9 Best Dog Parks in Henderson

Written by Emilio Brown
Updated: October 7, 2022
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Behind Las Vegas, Henderson is the second most populated city in Nevada. Tons of dogs live within the city, which is why you can find a plethora of dog parks spread across the area. Taking a dog to a dog park is always a fun day, as it gives your pup a large area to play and a chance to make new furry friends. 

Making sure your pup is fully vaccinated is important before visiting any dog park, as it helps keep all dogs that visit the park safe from getting or spreading any unwanted diseases. Your dog should also be well-trained and able to be around other people and dogs comfortably.

To know the etiquette of each dog park, you can check the rules that are usually posted right outside the dog park. Similar rules are in place across the different dog parks in Henderson, all helping to provide a fun time for those that visit.

Here are the 9 best dog parks in Henderson, Nevada, that you can find!

1. Dos Escuelas Dog Park 

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At Dos Escuelas Dog Park, there is no separate area for smaller breeds, so dogs of all sizes play together.


Dos Escuelas Dog Park
Location 1 Golden View St, Henderson, NV 89012
Hours 6 AM-12 AM
Price Free 

A small dog park in its area, Dos Escuelas dog park is a square-shaped off-leash area located in Dog Escuelas Park. The dog park is just one attraction of the park, as the area also has walking trails, sports courts, and a kid’s playground. Dos Escuelas dog park is a large area for all dogs to play, as in this dog park, there is no separate area for smaller breeds. Most of the surface of the off-leash area is natural grass. 

Dos Escuelas dog park has plenty of room for the small or large dogs that visit. There are poop bags and trash cans in the park. A water fountain is also at this dog park for when your pup needs a drink. This dog park has enough space for any dog to get out all its energy. It closes at 12 AM, which is later than most other dog parks in Henderson. 

2. O’ Callaghan Dog Park

O’ Callaghan Dog Park
Location 601 Skyline Rd, Henderson, NV 89002
Hours 7 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

As a family attraction, O’Callaghan Park has a variety of amenities for everyone to enjoy. The dog park in O’Callaghan park is a spacious off-leash area with sections for both large and small breeds. This park has agility equipment like tunnels and ramps to stimulate both your dog’s brain and body. The dog park is just one thing to do at Callaghan park, as there are walking paths to take your dog on a walk, playgrounds, and picnic areas. When coming to this dog park, you should not forget to bring water and poop bags. There are a few trees for shade at this park, with picnic tables and benches for seating. 

3. Acacia Dog Park 

Dog Park Series - Family with Dog
The dog park at Acacia Park is fun to visit with family since there are other park attractions in the area.


Acacia Dog Park 
Location 50 Casa Del Fuego St, Henderson, NV 89012
Hours 6 AM-12 AM
Price Free 

The off-leash area at Acacia Park is one of the reasons people come to visit the park with their dogs. This dog park is one of the best in Henderson to let your pup run free. There are two sections to this dog park, both fully secured with tall fencing. Dogs must be on a leash when not in the designated off-leash area. But at Acacia park, there are also spray fountains, playgrounds, sports courts, and beautiful plant life to gaze at. 

Acacia dog park provides its guests with poop bags and trash bins, making it easy to pick up after your pup. Both sections of the dog park are rectangular shaped, with grass and dirt surfacing. 

4. Esselmont Dog Park

Esselmont Dog Park
Location 2725 Anthem Highlands Dr, Henderson, NV, US, 89044
Hours 6 AM-12 AM
Price Free 

A medium-sized dog park. Esslemont dog park is an off-leash area located near the Mojave desert in Nevada. This dog park is split into two sections, both surrounded by a large chain-link fence. One section is for small dogs, and the larger pups also have a separate area to play. Artificial turf makes up the majority of the pooch’s play area, but dirt surrounds the outer edging. The park is regularly cleaned, and poop bags with trash bins are found in the park to make it easy to clean after your dog. 

5. Equestrian Dog Park

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Along with the off-leash area, there is also a trail used for horse riding in the Equestrian dog park.


