Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility: Romance, Friendship, and More

Written by August Croft
Published: November 29, 2023
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There are many reasons why you may be seeking answers regarding Cancer and Aquarius compatibility. While these two zodiac signs seem to have very little in common astrologically, their similarities may be more surprising than you think! But what can astrology teach us about the overall compatibility between Cancer and Aquarius? 

Today, we will take a look at Cancer and Aquarius compatibility in a variety of ways. Not only will we address how these two get along romantically, but we will also discuss their platonic and professional possibilities. Just how compatible are Cancer and Aquarius, particularly in long-term romance? Let’s find out now! 

The Foundations of Cancer and Aquarius

cancer and aquarius compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility may begin with niche interests.


If you’re a Cancer or Aquarius, you may find all of the astrological information you need in this particular piece. However, we’ve also created individual astrological profiles for every day of the year. Search for your special day of birth here and discover a more detailed piece all about you and your astrological uniqueness! 

For now, here are the astrological foundations and basics surrounding both Cancer and Aquarius so that you can compare and contrast. 

Astrological FoundationsCancerAquarius
BirthdaysJune 21st-July 22ndJanuary 20th-February 18th
Astrological Placement4th11th
RulerThe MoonSaturn (traditional); Uranus (modern)
KeywordsNurturing, assertive, loyalInnovative, pragmatic, cerebral
Notable CelebritiesTom Hanks, Selena Gomez, Tom Cruise, Kathy Bates, Harrison FordMichael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Harry Styles, Paris Hilton, Christian Bale

When Loyalty Meets Innovation: Cancer and Aquarius Basics

cancer and aquarius compatibility

Cancer is a water sign and Aquarius is an air sign, representing two very different elements.


If this is one of your first introductions to astrological compatibility, there are a few important things to pay attention to. For example, astrological compatibility is often greatly affected by the element and modality placements of the zodiac signs. When we look at Aquarius and Cancer, they are not particularly compatible in this way. However, remember that astrology isn’t everything, especially when we consider these two complicated zodiac signs! 

Cancer is a water sign, while Aquarius is an air sign. These elements aren’t necessarily oppositional to one another, but they are not harmonious either. Water signs are motivated by emotional understanding, intuition, and have the tendency to communicate subtextually. Air signs are motivated by newness, creativity, and have the tendency to communicate abstractly. 

While these differences may lead to some communication struggles between Cancer and Aquarius, differences can also be attractive. The modalities of Cancer and Aquarius may also prove difficult within this match. As a cardinal sign, Cancers enjoy leading, instigating, and asserting themselves. Aquarians are fixed and therefore enjoy maintaining and dedicating their energies toward something sustainable. 

More often than not, fixed signs can struggle with how bossy cardinal signs can be. And cardinal signs can struggle with fixed signs should they choose to remain inflexible. However, Cancer and Aquarius bring a great deal of compassion, interesting conversation, and loyalty to the table, things that can build a strong foundation for long-term romance! 

Cancer and Aquarius: Romantic Compatibility

cancer and aquarius compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility may be strained from time to time.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

Romance between Cancer and Aquarius may begin quietly. The Aquarius will likely instigate the relationship, as the water bearer of the zodiac is connected to the 11th house of friendship and societal connections. They understand how to navigate social waters and will notice the potential in Cancer, regardless of how shy and guarded the crab often is in new social situations.

Cancers will appreciate how an Aquarius takes notice of them. This romance will likely blossom through intimate conversations and shared interests, such as niche genres or unique hobbies. Aquarians prefer an interesting and unique partner above many other things, as they are connected to the planet Uranus. Uranus is all about innovation and disruption, lending Aquarius an air of rebelliousness. 

While Cancers are normally guarded and cautious, they will appreciate the rebel in Aquarius and come out of their shell more readily than they would with other zodiac signs. Cancers have an engaging way of speaking that will entice the average Aquarius. Both of these zodiac signs also share an obsessive propensity that will draw them together. 

Cancer and Aquarius have the potential to care for one another in one-of-a-kind, obsessive ways, things that will enhance their love in the long run. But communication will be something these two zodiac signs need to work on immediately. Cancers are nurturers, while Aquarians are philosophers. When the heart and the mind attempt to communicate, things can get tricky! 

