72 Perfect German Dog Names and Their Meanings

Written by Taiwo Victor
Published: June 9, 2022
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Germany boasts of the third-largest production of dog breeds in the world. More than 50 different dog breeds marketed in the United States come from Germany, including the popular German Shepherds and Rottweilers, the petite Dachshunds, the huge Great Danes, and many more varieties. So maybe you just bought your new German Shepherd dog, and giving them a name that matches their heritage has become an overwhelming task. Perhaps, your dog is not a German breed, but you desire a German term for your little pet because you’re of German heritage or have a special flair for German culture and language.

We’ve decided to help narrow your search by providing you with a list of the top 72 perfect German dog names (along with their meanings). All you have to do is pick a name that you and everyone in your household will adore. Don’t look too far – we’ve got you covered.

72 Perfect German Dog Names and their Meanings

Depending on your dog’s personality, appearance, or temperament, there’s an extensive list of endearing terms to name them. If you’re looking for the perfect name that matches your dog’s distinct characteristics, below are some common male/female German dog names (and their meanings) that could inspire you.

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Top Male German Dog Names

german shepherd laying on bail of hay
Damian in German means “fighter.”


1. Alger –  meaning noble, bright, clever warrior.

2. Adolph – meaning noble wolf. 

3. Arvin – meaning  friend to all.

4. Axel –  meaning peaceful.

5. Bruno – meaning brown-haired.

6. Hayden – meaning spirit of battle.

7. Clovis – meaning  famous warrior.

8. Damian –  meaning  fighter.

9. Donner –  meaning thunder.

10. Ellard – meaning  noble and brave. 

11. Frido-  meaning  powerful. 

12. Hamlin – meaning one who loves his home.

13. Hugo –  meaning wise. 

14. Keene – meaning bold, sharp.

15. Meyer – meaning bringer of light. 

16. Milo – meaning beloved. 

17. Norbert – meaning hero.

18. Otto – meaning prosperous, rich.

19. Ritter – meaning knight.

20. Rowland – meaning famous in the land.

21. Ugo – meaning mind, heart, spirit.

22. Waldo – meaning ruler.

23. Schwartz – meaning black hair or dark complexion.

24. Leonard – meaning the brave lion

25. Felix – meaning happy, fortunate. 

26. August – meaning great, magnificent. 

27. Bach – meaning dweller near the brook.

28. Max – meaning the greatest. 

29. Walter – meaning army ruler.

30. Konrad- meaning bold.

31. Ulrich – meaning power.

Top Female German Dog Names

German boxer sitting in grass
Petra is a good German name. It means “solid as rock.”


1. Ada – meaning noble, nobility.

2. Annika – meaning graceful.

3. Arabelle – meaning beautiful eagle. 

4. Ava – meaning life. 

5. Beatrix – meaning she who brings happiness. 

6. Britta – meaning strength, exalted one.

7. Brunhilde – meaning armed for battle, noble. 

8. Edwina – meaning prosperous friend.

9. Floriane – meaning blooming.

10. Frieda – meaning peaceful ruler. 

11. Greta- meaning pearl.

12. Heidi – meaning of noble birth.

13. Ines – meaning pure. 

14. Kaja – meaning alive.

15. Keyla – meaning  beautiful as the night. 

16. Klara – meaning  bright. 

17. Lena – meaning  shiny.

18. Liesel – meaning pledged to God.

19. Millie – meaning gentle strength. 

20. Nia- meaning bright. 

21. Ozzy – meaning divine spear. 

22. Petra – meaning solid as rock.

23. Richelle – meaning brave one. 

24. Sofie – meaning wisdom.

25. Trudy – meaning spear of strength. 

26. Wanda – meaning  shepherdess, wanderer.

27. Zelda – meaning gray fighting maid. 

28. Wilma- meaning protection. 

29. Leona – meaning lioness.

30. Ursula – meaning little female bear.

31. Kikka – meaning mistress of all.

Dog Names Inspired by German Food and Drink

Why do dogs put their ears back
A breed like a German Shepherd has natural pointed ears, so their relaxed position can look like the alert position of other dogs.

©Schelmanova Natalia/Shutterstock.com

Germany has an abundance of national dishes, as well as a long-standing reputation for iconic beers. So it’s not uncommon to find people who want to name their dog after popular German food or drinks. Below are some of the best ideas you can choose from;

1. Lecker – meaning yummy, scrumptious.

2. Pretzel – meaning a type of baked pastry.

3. Gose – meaning a type of fermented beer.

4. Schnitzel – meaning a type of breaded, tenderized meat.

5. Pilsner – meaning a type of pale lager that gets its name from a city known as Pilsen.

Dog Names Inspired by Famous German Individuals

Do you have a favorite German celebrity? You can consider naming your adorable pup after them. If not, some outstanding German individuals can inspire names that’ll be a perfect fit for your dog. They include; 

1. Bach – meaning the famous German composer, Bach.

2. Beethoven – meaning the famous German composer, Beethoven.

3. Heidi – meaning the supermodel, Heidi Klum.

4. Grimms – meaning Grimms of the Grimms Brothers.

5. Marlene- meaning the actress, Dietrich.

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