Equestrian Dog Park
Location 1298 Equestrian Dr, Henderson, NV 89015
Hours 7 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

There are two fenced-off sections at Equestrian dog park for your furry friend to have some off-leash fun. Horses enjoy the dog park as well, as nearby, there is a horse path to ride a horse on. A path to take your dog on a walk is also nearby. Picnic areas, various trails, and human restrooms can all be found in the area as it is not just for dogs. 

The dog park is well maintained and cleaned regularly. There are trash cans and poop bags so you can do your part in picking up after your dog. Water fountains are also present for humans and hounds. The trails at this park and the scenery is desert land, with the variety of life found on them. 

6. Cactus Wren Dog Park

Cactus Wren Dog Park
Location 2900 Ivanpah Dr, Henderson, NV 89074
Hours 6 AM-12 AM
Price Free 

Three different fenced-off sections make up the Cactus Wren dog park. One area is for small dogs, and there is another section for larger pups. There is also a third area for all dogs to play. The large dog section at this dog park is the most spacious, while the other two are much smaller in size. Games like fetch and frisbee are fun to play in the open area with your pup. 

Poop bags and water fountains are found in Cactus Wren Dog park. This dog park has a natural surfacing of dirt and grass. In the wet and rainy season, this dog park gets muddy, so be prepared. A very popular dog park in Henderson, it is one of the few that have so many different sections for different breeds. 

7. City of Henderson Dog Park

white mini labradoodle
A small and large dog section can be found at the City of Henderson Dog Park.

©Lynxs Photography/Shutterstock.com

City of Henderson Dog Park 
Location 1562 Amador Ln, Henderson, NV 89012
Hours 7 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

The City of Henderson dog park is an off-leash area located in the neighborhood attraction of Amador Vista Park. This dog park is medium-sized, with a section for both smaller and larger dogs. The area is fully fenced off with a large 8-foot fence and is double gated to further prevent escapes. Like the other dog parks in Henderson, your dog must be fully vaccinated and licensed by the city before it is allowed to visit. 

Water fountains are present at this dog park for both humans and pups. You should think about bringing your own bowl to prevent the spread of diseases. The City of Henderson dog park is surrounded by picnic areas, playgrounds, walking paths, and the other amenities found at Amador Park in Henderson. 

8. Paseo Vista Dog Park

Paseo Vista Dog Park
Location 2505 Paseo Verde Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89052
Hours 6 AM-12 AM
Price Free 

The Paseo Vista Dog Park is an off-leash area for dogs of all sizes to play together. It is medium-sized and fully fenced in. The surfacing is turf, with some dirt. It closes late but has lighting poles to lighten up the area at night. A few benches under a shaded patio let you watch your dog play comfortably. There are also water fountains for humans and dogs to get to drink water when thirsty also.  

Paseo Vista dog park provides poop bags to clean up after your dog. The dog park is also regularly cleaned. This dog park sits on Paseo Vista Park, which also has picnic areas, splash fountains, and playgrounds. Dogs must be on a leash when not in the designated off-leash area, but there are walking paths that make for a peaceful area to walk with your dog. 

9. Bark Park at Heritage Park

Dog Park Series - Little Dogs in Dog Park
As one of the largest dog parks in Henderson, the Bark Park at Heritage Park is nearly 5 acres large.

©Alis Leonte/Shutterstock.com

Bark Park at Heritage Park
Location 350 S Racetrack Rd, Henderson, NV 89015
Hours 6 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

The Bark Park at Heritage Park is a massive five-acre area dedicated for your pup to have a blast while getting off its leash. There are three sections at this dog park. One area is for smaller dogs, one for larger breeds, and there is a fenced-off section where dogs of all sizes can play together. At the entrance of this dog park, there is even a giant statue of dogs to gaze at. The Bark Park is located at Heritage Park, but the main attraction in the area is the vast amounts of sports fields. The necessities needed in any dog park-like poop bags, water, and vast space are offered at this dog park. It is filled with a variety of breeds ready to play, as there is a section for all types of dogs.

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