Cancer and Aquarius: Friendship Compatibility

cancer and aquarius compatibility

Cancers appreciate how unique and stable Aquarians are.


Aquarians are friends with everyone, which is why Cancer and Aquarius may begin and stay platonic rather than romantic. The 11th house of friendship helps Aquarius connect to just about everyone they meet. Cancers will take notice of how unique and offbeat Aquarians are. They will appreciate becoming friends with someone who represents very different opinions and interests compared to their own. 

Connected to the 4th house of foundations and home, Cancers are incredibly loyal to those they care for. Their nurturing instinct comes out in friendship as well as romance, something Aquarius will appreciate and treasure. Cancers also have the tendency to view their friendships and close connections as extensions of their own beliefs and values. They will enjoy having an Aquarius friend, someone endlessly interested and devoted to humanitarian beliefs.

And Aquarius will enjoy how trustworthy and kind Cancers are. Aquarians are so often occupied with the needs of others, despite their aloof exteriors. They will appreciate having a Cancer friend to commiserate with, confide in, and otherwise trust. There will be many conversations between Cancer and Aquarius that feel connective and one-of-a-kind, a relationship that allows both of these compassionate zodiac signs the opportunity to recharge! 

Cancer and Aquarius: Workplace Compatibility

cancer and aquarius compatibility

Aquarians appreciate how trustworthy and compassionate Cancers are.


Professional compatibility between Cancer and Aquarius can be high, but there are certain factors to consider. Given that Cancers believe their relationships are extensions of what they believe in, they often feel the same about their chosen career path. They value stability and consistency in their place of work, something that Aquarius will both recognize and offer them. 

However, fixed signs have certain ways of doing things, especially professionally. Should Aquarius do tasks in a way that Cancer doesn’t appreciate, cardinal Cancer will try to change Aquarius. This is something that will likely destroy their professional relationship, as Aquarians bristle against being told what to do. Their pragmatic intellect will ensure that their professional choices are justified, likely belittling Cancer in the process. 

But Cancers lead others with their hearts, something that Aquarius will appreciate and perhaps align well with. Should this astrological pair work in humanitarian efforts, healthcare, or creative endeavors, they have the capacity to make something beautiful. Often, Cancers understand how to lead others while still respecting their autonomy, something that will be necessary in a professional match with Aquarius! 

Cancer and Aquarius: Long-Term Compatibility and Marriage

cancer and aquarius compatibility

Marriage is important to both Cancer and Aquarius, so they may be able to make their love last.


As with all relationships, the long-term potential between Cancer and Aquarius depends greatly on their abilities to both compromise and communicate. Both Cancer and Aquarius value romance and familial bonds, but in very different ways. The home is of utmost importance to Cancer, given their connection to the 4th house. While Aquarius approaches all traditional things in innovative ways, they also value the home they choose to build with someone else.

With so much compassion in their hearts, Cancers often view their romantic relationships as something that defines them. This can be dangerous with other signs of the zodiac, but Aquarius will always encourage independence in Cancer, particularly long-term. Aquarians readily offer Cancer the dedicated foundation they need. This can help Cancer feel loved and supported without feeling consumed or overwhelmed by their love and relationship. 

However, the notion of convention will likely be a point of contention between Cancer and Aquarius. Aquarians are constantly testing conventionality and may ask their Cancer to engage in things they aren’t comfortable with. Likewise, Cancers have the tendency to think of things in traditional, conventional ways. This could bore or offend an Aquarius long-term, especially if communication remains strained between this water and air sign match.

However, the differences in Cancer and Aquarius can and will enhance their relationship, especially as it progresses. Marriage is certainly possible for both of these zodiac signs, as it is something they both want out of their romance. It’s important for Cancer and Aquarius to prioritize and care for one another, even during times of miscommunication and conflict! 

Cancer and Aquarius: Famous Couples

cancer and aquarius compatibility

While Cancer and Aquarius compatibility may be tricky, it’s certainly worth the work!


There are a few well-known couples best representing the dynamic of Cancer and Aquarius compatibility, including:

  • Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin
  • David Hasselhoff and Catherine Hickland
  • Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan
  • Nnamdi Asomugha and Kerry Washington

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