautiful country itself is an option! It means abundant land.
  • Emerald – A precious stone and the namesake of the Emerald Isle, this name is perfect for your treasured male or female cat!
  • Dublin – The capital of Ireland is the place most people think of when talking about the Emerald Isle. If you give your cat the name Dublin, it reminds all your friends of your love for Ireland!
  • Juniper – One of several beautiful trees native to Ireland, Juniper is a subtle Irish name but also a great talking point when sharing your cat’s story with others!
  • Aster – After the sea aster, a beautiful purple wildflower native to Ireland.
  • Buttercup – Another flower native to Ireland with many varieties!
  • Tralee (TRUH-lee) – This Irish town is known for the Rose of Tralee International Festival. It also makes a cute name for a boy or girl kitty!
  • Uaine (oo-in-YA) – This is the Celtic word for a bright, vivid green color. This refers to the stunning green landscape of Ireland and makes for a unique Irish cat name!
  • Sligo (sly-GO) – It’s the name of a coastal Irish town known for its rich history and the presence of many historical monuments. It’s also an important port for the surrounding areas to send and receive supplies. Perhaps you love Ireland and the sea? If so, this might just be the perfect Irish name for your cat!
  • Clover – Although this is a fairly common name, we couldn’t leave this one off the list! Clovers are a well-known symbol of Ireland. If Clover isn’t your style, you might try Chloe instead! You could also use the name Shamrock for a male cat.
  • Waterford – Another name from an Irish town, Waterford, will make your cat sound very proper. This is Ireland’s oldest city and the home of the famous Waterford Crystal Company.
A long-haired brown tabby cat standing on a hardwood floor meowing

If your cat meows a lot, you might name them Enya or Bono after the famous Irish singers!

©iStock.com/Svetlana Popova

Irish Cat Names from Famous Irish People

Perhaps you love music, movies, or books? You might consider naming your cat after a famous Irish person. Let’s check out a few of them and learn a bit about them!


Enya, or Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin, is a famous Irish singer. She’s the best-known Irish solo artist and the second-highest-selling Irish artist after U2. In 2001, she won the Top Billboard 200 Artist – Female award along with Top New Age Artist and Top New Age Album for A Day Without Rain. The following year, she won Top New Age Artist again. She also won several Grammy Awards for Best New Age Album in 1993, 1997, 2002, and 2007. These are just a few of her music awards won worldwide from 1990 to 2017. She even had a minor planet named after her in 1991!

This name is quite beautiful and easy to say. It’s pronounced ENN-yah. Enya is the perfect name for a gorgeous female cat, or perhaps one that meows (er, sings?) a lot.


We can’t talk about Enya and not mention Bono! Born Paul David Hewson, Bono is the famous lead vocalist of the Irish rock band U2. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, and is particularly well-known for his campaigns against poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa. He has an unbelievable amount of awards, including 22 Grammy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

Your cat could easily sport the name Bono or even Hewy in honor of this awesome Irishman!

Maureen O’Hara

This celebrated Irish actress was known for her fiery red hair and for playing the heroine in many films from the 1940s to 1960s. She often appeared in Westerns and adventure films. In 2020, she ranked number one on The Irish Times list of greatest film actors. Maureen O’Hara was the first female Irish superstar, and many other female Irish actors owe her for paving the way for them. She was known for her naturalness and refusal to act like a diva. Furthermore, she was even the first person to receive the American Ireland Fund Lifetime Achievement Award.

Naming your cat after this incredible woman surely pays tribute to her life and her work. Plus, you could use several names, such as Maureen, Mo, or Hara!

Graham Norton

Arguably one of the most famous Irishmen to appear on the small screen, Graham Norton is a comedian, actor, and television host. Most well-known for his work in the United Kingdom, he’s won many awards for his work. Nonetheless, he was attacked and nearly killed in London in 1989. Though he does not consider this incident a hate crime against him for being gay, others pressed that as a concern. He continues to wow the world with his talk show. He is also the author of several books, as well.

Both Graham and Norton are strong names for your kitty!

Other famous Irish people include:

  • Oscar Wilde – An Irish poet and playwright known worldwide for his work.
  • James Joyce – A very influential Irish writer.
  • Mary Robinson – Ireland’s first female president.
  • Katie Taylor – One of few famous Irish females in the boxing ring.
  • Micheal Collins – A renowned leader in the Irish Civil War.
  • Liam Neeson – A very well-known and loved actor.
  • Connor McGregor – A celebrated MMA fighter with a very Irish name.
cat king of the couch. spoiled cat standing on sofa wearing royal mantle and crown looking at camera

Rory is an Irish name meaning “red king,” which makes it perfect for a big red male cat!

©Nils Jacobi/Shutterstock.com

Irish Cat Names for Red (Orange) Cats

We already talked about one group of Irish names for our red cat friends. Nevertheless, you have plenty more from which to choose. People worldwide absolutely love red cats and their antics. Red and tortoiseshell cats are some of the most popular colors for pet cats in the world!

Irish people are often well-known for their bright red hair, so many Irish names fit well for our red-haired kitties! Here’s a list of some more Irish cat names for red cats, along with their meanings.

  • Rory or Ruadhri (both ROAR-ee) – “the red king. “
  • Rowan – “the little red one.”
  • Keegan – “fiery.”
  • Harkin – “dark red.”
  • Roisin (ro-SHEEN) – “little rose. “
  • Smithwick – Irish red ale brand.
  • Flannery or Flana – “red, ruddy.”
  • Roan – “little red-head.”
  • Dearg (GER-rack) – Celtic word for bright, fire engine red.
  • Rua (ROO-ah) – Celtic word for natural red, like a fox‘s coat.
  • Clancy – “red warrior.”
  • Brayden – “salmon” (which sometimes has red flesh).
  • Criofan (KREE-fan) – “fox.”
  • Aidan (AY-dan) and Enat (EYE-nit) – “little fire.”
  • Rohan – “red-haired.”
  • Aodhan (AY-dawn) – “fire.”
White cat eats food.

