11 Irresistibly Cute White Puppies

Written by Em Casalena
Updated: April 13, 2023
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The question of which dog breeds are the cutest is hotly contested. Some people believe that the largest dog breeds are the cutest, while others believe that fluffy dog breeds are the best. We’re ready to add white dog breeds as another color to consider! White puppies are more than simply adorable and fluffy. They make wonderful pets since they have amazing personalities and skills.

Below is a list of many white dog breeds that have adorable white puppies, each with distinctive characteristics and a long history. These cute white puppies are among the tiniest tiny dog breeds, medium dog breeds, and large dog breeds. Prepare to ooh and ahh when you see these adorable dogs! There could be a dog on this list that is the ideal fit for your family, whether it be the cuddly Bichon or the boisterous Maltese.

1. Pomeranian

We can’t have a list of cute white puppies and dog breeds without including the Pomeranian! These dogs are the cornerstone cute white puppies, and they actually make wonderful pets. Pomeranians are an active breed that is included in the toy breeds. But don’t be fooled by their little stature; those small bodies house some enormous personalities!

The Pomeranian’s fame has noble roots because Queen Victoria had a significant role in popularizing them and regularly displayed them at the Crufts dog show in England. The Pomeranian was a favorite of Marie Antoinette and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well. The Pomeranian breed is a true lapdog and requires extensive care, with special attention devoted to their coats and teeth. You might argue that because of their affluent beginnings, they have grown accustomed to a specific kind of lifestyle.

Due to their high intelligence and positive training responses, Pomeranians and Pomeranian mix breeds are often utilized as therapy dogs. Recall training and an escape-proof harness are advised because these animals are notorious escape artists due to their tiny size. Pomeranians must be taught not to jump off of beds or couches since they might be prone to bone and joint problems.

Pomeranian dog

Pomeranian puppies (pictured) look adorable when shaved or just given basic grooming.


2. Bichon Frise

The first cute white dog breed we’ll discuss today belongs to the Barbichon subgroup, which has Mediterranean origins. The Bichon Frise originated in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. It was so well-liked by Spanish sailors that in the 1300s, they were given the name “Bichon Tenerife.”

The Bichon Frise is a petite breed, weighing 12 to 18 pounds on average, including Bichon Frise mixes. Their welcoming looks and fluffy white fur make them easy to identify. Bichon owners usually take their pets to the groomer every four to six weeks since regular maintenance is necessary to maintain their cloud-like coats in the finest possible condition.

Bichon Frises get along nicely with kids and other canines since they are such self-assured tiny creatures. Despite the fact that they need a lot of exercise and are the perfect size for an inner city environment, access to a secure park or outside area is essential. This breed does especially well in agility contests, which provide them with excellent mental and physical stimulation.

best dog breed - bichon frise

With their big fluffy heads, what’s not to love about the Bichon Frise (pictured)?

©Radovancev Zarko/Shutterstock.com

3. Toy Poodle

As the name implies, toy poodles are a smaller breed of poodle than the normal kind. They have all the excellent characteristics of their larger equivalent but in smaller form! And they are just too dang cute.

Although the perky poodle is noted for being showy, the breed was developed in Germany as a duck hunter. In general, toy poodles are great friends, but they’re especially great if you enjoy swimming or live near the sea! Your poodle could still enjoy swimming far into the fall or earlier in the spring than you’d imagine because of their distinctive curly white coats, which are made to shield them from the chilly water. To prevent matting, those curls will need to be combed every day, and every four to six weeks they will need to be cropped or trimmed.

Because of their high levels of intelligence and energy, toy poodles require owners who can provide them with the mental and physical stimulation they require. Poodles are retrievers by nature, so they will always enjoy a good game of fetch. Try playing enrichment activities that appeal to their hunting instincts as well.

why can't dogs talk

Toy poodles (pictured) are very intelligent dogs that also happen to be extremely adorable.


4. Maltese

The Maltese dog from Malta is another member of the Barbichon family, and they’re one of the cutest dog breeds out there. These magnificent creatures, which often sport adorable bows in their distinctive long white hair, need daily maintenance and regular bathing to maintain their aristocratic and adorable appearance.

