Look At This Lion Pride That Longing Looks At a Rhino They Know They Can’t Take Down

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 28, 2023

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Southern white rhinoceros cow and calf (Ceratotherium simum) in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya, Africa. Near threatened species also known as Square-lipped rhino. Mother with cute baby animal
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When looking at the king of the jungle, we know there are animals they can’t take down. Elephants are a prime example as the largest land animal, weighing over 12,000 pounds and reaching 12 feet in height. However, elephants aren’t the only animals that lions have trouble taking down. Watch this lion pride yearn to take this massive rhino down in the video above. 

Lion Pride Sighting in Nairobi

The following YouTube video at the top of this blog post takes us to Nairobi in Kenya, Africa. The Maasai Sightings YouTube page released this video a week ago, and it has received more than 163,000 views. The Maasai Sightings Team describes the events in the video below.

“A lion is powerful and fast, but fully grown rhinos are way too big for a lion to take down. Rhinos are also very fast (not that they look like it) and very agile. They can turn easily to protect themselves with their horns. Rhino calves are the main targets.” 

Lion Pride Confronts Rhino

African safari scene where a male lion with a full mane is looking at the camera and moving through long dry grass with a lioness and four cubs that are his pride. Botswana.

Male lions can reach up to 550 pounds.


As the video starts in this vast rocky terrain, we see a massive rhino and her young calf roaming the land beside her. A lion pride is nearby, lying down. They look at this rhino with juicy eyes, wishing they could take her down. 

The video states, “Lions have no chance against an adult rhino, but they occasionally target rhino calves.” The mother rhino stays so close to her calf because she knows it could be fatal if these lions got ahold of it. 

The video shows the lions trying to go after the calf. However, the mother is unafraid of charging at these lions and quickly shows them who their boss is. 

Do Lions and Rhinos Get Along?

The relationship between a lion and a rhino is a difficult one. Rhinos (Rhinocerotidae) are massive mammals weighing over 8,000 pounds and reaching 14 feet in length. 

They will if a lion pride can band together and take down a rhino. However, to do so would be extremely difficult. Like elephants, most lions will only go after rhinos if they are sickly or can take down a rhino calf without their mother. 

So, in the case of the video posted at the top, these lions longed for the chance to eat this baby rhino. However, the mother rhino was too much for them to handle. On the other hand, no matter how big she was this rhino knew better than to pick a fight with these lions. She knows they could have caused her severe injury and the death of her young calf. So, her best bet was to intimidate them. 

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