What is a Virgo Spirit Animal & How Many Are They?

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Written by Jennifer Gaeng

Updated: October 5, 2023

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Virgo is the sixth contemporary zodiac sign, following Leo. As with Taurus and Capricorn, the sign of Virgo is governed by the element of Earth, and Mercury rules this sign, one of the six negative signs in the zodiac. What is the Virgo Spirit animal? It is worth noting that in the Western Zodiac, the Virgo sign is one of the few without an animal symbol, and the Virgin Maiden serves as its emblem.

Despite this, several “spirit animals” are still attributed to this star sign. Let’s discover more about the zodiac Virgo sign animals and the animals that are usually linked with it!

The Virgin Maiden, Virgo, and Common Western Zodiac Spirit Animals

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Virgo is a pure young woman who has special connections to the grain wheat

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Virgo Birthday: August 23 – September 22

The Virgin Maiden represents the Virgo sign, which has numerous mythological roots. In most stories, Virgo is a pure young woman with special connections to the grain wheat.

Greek and Roman mythology associates the constellation with either Demeter, the goddess of harvest, and her daughter Persephone, ruler of the underworld.

In the next sections, we’ll examine the strengths and weaknesses of Virgo, as well as the shared traits of a Virgo sign animal.

Let’s examine the top three animals associated with Virgo in Western culture.

  1. Bee

Bees are commonly associated with Virgo people due to their hard-working, colony-based nature.

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The Virgo sign animal is busy, and the bee certainly lives up to that reputation. Whether it’s your responsibility to Mother Nature or your role as a member of the human race, your zodiac archetype as a Virgo is one of arduous work and sleepless nights. The ancients viewed bees as a divine metaphor for industriousness, believing they never rest.

Bees are also a symbol of prosperity. Bees and Virgos share another similarity: both signify selfless service to others. But the bee spirit guide is also here to ensure Virgos make the most of their time and energy.

The bee totem reminds Virgos to give their aid only to those who ask for it and not to let their desire to help others get the best of them.

  1. Squirrel
Eastern Gray Squirrel

The squirrel is a perfect fit for Virgo because of their playful yet hard-working nature.

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As a totem animal, the squirrel stands for vitality, optimism, hard work, duty, and harmony. Squirrels, in general, remind us to put in long hours and be well-prepared, and the squirrel totem helps one maintain the right frame of mind for accomplishing this.

The totem squirrel also stands for optimism. Squirrels serve as a symbol of the value of finding a balance between having fun and working hard. They show us that the effort we put in is just as important as the joy we have in our relationships if we want to continue developing as people.

  1. Meerkat

Meerkats represent the group-like nature of the Virgo and their perseverance in all that they do.

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The African meerkat is a symbol of hard work and perseverance. Any time a Meerkat appears as a Spirit Guide, it could signify that you must draw your circle of friends and family closer together. While Meerkats enjoy mingling, they have strict quotas for how many of their species can be included in any given pack.

As a symbol of the Virgo character’s pronounced emphasis on community, the meerkat is an apt choice. They flourish when they’re in the company of loved ones and trusted coworkers.

On the other hand, Meerkat packs don’t always get along with other groups, making them less likely to fit in with new groups or social circles, increasing the risk of friction or power struggles.

Positive Virgo Traits

The Virgo is represented by an “M” shape curled in on itself. The “M” represents the intestines and “virginity” or sexual modesty of the Virgin Maiden.

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Virgos are known for their diligence, dependability, patience, and generosity. To put it simply, they are among the most easygoing zodiac signs. They like a life without strife and are content when everything is fine. As an earth sign, Virgo is known for being methodical and analytical. That they are rational, realistic individuals is a major strength.


Work ethic is rewarded, and Virgos realize this. They aren’t scared to put in the time and effort necessary to complete a task, even if it means losing some sleep over it. Good luck finding someone more responsible than a Virgo. Virgos are reliable coworkers because they take their tasks seriously and are always available when you need them.


Although no one is completely patient, Virgos tend to have more patience than the average person. They are always ready to recognize the best in others and patient when others need time to straighten up. Those born under the sign of the Virgo are compassionate and modest people, and they are usually optimistic, which leads them to be helpful and courteous to others.

Famous Virgos include: Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Keanu Reeves, Kobe Bryant, and Shania Twain.

