10 Mountains In Florida

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Updated: April 25, 2023

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Venice Pier, Florida, at sunset on the Gulf of Mexico

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches – not mountains.

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Are there mountains in Florida? No, there are no mountains in Florida. But Florida has more than just impressive white sand beaches. Even though the state is mostly at sea level in the center of the state there are some hills and grasslands. And Florida has some great hiking even though it doesn’t have any major mountain ranges that run through it.

The closest mountains to Florida can be found in Georgia, which borders Florida. The famous Blue Ridge Mountains end in Northern Georgia. But Florida has no actual mountains. The highest elevation in Florida is just a couple of hundred feet above sea level. If you want to explore the tallest peaks in Georgia you can start with some of the most famous hills in Florida.

Florida is more than just beautiful beaches

and marshland. There are no mountains but there are some really big hills.

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5 Highest Hills In Florida

If you’re looking for some different hiking areas and you want to challenge yourself to some tougher inclines than you can find throughout the rest of the state of Florida, try some of the hiking trails at these hilly regions:

Britton Hill

Britton Hill Florida

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Located in: Lakewood Park

Height: 345 feet

Nearby City:  Paxton

Known For: Britton Hill is the lowest high point for any state in the country. Even though it’s the highest point in Florida it’s still pretty low compared to other states. Some of California’s mountains soar over 11,000 feet and Britton Hill doesn’t even crack 350 feet. Once you reach the entrance to Lakewood Park you can take the marked trail that leads up the sandhills to the summit of Britton Hill.

The actual highest point is clearly marked. The trail is an easy hike for almost everyone so it’s appropriate for families who have children in tow as well as for older hikers. Just make sure that you bring plenty of water because Florida can get very warm, especially during the summer.

Oak Hill

A house in Oak Hill, Wilcox County, Alabama

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Located in: Washington County

Height: 331 feet

Nearby City:  Wausau

Known For: Oak Hill is one of the few elevations over 300 feet in Florida. It’s near another one of the few hills in Florida, High Hill. You can easily hike both hills in one day if you’re looking for a workout that will challenge you. The terrain of these hills is very sandy however, and it won’t be the same as hiking on a rocky trail like one that you would find in the mountains in other states. You will also see different kinds of wildlife when you’re hiking in Florida.

High Hill

Poop bags for your dog

Hiking in the High Hill area can easily cause fatigue and dehydration to the temperature and humidity.

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Located in: Washington County

Height: 323 feet

Nearby City:  Wausau

Known For: High Hill is located in the Panhandle area of Florida where temperatures and humidity can both be extremely high. If you’re going to be hiking High Hill at any time other than the winter months you should be prepared for extreme weather. Even though the elevation isn’t that high it’s easy to become fatigued and dehydrated in extreme heat. Wear appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and a hat of some kind when you’re hiking High Hill. It’s also a good idea to bring twice the amount of water that you think you will need because there is no water source on the hike.

Falling Water Hill

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Located in: Falling Waters State Park

Height: 318 feet

Nearby City:  Chipley

Known For: Falling Water Hill is the only waterfall in Florida that is natural and has a significant drop. The drop from the top of Falling Water Hill is 74 feet. It’s the most significant geological feature in Florida. Falling Waters State Park has huge lush trees that you also won’t see anywhere else in Florida. Most of the trail that leads to the top of the waterfall is dirt, but there are some wooden walkways and concrete paths that make some parts of the trail more accessible than others. Dogs are allowed in Falling Waters State Park as long as they are properly leashed.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain

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Located in:  Lake Wales Ridge

Height: 312 feet

Nearby City:  Minneola

Known For: Sugarloaf Mountain is a very popular workout for cyclists, so don’t be surprised if you see cyclists on the trail up to the top of this hill. Climbing this hill in the punishing Florida humidity is worth it because you will be rewarded with fantastic views of Lake Apopka. On clear days you may even be able to see the outer edges of Orlando. Because most of the state is so flat and right at sea level any inclines that are more than a hundred feet will give you magnificent views that stretch for many miles.

Just because there aren’t a lot of tall mountains to hike up in Florida doesn’t mean that Florida doesn’t have some great hiking.  Just keep an eye out for the local wildlife, like alligators, when you’re in the Everglades or any swampy areas in Florida.

Black Bear Wilderness Trail

Florida black bear

It’s extremely common to

see Black Bears

when you’re hiking this trail so hikers should carry bear spray with them on their hikes.

