Red Dragonfly Sightings: Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Written by Niccoy Walker
Updated: September 25, 2023
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Red Dragonfly Sightings infographic
Red Dragonfly Sightings infographic

Cultures throughout the world hold animals in high esteem. Many see them as representations of all aspects of life. Some associate them with fertility or healing. Or just a reminder to be courageous and strong. Different animals mean different things. But regardless of what they represent, animals help humans develop compassion and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. Understanding animals on a spiritual level allows people to form bonds with other species on the planet, helping them become better stewards of the earth. Learn about red dragonfly sightings and discover their spiritual meaning and symbolism.

What Are Red Dragonflies?

a red dragonfly perching on a tree branch

Dragonflies were some of the first winged insects to evolve 300 million years ago. And they play an essential role in the environment.

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“Red dragonfly” is a generic term for dozens of dragonfly species with red coloring. Most red dragonflies live throughout North America and South America. In the United States, they are more prevalent in the eastern half of the country. And you can typically find them flitting around bodies of water. They are also very common in warm, humid areas, especially during the summer. Adult males are most likely to be red, and they establish their territories around pond and stream edges. 

Dragonflies are flying insects with over 3,000 living species. They were some of the first winged insects to evolve 300 million years ago. And they play an essential role in the environment. First, they act as predators, consuming mosquitos. And second, they are prey for birds and fish. Like most creatures on our planet, their position in the food web is vitally important for the ecosystem.

Read this next to discover the red dragonfly spirit animal symbolism and its meaning.

What Does it Mean to See a Red Dragonfly?

Red dragonflies, also known as Scarlet Percher dragonflies, or Jarloomboo to the Gooniyandi, announce the start of Moonnggoowarla the dry season and cold weather time usually autumn in  west Australia

Red dragonflies can represent love and romance. But they can also be symbols of good luck, courage, wealth, and protection.


Its position in the ecosystem gives the red dragonfly a double meaning. They represent both life and death. This insect seems to show up during pivotal moments in someone’s life. To some, they are just random flying insects. But to others, they hold a deeper meaning. 

Red dragonflies can represent love and romance. But they can also be symbols of good luck, courage, wealth, and protection. However, they embody transformation, which can be a good or bad omen. 

Transformation comes in many forms. It can be as simple as a change in career or something as serious as death. But even in death, the red dragonfly brings a message of hope. That whoever is passing is free and at peace. Some believe that a red dragonfly is the spirit of a loved one who has passed. Above all, the red dragonfly symbolizes eternal love.

Is the Red Dragonfly Rare?

You can find red dragonflies all over the world. However, seeing one in person can be somewhat rare. But not as rare as you may think. The most common dragonfly colors are blue and green. But most dragonflies are actually a combination of colors, including blue, green, red, brown, black, and yellow. The rarest dragonfly color is white. There are not many species with white coloring, which represents innocence and purity.

Biblical Meaning of the Red Dragonfly

While there is no specific mention of red dragonflies in the bible, their red color can symbolize sacrifice and forgiveness.


There are no specific mentionings of red dragonflies in the bible. But their color has much symbolism. In the Old Testament, red is a symbol of death, evil, and sin. But the New Testament gives this color new meaning. Red is now a symbol of sacrifice and forgiveness, representing Christ’s spilled blood. And if you look at the Song of Solomon, you will find that red also means love, passion, desire, and beauty. 

And while the bible does not speak of dragonflies outright, many believe that these winged insects are grouped with birds. And that their beauty, agility, and flight offer spiritual significance.

Red Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning

Because red dragonflies have multiple meanings, dragonfly tattoos can also have many meanings. People may choose to get a tattoo of a red dragonfly if they went through a spiritual transformation or if they are passionate about their faith. They may also represent the spirit of a loved one who has passed on. Those who find transformation and rebirth significant to their stories may choose to get a red dragonfly tattoo.

What are Some Negative Connotations for Dragonflies?

While it is fun to focus on what positive meanings come from these incredible insects and associate every little aspect with strength, courage, and other fortune cookie-type hidden meanings, dragonflies are also one of the earth’s critters that has had some negation connotations tied to them.

One of the most interesting connotations is how dragonflies are sent from the devil himself. They are said to spy on men and women while weighing actions as sins to report back to Satan. Dragonflies have even been called “Snake Doctors” and “Snake Feeders” in the Appalachian, which refers to them helping snakes find their food. Of course, this may be another step away from the original lore of helping the devil!

It is thought that many of the bad fortunes and meanings are derived from European folklore and similar mythology. From these sources, some of the symbolisms trickled through the years to the United States as settlers and immigrants moved to the new world.

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