See 13 Rare and Unique Husky Colors

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Updated: July 6, 2023

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Siberian Huskies are beautiful sled dogs with mid-length, fluffy fur. Though most people have seen at least one Husky in their lifetime, you may not have seen the rare and unique coat colors in this article.

Rare Husky coat colors include white, agouti, sable, piebald, splash, and red-tinted black. Isabella Huskies have white coats with fawn pigment. This is another rare color that many people don’t see as a true, pure white.

In this article, we’ll discuss the standard Siberian Husky colors, their rarity, and some non-AKC-approved coat colors that you might rarely see.

AKC Standard Siberian Husky Colors

The following coat colors are seen as standard by the American Kennel Club (AKC):

  • Agouti and white
  • Black and white
  • Gray and white
  • Red and white
  • Sable and white
  • Brown and white
  • Black, tan, and white
  • Black
  • White

These are the most commonly seen Husky colors since most breeders try to adhere as closely as possible to breed standards. This goes double for reputable breeders who are breeding responsibly, rather than for money or popularity.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the rarest Husky colors you’ll see.

Rare and Unique Siberian Husky Colors

Siberian Husky running in the snow

White is one of the rarest Husky colors.

© Chase

1. White

White Huskies are some of the rarest Huskies you’ll see. In order to be fully white, a Husky needs two parents with the recessive white gene.

Some white Huskies are albino, but not all. Many white Huskies have pigment as shown in the black skin around their noses, mouths, and eyes.

Albinism in dogs leads to several disabilities and health problems including increased risk of the following: deafness, blindness and other eye problems, light sensitivity, sunburn, and skin cancer.

A pale Greenland husky working dog stands chained to rock

Isabella Huskies are white, but with fawn coloring in their coats.

©Tony Skerl/

2. Isabella

Isabella Huskies are white with shades of fawn, or dilute red, in their coats. These aren’t seen by most as “true white” Huskies due to this added color.

The AKC specifies that Isabellas won’t have black points, while white Huskies can have black points.

Agouti Huskies are gray and white.

©Kateryna Orlova/

3. Agouti and White

Agouti and white Huskies look rather wolf-like! They have agouti, a wolfy gray, fur mixed with white fur.

Typically these dogs have white legs and faces, with an agouti stripe between the eyes and a primarily agouti coat throughout the torso. Some dogs may have more agouti coloring on their faces and legs than described here, however!

Sable siberian husky puppy is sitting on a green meadow. Pet animals.

Sable Husky fur has light roots and dark tips.

©Tikhomirov Sergey/

4. Sable

Sable fur has light roots and dark tips, which can make a Husky look like they have two intertwined coat colors. This creates a marble effect.

Siberian husky portrait

Piebald Huskies are white with dark patches.

©Anastasiia Ruzhynska/

5. Piebald

Piebald Huskies are white with darker patches of fur. They may have few or many patches in a variety of colors, such as gray or black.

The AKC specifies in the breed standard that piebald dogs shouldn’t be mistaken for merle Huskies, which aren’t allowed under their breed standard.

6. Red tint

Red tint, or grizzled, Huskies have a red tint to their black fur. This typically happens from sun exposure, and the dogs are usually black and white in color.

Portrait to siberian husky dog

Splash Huskies are mostly white with “splashes” of color.

©Noom HH/

7. Splash

Splash, or pinto, Huskies are bi-colored, but with more white than most other dogs of that color combination. They appear to have “splashes” of color throughout their white coats.

Portrait of happy Husky at park.

Black, tan, and white is the only tricolor Husky coat accepted by AKC breed standards.

©Gregory Simpson/

8. Black, Tan, and White

Tri-colored black, tan, and white Huskies are pretty unusual since we typically see bi-colored coats in this breed.

9. Black

Pure black Huskies aren’t the rarest out there, but they’re not super common either! Though the gene for black fur is dominant, it’s uncommon that a Husky doesn’t also develop other fur colors alongside the black.

Funny Portrait of Amazement Brown Siberian Husky Dog,Curious Looking at camera on White Background

Brown and white Huskies have deep brown coats caused by a recessive gene.


10. Brown and white

Brown and white coats are caused by recessive genes, but they aren’t excessively rare. You’ll see them less than some other variations, however.

The brown can range from a tan to a deep brown, with the typical bi-colored markings common in Huskies–white around the eyes and side of the face, and on the legs, chest, and stomach.

Cute beautiful red husky dog in the forest landscape of a coniferous winter forest.

Red and white Huskies have light to deep orange coats.

©Konstantin Zaykov/

11. Red and White

Red and white Huskies are similar to brown and white but with a deep orange-brown color. This color husky often comes with a pink nose instead of the usual black nose.

Head shot of a husky with beautiful teeth

Gray and white Huskies are very common.

© Photography

12. Gray and White

Gray and white Huskies are very common! Like the others above, they have white markings with most of their gray fur on their backs, sides, and the tops of their heads.

Why do Siberian Huskies have blue eyes

Black and white Huskies are one of the most common colors.


13. Black and White

Black and white Huskies are also common and have the same general markings as those above.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about these rare and unique Husky coat colors! Remember that appearance isn’t everything–also think about how you will exercise, train, and budget for your future pup before adopting.

Summary of 13 Rare and Unique Husky Colors

RankUnique Husky Color
3Agouti and White
6Red Tint
8Black, Tan, and White
10Brown and White
11Red and White
12Grey and White
13Black and White
Summary Table of 13 Rare and Unique Husky Colors

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