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Located in: Seminole County

Nearby City:  Sanford

Known For: As you may have guessed from the name the Black Bear Wilderness Trail is known for Black Bears! It’s extremely common to see Black Bears when you’re hiking this trail so hikers should carry bear spray with them on their hikes. Other not-so-friendly wildlife that you might encounter on this trail includes cottonmouth snakes and rattlesnakes so always keep an eye on the ground in front of you as you’re walking. And don’t forget the bug spray because it’s Florida, it’s going to be humid and have a lot of bugs. Black Bear Wilderness Trail is an easy 7-mile loop trail. It’s a fun day hike for hikers of all abilities.

Bulow Woods Loop

During the spring and summer pygmy


, which are venomous, are often found in the Bulow Woods.

©Suzanna Ruby/Shutterstock.com

Located in: Bulow Creek State Park

Nearby City:  Ormond Beach

Known For: Bulow Woods is a stunning old-growth forest. You won’t see trees like this anywhere else. It’s a lush almost rain-forest like trail that leads through dense green forest. Because it’s so close to the ocean and because of the tropical climate the trail is usually wet so make sure you’re wearing appropriate shoes and bring dry socks.

The trail is just a five-mile loop but the density of the forest and the unusually wet conditions can really slow hikers down. Expect the hike to take longer than you would usually take to go five miles. When you’re walking also pay close attention to your surroundings. During the spring and summer pygmy rattlesnakes, which are venomous, are often found in the Bulow Woods.

Highlands Hammock

Catwalk at highlands hammock sp

©WV-Mike www.EpicRoadTrips.us / Creative Commons – Original / License

Located in: Highlands Hammock State Park

Nearby City:  Sebring

Known For: Highlands Hammock is a fantastic place to bring the family for a hike if you want to see animals. The ancient Highlands Hammock is a self-contained tropical ecosystem that has been supporting a huge variety of wildlife for centuries. You can hike on marked trails, or you can ride a tram through some parts of the park so that you can get a better view of some of the many different animals that live in the Hammock. When you’re in the Hammock you can find exotic Florida panthers in the wild, alligators all over, snakes and lizards, and a vast variety of tropical birds.

Prairie Lakes Loop

Come for the easy hike at Prairie Lakes Loop and stay for the camping.

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Located in: Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Nearby City:  Okeechobee

Known For: The Prairie Lakes Loop is an easy 5-mile hike on a well-marked trail that windows through some of the only grasslands in Florida. It’s a trail that is suitable for hikers of all kinds, but if you’re heading to the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Park to hike the Prairie Lakes Loop you should plan on staying overnight if possible. Stargazing is one of the unique highlights of spending time in this park because it’s so far from any city or artificial light at night.

You can walk, cycle, or ride horses on the trails here and you can camp with your horse too. You will see a variety of wildlife that live on the prairie, but be careful of snakes because there are several venomous types of snakes that live in the park.

Citrus Hiking Trail

husky drinking out of water bottle

Citrus Hiking Trail is a dry trail, so you’ll need to bring in all the water you’ll need for a day hike

©iStock.com/Luka Jankovic

Located in: Withlacoochee State Forest

Nearby City:  Inverness

Known For: The Citrus Hiking Trail is for hikers who want a challenge. This trail is almost 40 miles long but it’s a series of four loops that cover various areas of the Withlacoochee State Forest. Unlike most of Florida the terrain you’ll be covering when you hike this trail is hard rocky ground with lots of trees. It’s also got sandhills, sinkholes, and other traps to watch out for as you hike. It’s a dry trail, so you’ll need to bring in all the water you’ll need for a day hike or plan your trek so that you can pass one of the two public well locations where you can refill your water bottles.

Wild animals are plentiful on the Citrus Hiking Trail. You may see Black Bears, white-tailed deer, and many different types of birds as well as a range of other animals. If you’re hiking during hunting season you must be cautious and wear orange or an orange safety vest at all times because this is a very popular area for hunting.

Tallest Hills In Florida

  • Britton Hill
  • Oak Hill
  • High Hill
  • Falling Water Hill
  • Sugarloaf Mountain

Highest Point In Florida

The highest point in Florida is Britton Hill. It’s 345 feet at the tallest point.

Summary Of The 10 Mountains In Florida

1Britton HillLakewood Park
2Oak HillWashington County
3High HillWashington County
4Falling Water HillFalling Waters State Park
5Sugar Loaf MountainLake Wales Ridge
6Black Bear Wilderness TrailSeminole County
7Bulow Woods LoopBulow Creek State Park
8Highlands HammockHighlands Hammock State Park
9Prairie Lakes LoopKissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park
10Citrus Hiking TrailWithlacoochee State Forest

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