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I am a 33-year-old creative and professional writer from South Africa. Wildlife is one of my greatest passions and led me to become the writer I am today. I was very blessed to work with an abundance of wildlife (mainly big cats) and captured my unique experiences in writing. But I wanted to take it further, and I ventured into the freelancing world. Now, I get to spend my days writing about animals; what could be better?

How Many Types of Dogs Are There? Picture

The World Dog Federation recognizes 406 dog breeds, while the American Kennel Club has much stricter standards and only recognizes 200 breeds. Each breed has unique characteristics,  personalities, and preferences.… Read More

By Chanel Coetzee 1 month ago

10 Types of Dogs Ears Picture

Have you ever wondered why basset hounds, spaniels, and bloodhounds have long, droopy ears? Or why the pit bull, cane corso, and Doberman pinscher have cropped ears? The answers might… Read More

By Chanel Coetzee 2 months ago