A Rescued Owl and Husky Puppy As Best Friends Is The Most Adorable Thing You Will See Today

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: October 30, 2023

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snowy owl sitting in snow
© Ondrej Prosicky/Shutterstock.com

Few things are more adorable in life than watching two very different kinds of animals getting along with each other. There is just something so comforting about watching them play, cuddle, and protect each other. 

Normally, when we think of two adorable animals getting along, we think of a cat and a dog. However, the one in the video captured below is of a beautiful snowy owl and a blue-eyed husky. 

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Snowy Owl and Husky Sighting 

The Just Live YouTube page shared this adorable video posted just above. This channel dedicates itself to raising awareness for rescuing poor animals. We see all sorts of animals, like orangutans, dogs, horses, raccoons, wild boars, and kittens, to name a few. They share a short excerpt from the video just below.

“Look at this adorable couple, Snowy owl Nyusha and blue-eyed husky Ilona. And they have a really strong friendship.  Even even though it is a dog and a bird, they found a common language.  These animals are completely different, the husky is kind and sweet, and the owl is charming in appearance, but can stand up for itself!” 

The Most Unlikely of Friends  

This beautiful snowy owl was found outside, abandoned as a little bird. It had fallen from its nest, and the mother was nowhere in sight. A homeowner close by heard the cries of this owl. He took this beautiful bird in and began nursing it to health and maturity. 

A few years later, this man bought the gorgeous blue-eyed husky we see in the video above. And over time, the puppy and owl have been nothing but the best of friends!

How Rare is a Snowy Owl?

Attacking Snowy owl Bubo scandiacus from direct view. Portait of famous white owl with black spots and bright yellow eyes, flying directly at camera. Animal action scene, Finland.

Snowy owls are carnivores.

©Martin Mecnarowski/Shutterstock.com

The snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) of the genus Bubo can be found in Eurasia, Europe, and North America. There are only assumed to be about 30,000 in North America and 200,000 worldwide. Their conservation status is considered to be vulnerable and in danger of being labeled ‘endangered’ soon. 

The Polar Guide Book states that “Snowy owls are evaluated as animals vulnerable to global extinction because their populations have been declining by 30 to more than 50 % over the last 10 years or 3 generations. They would become endangered when their populations start to rapidly decline by 50 to more than 70% according to the IUCN assessment criteria.” 

This man knew how rare a snowy owl was to find. And with the threat of this young bird being on its own without the protection of his mother, this guy knew he had a duty to make sure this snowy owl survived. And now this snowy owl has lived a long life and is making friends at every turn!

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