Breastfeeding Mom Says “Hold My Beer” and Defends Pet Goose from Bald Eagle Attack

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: July 26, 2022
© Lolli Morrow
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From bears to humans, when there’s a mom around, there’s no messing with her. They protect their young fiercely and without hesitation. Human moms are also known for protecting each other’s children, and they take their role as mothers even further, extending their maternal instincts out to their pets.   

In the video you’re about to watch, you see how those instincts kick in—no matter what a mom is doing. The video is a surveillance video at the front entrance of a gorgeous home with a long, grey brick driveway that stretches upward and to the left of the view.

It’s a great angle that captures the front of the home and up toward the entrance of the driveway—the home is surrounded by beautiful greenery, with shrubs, tall trees, and decorative plants throughout.

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The video shows this image for a few seconds before you see a bald eagle swoop in, arriving from the front open balcony, flying underneath the front door’s awning, with its claws ready to capture its prey.

bald eagle
Bald eagles prey upon fish, rodents, and even deer fawn. They also don’t hesitate to capture small dogs and other pets.


Bald eagles move quickly—they’ve seen you before you even catch a glimpse of them and they’re bold, never afraid to take down large prey. Sadly, even small dogs are snatched up by bald eagles.

In this case, the bald eagle has managed to grab hold of a pet goose. Immediately, the goose starts shrieking in distress. The bald eagle may have bitten off more than it could chew because it struggles to take flight with the goose’s neck in its claws.

The pet goose can be seen struggling, flapping its wings violently as it gets dragged across the driveway. The bald eagle has managed to make it at least a dozen feet away before a woman can be heard yelling, “Hey!” in the background.

She keeps screaming, “Hey! Hey!” and comes into view from the front door just as the bald eagle releases the goose for a second. Bold as ever, the bald eagle tries again to grab hold of the goose but is unable to keep its claws on it.

It flies off.

The woman, watching the scene unfold, runs out toward the bald eagle in nothing but grey underpants and—get this—her nursing baby suckling on her breast. Her long blonde hair is tied neatly back, and she makes her way hurriedly, and barefoot, toward her spooked goose.

The goose runs for safety toward the house as the woman creates a protective barrier between her goose and the fleeing eagle.   

Yes, she was occupied but so what? A mom can always handle more than one task at a time. In this case, she was providing sustenance and casually saving the life of her pet from an attacking bald eagle.

Nursing mother doesn’t hesitate to run out and save her pet goose from an attacking bald eagle.

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close up of a bald eagle
close up of a bald eagle
© Lolli Morrow

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