The 11 Best Podcasts about Birds

Written by Niccoy Walker
Updated: June 9, 2023
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Are you a beginner birder looking for tips and tricks to get started? Or are you an expert ornithologist wanting to expand your knowledge? Whatever your reason, these podcasts are dedicated to anyone who loves birds! Discover the 11 best podcasts about birds, and listen to them on Apple and Spotify Podcasts. Or simply click on the links below and begin listening on each podcaster’s dedicated website.


The people at BirdNote offer three separate podcasts. The first, and most notable, features daily two-minute episodes about the amazing lives of birds. This podcast does an excellent job of immersing you in rich sounds, letting you escape the daily grind. Their other two programs, “Bring Birds Back” and “Threatened,” discuss the joy birds bring and how you can do your part to save them.

American Birding Podcast

Brought to you by the American Birding Association, the “American Birding Podcast” features 30-minute episodes every Thursday about all things birds, birding, and travel. Nate Swick is the show’s host, and he features staff members and other guests to discuss our amazing feathered friends and conservation efforts. Learn everything from baby birds to bird migration, how to go birding with children, and the effects wildfires have on specific species.

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Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds

“Talkin’ Birds” is one of the first podcasts you could find about birds over 15 years ago. Today they are still going strong. Every week you can tune in to live interactive shows discussing wild birds, including how to attract them to your yard and what to feed them. They keep you up to date on the latest bird news and regularly feature experts on specific species and conservation.

The Birding Life

This podcast is all about connecting people to birds and others in the birding community. The staff behind “The Birding Life” keep bird conservation at their core by raising awareness around issues and projects. If you want to join a like-minded community that shares your passion for birds and nature, check out a new 45-minute podcast weekly.

Laura Erickson’s For the Birds

Laura Erickson holds many titles, including scientist, teacher, and writer. She’s written many award-winning ornithology books and runs a blog and corresponding radio program. But Laura is no stranger to radio; she’s had her own talk show since 1986. On her website, you can check out her weekly shows, where she discusses Minnesota and birds around the country.

Hannah and Erik Go Birding

This husband and wife team considers themselves “bird nerds” and created a podcast to share their love of birding. They love exploring our world, going on adventures, and meeting new people, including listeners of their show. If you want to visit cool places, discover fascinating birds, and learn about featured guests, check out their one-hour episodes!

Birdchick Podcast

Sharon Stiteler is the “Birdchick.” She is an expert birder, consultant, and field technician who runs a blog and a podcast on her website. The “Birdchick” is a sassy, sometimes raunchy podcast about birds, birding, and pop culture. Her non-birder husband joins her, and they provide a fun 60-minute show every other week.

The Science of Birds

For any birder or naturalist wanting to know more about ornithology, check out “The Science of Birds.” You can expect around two episodes (40 minutes each) a month of funny, light-hearted, educational content surrounding birds. Learn about bird evolution, anatomy, behavior, diversity, ecology, and conservation. And have fun while doing it!

The Casual Birder

Are you a newbie birder wanting to share in the joys of watching these beautiful creatures? The “Casual Birder” is for you. Suzy, the show’s host, tells stories from her garden in southern England. She teaches you how to identify different species, notice their behaviors, and distinguish their calls and songs.

The Nature Centered Podcast

Wild Birds Unlimited is the ultimate resource for those wanting to attract birds to their yard feeders. They run a store in Illinois and an educational podcast on their website. Each episode discusses a new North American bird and you can learn all about behaviors to watch for and how to attract it to your feeder. They also have show series where they cover topics, such as nesting and migration.

The Bird Podcast With Shoba Narayan

If you’re looking for a different perspective from someone outside of the United States, listen to Shoba Narayan! The host is an Indian-based journalist who shares her passion about birds with listeners and expert guest appearances. Check out “The Bird Podcast” for conservation discussions and series based on birding travel.

Summary of the 11 Best Podcasts about Birds

2American Birding Podcast
3Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds
4The Birding Life
5Laura Erickson’s For the Birds
6Hannah and Erik Go Birding
7Birdchick Podcast
8The Science of Birds
9The Casual Birder
10The Nature Centered Podcast
11The Bird Podcast With Shoba Narayan

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