Eerie Night Vision Surveillance Video Captures a Leopard Sneaking Around a House

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: September 25, 2023
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This night vision surveillance camera may have been set up to catch intruders, but it has captured something a lot more exciting! Pacing calmly through the yard, there is a magnificent leopard. It seems completely relaxed in this environment and even stops to sniff the air. Finally, it leaves with a swagger and disappears into the darkness. Scroll down to see the full extraordinary footage of this big cat checking out a human home.

Where Do Leopards Normally Live?

Leopards have the broadest geographic distribution of all the wild cats. In total, they are found in 17 countries over the African, Eurasian, and Indian subcontinent. This means that you will find them in many African countries including Rwanda, Algeria, and Zimbabwe. You will also find them in Eurasian and Indian countries including Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

Their habitat varies by the country that they live in. In Africa, they prefer woodlands, grassland savannas, and forest habitats. Whereas in Asia, they are found in remote mountainous and rugged foothills. In India, they are found in all types of forests including tropical rainforests and temperate deciduous forests.

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Fatal leopard attacks on humans have been recorded.

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What Do Leopards Normally Eat?

Leopards are carnivores and hunters and can eat a wide range of prey. In sub-Saharan Africa alone they target more than 90 different prey species. Their target prey also varies by their locality. For example, Indian leopards hunt ungulates including cattle, chital, and wild pigs. They supplement this with smaller prey such as rodents and birds. African leopards living in rainforests target both ungulates such as red river duikers and primates including mandrills. Whereas, African leopards living in the mountains are more likely to target klipspringers and grey duikers.

Do Leopards Attack Humans?

Leopards are powerful predators with sharp claws and teeth and have the capability of hurting a human should they choose to. There are reports of them attacking humans and the injuries inflicted are often fatal. The human victims often die from blood loss both internally and externally. During the attacks, leopards target their bites at the neck and cervical spine of humans. These are injuries that it is very difficult to recover from.

Having said that, leopards usually try to avoid humans. Individuals who are injured and are not able to hunt are most likely to threaten us. Children are a more popular target because they are considered to be easier to attack.

The best way to avoid a leopard attack is to not approach one especially if they are a mother with cubs. It is also important to keep small children inside buildings, especially at night. If a leopard does approach you, you can usually scare it away by shouting, clapping your hands, and waving your arms in the air!

Watch the Incredible Footage Below

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Ondrej Chvatal/

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