A great Irish name for a white cat is Dillion, which means a flash of lightning.

©Serhii Ivashchuk/iStock via Getty Images

Irish Cat Names for White Cats

There are several awesome Irish names for your white cat. Although we already talked about a group of names that refer to being fair-haired, let’s check out some more white cat names below!

  • Dillion – “a flash of lightning.”
  • Ailbhe (ALL-vuh) – “white. “
  • Colm or Callum (CALL-um)- “dove.”
  • Bailey – like the Irish cream liqueur.
  • Odhran (OR-in) – “little pale one.”
  • Fintan – “white bull or white fire.”
  • Genty – “snow.”
  • Kenyon – “white-haired.”
  • Maguire – “son of the beige one.” This one’s a bit of a stretch, but it sounds cool!
  • Meallan (MAHL-an) – “lightning.”
  • Bairre (BAY-er) – “fair-haired.”
  • Gwendolyn – “white brow.”
  • Gweneth – “fair.”
  • Helen – “light.”
Beautiful Black bombay cat portrait with yellow eyes lie and relax on pillow at home

There’s no shortage of fabulous Irish names for black cats!

©Viktor Sergeevich/Shutterstock.com

Irish Cat Names for Black or Dark Cats

Don’t worry, black cat lovers, we didn’t forget you! There are some wonderful Irish cat names for black cats, too. While black cats are steadily the least adopted from shelters, many people absolutely adore their dark-furred feline friends. Not to mention, many of these names fit for both male and female cats!

  • Kerry or Carey – “black-haired.“
  • Dubh (duhv) – “black.”
  • Kieran or Ciaran (KEE-ran) – “a little dark one.”
  • Ciara, Kira, or Dow – “dark-haired.”
  • Darcy, Darcie or Darcelle – “dark one.”
  • Kirby – “dark son.”
  • Doyle – “dark stranger.”
  • Guinness – a dark Irish stout beer.
  • Morrigan – the Queen of Fate and Doom.
  • Lorcan – “little fierce one. “
  • Bran or Branna – “raven.”
  • Delaney – “dark challenger.”
  • Donnacha (DON-uh-cah) – “brown-haired warrior.”
  • Lonan – “blackbird.”
  • Dooley – “dark hero.”
replica of a statue of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet in front of a real European tabby cat as comparison on studio isolated white background

Considering many cultures worship cats, naming yours after an Irish god or goddess is very fitting!


Irish Cat Named Honoring Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Wow, we’ve already discussed so many amazing Irish cat names! This section is for cat lovers wanting to give their cat a godly name. With over 400 to choose from, there’s certainly one that fits your kitty! We’ll pick a few of our favorites.

  • Brigid – the goddess of fire, fertility, and poetry. Also, the only female Irish patron saint.
  • Lir (LEER) – the god of the sea.
  • Eostre (Yo-stir) – the goddess of spring.
  • Cliodhna (CLEE-nah) – the goddess of love and beauty.
  • Rhiannon (ree-ANN-non) – the horse goddess.
  • Aengus (ANG-us) – the god of youth.
  • Dagda – the god of the earth and leader of the gods.
  • Palu (PAH-loo)– the cat goddess.
Beautiful orange tabby cat sniffing a lucky four leaf clover. Finding a lucky or special cat concept.

You can’t go wrong in choosing an Irish name for your cat!

©Leigh Prather/Shutterstock.com

Irish Cat Names We Just Couldn’t Leave Out

Most of the names we’ve talked about today fit firmly in the categories as we listed them. However, some names simply did not fit, but they are still amazing Irish cat names! You can’t go wrong in picking an Irish name for your cat. Here are some more great names to choose from.

  • Alastar – “Defender of the people.” Cats have been known to save their humans from disaster.
  • Breck – Meaning “freckled,” this name is perfect for a spotted cat! The female version is Brit.
  • Brina – Along the same lines as Breck, this name means “speckled.”
  • Calhoun – Meaning “from the narrow forest”. Since cats are really wild animals that live in our homes and instruct us to do their bidding, the name fits well! It can also be shortened to Cal.
  • Carrick – This name just means “rock”, but it’s perfect for a blue/gray cat! It also sounds nice.
  • Cinnie – Sounding like a short version of cinnamon, this name means “beauty”.
  • Cordelia – “Jewel of the sea”. A lovely name for the female cat that you treasure like a gem.
  • Davan -Meaning “beloved,” the perfect name for the male cat you absolutely adore.
  • Donal – This name means “ruler of the world”. How fitting for a cat, huh?
  • Eveleen – Waited a long time to get a cat? This name is perfect since it means “longed-for child”.
  • Felix – We included this because it’s a common cat name, but most people don’t know it’s Irish!
  • Mannix – This name means “little monk.” While it really has nothing to do with cats, we like the way it sounds. It sounds similar to “manic,” so might be fitting for a wild kitty with lots of energy!
  • Patterson – Meaning “the son of Pat,” this is just a really cute name for a kitten!
  • Quinlan or Quinn – This name means “athletic”. The perfect name for a high-energy cat breed like an Abyssinian, Bengal, or Savannah!
  • Scully – A fun name that means “town crier,” which might be perfect for your cat that meows a lot. It’s also an adorable name!

Final Thoughts on Irish Cat Names

This list contains over 100 different cat names of Irish origin to choose from for your cat. One of these Irish cat names surely fits your feline companion. We wish you all the best with your new feline friend and hope they’ll live a long, happy life with you!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © vvvita/Shutterstock.com

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