Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit?

Written by Katelynn Sobus
Published: December 9, 2022
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Jackfruit is a unique fruit that we humans eat both ripened and unripened! Unripened jackfruit is often used as a meat substitute, which might leave vegetarians asking: can dogs eat jackfruit?

While jackfruit is toxic to cats, it’s safe for dogs to eat in moderation. However, jackfruit seeds are toxic—so it’s important to only feed the flesh of the fruit to your dog. You should also remove the skin, as it poses a choking hazard and can create an intestinal blockage.

In this article, we’ll talk about whether dogs can eat jackfruit, its benefits, and its risks.

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Is Jackfruit Safe for Dogs?

Jackfruit cut in half, short way, exposing seeds and flesh, with pieces of the fruit's flesh on a plate beside
Dogs can safely eat jackfruit, but with many things safe for dogs to eat, there are caveats of which dog parents should be aware.

©Suriyawut Suriya/

First off, if you don’t know, jackfruit is a member of the fig family. When ripe, the fruit is sweet. Unripe, it has little flavor and a meaty texture that makes it a popular meat substitute.

Jackfruit is safe to feed your dog so long as it contains no skin or seeds. Only the flesh of the fruit is safe for dogs to consume.

Because jackfruit is sugary and not super nutritious for dogs, it should only be fed in small amounts. The best way to feed jackfruit to your dog is to cut it into small pieces.

That said, jackfruit can be cooked into foods that aren’t safe for dogs—so keep this in mind and always read the ingredient list thoroughly.

Avoiding feeding processed human foods to your dog is a good baseline anyway — aside from possible toxins, they also tend to contain excessive amounts of sugar and salt that dogs are more sensitive to than humans. This is especially true for small dogs!

What are the Risks of Jackfruit for Dogs?

  • The skin of the jackfruit poses a choking hazard. Small dogs in particular might choke on pieces of jackfruit skin, which is why you should never feed it to your pup.
  • The skin can also create an intestinal blockage. Even if your dog seems fine after eating jackfruit skin and hasn’t choked, they should be monitored and brought to the veterinarian as soon as you can. Intestinal blockages can be life-threatening and typically require surgery to remove.
  • The latex in jackfruit may trigger eczema in dogs. Though I’ve seen claims of this, I haven’t found a reliable source stating so. I still recommend speaking to your vet first if your dog has eczema (contact dermatitis).
  • The seeds are toxic. Never feed your dog jackfruit seeds! If they’ve snuck them behind your back, call an emergency veterinarian or pet poison hotline for immediate help.
  • Dishes that contain jackfruit may contain other toxic ingredients. Always check the ingredient list before feeding anything to your dog.
  • Dried jackfruit, jackfruit chips, and other forms of jackfruit may contain toxic spices. Again, always check the ingredient list!
  • Too much of a new food can cause upset stomach. Always introduce new foods slowly. I recommend only feeding small pieces of jackfruit to your dog as a very occasional treat.

Can Dogs Eat Jackfruit Skin or Seeds?

Jackfruit growing on tree
Dogs can’t eat jackfruit skin or seeds. The skin is tough to digest, and the seeds are toxic. If your dog manages to get any jackfruit seeds, seek veterinary care immediately.

©Arif biswas/

No, dogs can’t eat jackfruit skin or seeds. The skin is tough and difficult to digest, so it can cause an intestinal blockage if swallowed. It’s also easy for a dog to choke on.

There is also latex surrounding the fruit’s flesh, and it’s generally not recommended to let your dog eat it.

Jackfruit seeds are toxic to dogs, so it’s important not to include them in your pup’s taste test!

If your dog does eat jackfruit flesh, call your veterinarian as soon as you can. While this likely isn’t an emergent situation, it’s important to schedule an appointment soon to ensure your dog doesn’t have a blockage.

In the meantime, watch them for symptoms like repetitive vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, appetite loss, dehydration, bloating, abdominal pain, hunching, or whining.

If your dog eats jackfruit seeds, contact your nearest emergency vet clinic or a pet poison control hotline. Don’t wait and watch for symptoms, and don’t try to treat your dog at home.

Never induce vomiting unless instructed by a professional. This can be dangerous for your dog, especially if they’ve swallowed something hard like a jackfruit peel.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Jackfruit?

Dried fruit of any kind tends to contain excess sugars that aren’t good for your dog. While dried jackfruit isn’t toxic, it don’t make for a healthy treat.

Dried jackfruit might also contain added spices that are toxic to dogs, so check the ingredient list before feeding it.

Of course, if your dried jackfruit is homemade or otherwise doesn’t contain the above ingredients, then it’s perfectly safe and healthy for your dog to eat.

Just be sure it follows the guidelines above: no seeds, no latex, and no peel.

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Fresh jackfruit cut open to expose the flesh inside
Fresh jackfruit cut open to expose the flesh inside
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