Kathryn Dueck
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I am a freelance writer with experience in both fiction and nonfiction. When not putting words on a page, I enjoy reading, hiking in the great outdoors, and playing with my dog.

How Deep Is Lake Pontchartrain? Picture

Within Louisiana’s Pontchartrain Basin lies Lake Pontchartrain, an essential estuary flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. Six cities lie on its shores: New Orleans, Slidell, Madisonville, Mandeville, Kenner, and Metairie.… Read More

By Kathryn Dueck 3 weeks ago

How Wide Is Crater Lake? Picture

Crater Lake’s claim to fame is simple: it’s the deepest lake in the United States. Not only that, it’s the deepest volcanic lake in the world and one of the… Read More

By Kathryn Dueck 1 month ago

Where Do Hawks Nest? Picture

Besides being some of the most ferocious predators in the animal kingdom, hawks are also highly territorial when it comes to their nests. They construct these eyries carefully, often taking… Read More

By Kathryn Dueck 4 months ago