Owners of Maltese and Maltese-mix breeds must maintain consistency in their obedience training in addition to continuous grooming. This is crucial since the breed has developed into a master at quickly figuring out how to acquire what it wants from its owner thanks to years of being lap dogs for companions.

The soft Maltese breed makes wonderful companion animals and only sometimes has to be exercised. So, they’re a terrific option for those with mobility challenges or for people who live in urban areas. The AKC advises having bile-acid testing done on Maltese puppies before purchasing them to rule out congenital liver problems such as liver shunts.

Maltese dog with long hair.

Maltese dogs (pictured) can be groomed to maintain their long hair or can be cropped for a more manageable, cute look.


5. Kuvasz

If you prefer larger dogs that are scruffy, these cute white dogs are perfect for you! This Hungarian dog breed is distinguished by its stunning white coat and unwavering work ethic. The Kuvasz is not for the faint of heart, as they can weigh from 70 to 120 pounds and have robust, muscular bodies. As puppies, though, these scruffy little white puppies are too cute!

These sharp-working dogs were first bred to protect cattle and many of them still do so today. The devoted Kuvasz needs a knowledgeable owner who can accommodate its occasionally autonomous and protective nature. Having a job or regular assignment to do keeps these dogs occupied. These powerful, adorable mutts will dazzle you with their fearless personality and wolf-like agility.

Very young Hungarian Kuvasz puppy playing on the lawn.

Kuvasz puppies (pictured) have notably curlier white hair than their adult counterparts.

©Tom Kolossa/Shutterstock.com

6. Bolognese

The Barbichon group’s Italian member, known as the Bolognese or Bichon Bolognese, originated in Bologna centuries ago. They have a short, stocky build and a long, white covering of curling hair. When their hair is left to grow long, these cute white puppies’ eyes will look like they’ve disappeared.

Bolognese dogs make excellent dogs for elderly individuals or retirees because of their peaceful, devoted attitude and minimal activity requirements. However, keep in mind that the Bolognese needs to spend a lot of time with their owners since they might be sensitive to separation anxiety.

The Bolo, as the breed is occasionally referred to, is one of the lowest care little white dogs available since its grooming requirements are comparable to those of other dogs. Their grooming needs only really include nail trimming, weekly baths, and routine brushing.

Bolognese puppies (pictured) are very low maintenance and don’t need much to maintain their cute look.

©Ronald Berndt / Creative Commons

7. Samoyed

One of the most exquisite white dog breeds out there is the Samoyed. Just look at this dog’s pristine, fluffy coat! These dogs were bred to work in frigid regions, thus their thick coats are intended to protect them from the severe winter elements. Along with being very lovely, this Russian dog breed is renowned for being sweet, perceptive, and very active. 

The beautiful smile that Samoyeds appear to wear all the time is actually a trait designed to stop them from drooling and developing icicles on their faces. They differentiate themselves from other breeds with this useful and adorable trait. Plus, they also have the cutest curled tail!

Their independence is something else that makes them unique, and it can make training difficult. If you have a Samoyed, be prepared to spend a lot of time teaching them the fundamentals, including not tugging on the leash or responding to the call of their name.

Samoyed puppy chewing on toy

Samoyed puppies (pictured) have very personable faces that often boast a sweet smile designed to keep their drool from freezing.

©iStock.com/Roman Bjuty

8. Havanese

The Havanese breed is the last group of Barbichons. The Havanese, which take their name from Cuba’s capital, are petite and robust dogs with long, silky coats and curled tails. They will bring delight to any home since they are cheeky and endearing in addition to being just plain adorable!

The Havanese have activity needs that are minimal and similar to those of other small breeds. They really just need a daily stroll or a quick game of fetch in the backyard. These dogs also really love agility training, which can be a wonderful opportunity to bond with your Havanese and provide a wonderful outlet for physical energy.