Negative Virgo Traits


No Virgo is flawless, and like other signs, Virgos sometimes have weaknesses in areas where they seem strongest. Virgos, for instance, have a reputation for being perfectionists who set lofty expectations for themselves and everyone around them. Because of their strong work ethic, they can also be one-sided and set in their ways, ignoring the views of others.

If a Virgo doesn’t quite trust or appreciate their leaders’ methods, this might cause tension in their relationships with those in positions of authority.

Overly Analytical

Despite their analytical prowess, Virgos tend to dwell on details. Their thoughts are always racing, either with reminders of tasks they need to complete or for plans on how to get a jump start on the next job. As a result, Virgo people tend to analyze their relationships too extensively.

Typical Virgo behaviors include much contemplation and fretting. Their buddies are always telling them to take it easy. Many people born under the sign of Virgo have what we call “type A” personalities.

If their tensions are not properly channeled or regulated, this might lead to unhealthy releases of their stress.

Emotionally Reserved

When it comes to revealing their emotions and love, Virgos are also very understated, and this can lead to confusion in relationships on where the Virgo stands. Virgos have difficulty opening and deepening relationships because of their cautious and reserved personalities.

Once they open up, you’ll have a friend like no other, and they’ll be the first person you call in a time of need or if you’re just looking for someone to chat with.

How To Be The Best Virgo

Virgos are one of the most laid-back signs of the zodiac.

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Astrology can shed light on your hidden talents and aptitudes as a tool for introspection and growth. It can help you find compatibility in dating, careers, and other areas of life. For example, Virgos uses critical thought and analysis to find solutions and improve their work. Therefore, they excel in professions such as accounting, office administration, architecture, data analysis, and personal assistance. As a Virgo, it is important to remember that you must watch your analytical tendencies at work to avoid jeopardizing potential opportunities.


When a Virgo is in a relationship with an individual who shares their best zodiac match—Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, or Cancer—they have the greatest amount of romantic success. Gemini and Sagittarius are often the signs Virgo has the least compatibility. The meticulous Virgo needs a spouse who can take on their fair share of the responsibilities at work and around the house.


If Virgos can learn to take a break from their busy lives, they will find that life is full of unexpected pleasures. As a Virgo, you should plan for breaks and try to keep to that plan. Finding individuals different from you is important for maintaining a sense of equilibrium and esteem. To avoid unintentionally offending someone, pause and consider your words and their perspectives before speaking.

The bottom line, use your legendary work ethic to seek pursuits that make you happy. You’ll put in a lot of effort wherever you go, but you do not have to work nonstop. You can spend time with loved ones, contribute to the community, or indulge your artistic side to find balance.

Draw on your imagination to connect with your feelings and deepen relationships with others. You get extra points if you enjoy these chosen hobbies in the company of friends or a potential romantic partner.

Why Is the Virgo Sign The Virgin Maiden?

The Virgo constellation represents the virgin maiden.

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The Latin word for “Virgin” is Virgo, and Virgo’s symbol is the maiden, also known as “the virgin” in Astro-culture. According to what we know about astrology’s development, this young woman was transformed into Virgo, the virgin, under the influence of Latin, Hebrew, and Arabic thought over several centuries.

The constellation was originally known as the Milky Way’s “Virgo.” Still, when it was renamed in Latin, it took on a new meaning, reflecting different eras in history.

Historically, Virgo can be traced to the ancient Sumerian goddess Nisaba, who was worshiped as the patroness of literacy, knowledge, and harvest. She was an influential being, and the fact that she was linked to the development of writing and education and the gathering of grain suggests she may have been involved in the earliest examples of human commerce and exchange.

Originally, Virgo was a savvy businessperson!

zodiac astrology

There is a belief that each Western zodiac sign has a twin in the Chinese zodiac, which is different from their birth year animal.

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People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are suitable for the following additional zodiacal spirit animals. These popular zodiac systems will be covered in greater detail in future posts.

Chinese Astrology

Zodiac signs and traits are assigned to each year of the twelve-year cycle per the ancient Chinese calendar. There is a belief that each Western zodiac sign has a twin in the Chinese zodiac, which is different from their birth year animal. Virgo’s “twin” in the Chinese Zodiac is briefly explained in the next section!

Chinese Zodiac Twin for Virgo: The Rooster

are chicken mammals
The Rooster is the Chinese twin spirit guide for Virgos, and this is based on their talkative and productive nature.

