Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Vs Holland Lop: What Are the Differences?

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Written by Kyle Glatz

Published: March 3, 2022

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Rabbits are wonderful pets for people of all ages to own. They’re small animals that don’t require long walks, and they are great pets for your apartment! However, many breeds of rabbits exist, and it can be hard to decide on which one you want to choose. So, you did some research and found that both the Netherland dwarf rabbit and the Holland lop are small rabbits commonly kept as pets. What are the differences between a Netherland dwarf rabbit vs Holland lop? Which one makes for a better pet? We’ll show you the differences between these lovely mammals and help you make your decision!

Comparing a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit and a Holland Lop

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit  vs Holland Lop
Netherland dwarf rabbits are generally smaller than Holland lops
Netherland Dwarf RabbitHolland Lop
SizeWeight: 1.75lbs-2.5lbs
Height: 5in-6in
Weight: 2lbs-4lbs
Height: 4in-5in
Morphology– Cobby body
– Large head and body
– Short skull that makes the rabbit appear youthful
– Short ears that stand up
– Lop-earned
– Compact body
– Short legs
Behavior– Do better with experienced rabbit owners
– Rather skittish
– Energetic
– Great pets for beginners
– Calm and willing to accept human companionship
– Enjoy chewing on toys, but they will chew on much more if left to their own devices
ColorsBlack, blue, ruby eyed white, tortoiseshell, agoutiBlack tortoise, blue, chocolate, lilac, and albino
Breed OriginPolish rabbits bred with wild rabbitsA mix between French Lop and Netherland Dwarf

The 5 Key Differences Between a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit vs Holland Lop

Brown Netherland dwarf rabbit

The Netherland dwarf rabbit is smaller and more skittish than the Holland lop.


The greatest differences between a Netherland dwarf rabbit and Holland lop are their size, morphology, and behavior. The Netherland dwarf rabbit is smaller than the Holland lop, only weighing up to 2.5lbs at its maximum and standing 6 inches tall.

The Netherland dwarf rabbit has a cobby body, a large head relative to its size, and a short skull that gives it a unique, juvenile look. Holland lops are mostly known for their compact bodies, short legs, and lop ears.

The Holland lop is calmer, more accepting of human interaction, and likes to frequently chew on things. The Netherland dwarf rabbit is very energetic but can be skittish and not as friendly to humans or other pets. These differences define the Netherland dwarf rabbit and the Holland lop, and we’re going to look closer at these unique qualities to fully understand these animals.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit vs Holland Lop: Size

The Netherland dwarf rabbit is smaller than the Holland lop. In fact, it’s one of the smallest rabbits in the world! The animal only weighs up to 2.5lbs, and it stands about 6 inches tall. This creature is very small, and that makes this rabbit a perfect pet for people that can’t house a large animal.

Holland lops are heavier than Netherland dwarf rabbits, but they’re also shorter than them in some cases. The disparity between height and weight is a direct result of the rabbits’ ear size and stature. The Holland lop’s ears hang down, but the Netherland dwarf’s ears stand up.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit vs Holland Lop: Morphology

The Netherland dwarf rabbit’s body is very unique from many other rabbits. They have a body type that is described as cobby. That means they have a compact body, short legs, and a stocky appearance. However, these rabbits have a head that appears too large for its body along with a short skull.

The result is a rabbit that has a large head, prominent eyes, and very short ears that stand on the back of its head. The Netherland dwarf rabbit looks small, cute, and youthful throughout its entire lifespan.

The Holland lop also has a compact body, short legs, and soft fur. Yet, a major difference lies in its ears. As their name suggests, these are lop-eared rabbits, so their ears hang down on the sides of their head. An aging Holland lop will not have the same bright, youthful look as the Netherland dwarf.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit vs Holland Lop: Behavior

Holland Lop rabbit

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Imaged needed: Holland lop rabbits are far more relaxed in demeanor than Netherland dwarf rabbits

Holland lops make for better pets than Netherland dwarf rabbits on average. Holland lops are known for their calm demeanor and willingness to allow themselves to be handled. They will often relax and rest with their owners. The only drawback is that they, like most other rabbits, enjoy chewing. If they don’t have toys to chew, then they will find something else like power cords, clothing, and more.  

The Netherland dwarf rabbit is known for being a little less agreeable and more temperamental than the Holland lop. Netherland dwarf rabbits can be skittish and less trusting towards humans. They especially do not like other pets in their living area. However, these rabbits are very energetic and entertaining pets.

All in all, Holland lops are easier to keep as pets than Netherland dwarf rabbits.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit vs Holland Lop: Colors

Both the Netherland dwarf rabbit and the Holland lop come in a variety of colors. You can find Netherland dwarf rabbits in blue, black, ruby-eyed white, agouti, and more. Holland lops can be chocolate, lilac, albino, black tortoise, and far more.

Each of these creatures has many color varieties. People looking for a rabbit in a specific color will probably find similar colors and patterns in each of these breeds.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit vs Holland Lop: Breed Origin

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit - Bunny

Netherland dwarf rabbits are direct relatives of Holland lops


Despite their vast differences, the Holland lop and the Netherland dwarf rabbit share a similar heritage. The Netherland dwarf rabbit came about as a result of breeding Polish rabbits with wild rabbits in the Netherlands.

The Holland lop’s origins can be traced to the Netherlands as well. Holland lops come from breeding French lops and Netherland dwarf rabbits. The similarities between these two animals are a result of the Holland lop being so closely related to the Netherland dwarf rabbits. Nevertheless, both are prized animals today.

Netherland dwarf rabbits and Holland lops are two very famous rabbit breeds. If you are looking for a good pet, either one of them is a great option. However, if you are looking for the more easygoing of the two, a Holland lop is the way to go.

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