These are sensitive puppies that are very sweet. You should use patience and refrain from reprimanding these adorable white puppies when training them. They also fare best in households with just one dog because they don’t get along with feistier, louder breeds.

Havanese dogs (pictured) are one of the most loved Barbichon breeds that make seriously cute puppies.

9. American Eskimo

The American Eskimo puppy is incredibly fluffy. They can be identified as Nordic spitz by their prickly ears and thick white mane, which resembles a lion‘s mane. There are three sizes available of this breed, with the lowest weighing only about six pounds.

The name of American Eskimo dogs is a little misleading because the breed was not developed by the Inuit people. They most likely diverged from the German Spitz breed instead. They were used in circus acts in the 1800s, where an American Eskimo dog became the first canine to successfully navigate a tightrope.

Due to their high intelligence, American Eskimos require constant mental stimulation or they will resort to making their own; this is a kind way of saying they may turn destructive and problematic. Fun dog activities will help keep your American Eskimo dog mentally stimulated in addition to plenty of obedience training and access to toys.

These cheerful puppies are perfect for city living and small apartments because they don’t mind a little bit of exercise but don’t prefer to spend a lot of time outside. They are a petite breed that gets along well with children because of their lively, ready-to-please disposition.

American Eskimo puppies (pictured) are known for their soft white fur and perky ears.

©StarSaber / CC BY-SA 3.0 – License

10. Coton de Tuléar

The Coton de Tuléar, another excellent cute white dog breed, is often referred to as the Royal Dog of Madagascar. This cute white dog has a fascinating past. The aristocracy of Madagascar adored keeping these adorable puppies as pets, so much so that they outlawed their ownership by island commoners.

The nobility of Madagascar didn’t want their priceless creatures to leave the island, so they were cut off from the outside world for many years. Before the 1960s, no one outside of Madagascar had ever heard of them. In 2014, the American Kennel Club registered its first Coton de Tuléar, and they quickly gained popularity in Europe.

These lovely canines are renowned for their charming personalities and stunning white coats. They have a sharp sense of humor and enjoy making their owners laugh. These little canines are highly sociable and seldom engage in undesirable behaviors like reactivity or a strong prey drive. If you’re a social butterfly, this breed will do well in your household. One of these adorable animals may even be seen walking on its hind legs for a bit of extra attention!

Coton de Tulear puppies in a basket

Coton de Tuléar puppies (pictured) are very small and cute, and may boast varying color patterns that don’t just stay white.

©Jeanette Dietl/Shutterstock.com

11. French Bulldog

With their wrinkly lines, erect ears, and infectious smiles, the French Bulldog is one seriously adorable white dog. The cute French Bulldog is recognized for being charming, intelligent, and a lot of fun to be around. You shouldn’t be shocked if a Frenchie wins your heart! 

The French Bulldog is regarded as one of the top breeds for city dwellers because of their endearing, lively personalities and adorable bat-shaped ears. Also, they have strong personalities that will enable them to succeed in most houses and families.

Although they have powerful little bodies, Frenchies and French Bulldog mixes can get enough daily exercise from a daily brief stroll. They shouldn’t be permitted to overexert themselves in hot weather because they are a flat-faced breed that can have breathing problems. Because French bulldogs struggle to swim, more care must be taken if you own a pool or live near a body of water.

The short length of the Frenchies’ fur means that it doesn’t shed too often and needs little care. Regular grooming is not necessary for this breed. Instead, owners will need to concentrate on keeping their distinctive facial creases clean and dry.

French Bulldog in Teacup

French Bulldogs (pictured) are very tiny and adorable when they are puppies.

©WilleeCole Photography/Shutterstock.com

Aren’t these cute white puppies just adorable? If you can dedicate your time to providing these dogs with their necessary grooming requirements, you’ll have one seriously cute white dog. Luckily, some of the white puppies on this list have more lax grooming requirements than other breeds do. Just as well, some of these breeds are better suited for high-energy families, while others make perfect lap dogs. There’s definitely a cute white dog breed out there that will be perfect for you and your family!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © chrisukphoto/Shutterstock.com

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