Roosters are ambitious, talkative, and productive. The pursuit of their idea of perfection makes them a little obsessive, but they will keep at it until they get there. In this regard, the Rooster is methodical, exact, and to the point.

Conversely, the Chinese Rooster has an unwavering focus on those in need and a heartfelt desire to aid anyone who calls for assistance. Many people have the impression that the Rooster is assured and well-organized.

However, this Chinese zodiac animal requires constant reassuring and petting to feel confident in life.

Celtic Astrology

Celtic beliefs share many parallels with Western astrology regarding astrology, and there are a few differences between their calendars. Therefore, to discover your Celtic spirit animal as a Virgo, you need to know exactly where your birthday falls below!

1. Celtic Zodiac Twin for Virgo: The Fish / Salmon (August 5 – September 1)

Chinook Salmon jumping at fish ladder on the Bowmanville Creek, Ontario. In preparation for the spawning season, the Chinook suddenly changes color to an olive brown, red, or purple-hued body.

The salmon is a partial spirit guide for Virgo and represents the diligent and independent nature of the Virgo personality.

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If your birthdate falls between the dates above, the fish or salmon is your Celtic animal. You are diligent and independent when the fish/salmon is your guide. You’re the type of person who is constantly on the go. You’re focused on succeeding because you know how essential it is to your future.

You persevere despite setbacks because you know everything is possible if you set your mind. Your resiliency is admirable. However, you still have your reservations and self-doubts and are simply good at hiding them from others.

2. Celtic Zodiac Twin for Virgo: The Swan (September 2 – September 29)

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The Swan is a partial spirit guide for Virgo and represents the compassionate and devoted nature of the Virgo personality.

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Those of you born under the sign of Virgo within the above dates get the Swan as your Celtic totem animal. The Swan represents elegance, grace, compassion, trust, and devotion as a symbol. Symbolically, swans represent one’s inner radiance and adoration of oneself.

This totem animal urges us to adopt a more open mindset, deepen our breathing techniques, and go with the flow. Swan individuals understand that time spent alone is a wonderful way to refuel; however, they have no problem blending in with large groups of people.

Native American Astrology

The dates for each sign in Native American and Western astrology are identical. However, the spirit animals are unique. To find your native American spirit animal as a Virgo, look below!

Native American Virgo Twin: The Bear

kodiak vs grizzly
The bear is Virgo’s Native American spirit animal based on its curiosity for life and patient/timid nature despite its strong appearance.

Bears are Virgos’ Native American totem animal. Native Americans believe that bears are timid, shy creatures who are patient and compassionate despite appearances to the contrary. This makes them excellent parents. People who identify as bears are known for their reliability and dependability, and they thrive in predictable, selfless service roles.

Although they are better followers than leaders, bear people are known for their intelligence and an insatiable curiosity for life.

In Conclusion

The bee, squirrel, meerkat, Rooster, salmon, Swan, and bear are just a few of the animals that could be called Virgo zodiac sign spirit animals. Please remember that these descriptions are merely symbolic representations of your personality based on conventional astrological beliefs and past studies of different personality types.

The other animals you encounter in your life may represent facets of your character or experiences that are unique to you. It’s typical for people to have dreams in which they encounter certain animals or to have chance encounters with them. Hopefully, you liked learning more about your zodiac sign and the many animals associated with it, regardless of how you go about finding your spirit animal(s)!

What is the Spirit Stone for Virgo?

Sapphire on white background

If you are a Virgo, you spirit stone happens to be a blue sapphire.


For each of the zodiac signs, certain types of stones are claimed to provide special powers and enhance your characteristics. Apparently, the blue sapphire is a perfect match for those who are Virgos and provide many benefits. Perception can be raised by an individual that wears these stones. That can be for mundane things in your surroundings or even seeing a deeper meaning to what is happening around you. This is probably why the stone is linked to meanings of wisdom and divine connection. Blue sapphire also has been said to increase traits of psychics who wear it as jewelry.

In some other beliefs, blue sapphires are linked to throat chakras and even the third eye. These are symbolized by similar colors like indigo and dark blue, much like the blue sapphire. Used by a Virgo, the stone enhances the user’s communication skills which is connected to the throat chakra, and it also provides them with a glimpse into the future and foresight abilities as it has parallels with the third eye.

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