Terrifying Video Shows Gigantic Crocodile Chasing a Swimmer to Shore

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: November 8, 2022
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Wild swimming is a popular pastime that has many benefits for your physical and mental health. However, when it comes to choosing a companion, a huge croc is not going to be top of most people’s lists. In this shocking footage, which was apparently shot in Mexico, we see a terrified swimmer making for shore with a huge croc in pursuit! It’s already been watched over three and a half million times!

Crocodiles as Swimming Companions

Crocodiles are very large reptiles that live in many locations in Africa, Asia, and Oceania as well as Central, South, and North America. When we say large, we mean really large! They can grow up to 2,200 pounds and reach over 20 feet in length.

They are not critically endangered but are being put under pressure from habitat loss and hunting. Crocodiles are an ancient species that have changed very little over the last 200 million years. Because they like to live in and around water, you will find them in swamps, estuaries, lakes, and rivers. Their dull olive green-brown skin is excellent camouflage and makes them very hard to see in murky water especially if there is vegetation. It is likely that this swimmer had no idea that the croc was there until the situation was dangerous. Crocodiles can and do attack humans that have strayed into their habitats.

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Luckily for this swimmer, a quick-thinking onlooker throws a large object from a bridge above. This distracts the croc and gives the swimmer enough time to get away.

Crocodiles can grow up to 2,200 pounds and reach over 20 feet in length.

©Khalil Ahmed/Shutterstock.com

Crocodiles in Water

Crocodiles are apex predators and very capable hunters. They seek prey both in and out of the water. They have webbed feet (more webbing on the hind limbs) and use this to help them change direction rapidly in the water. We see the croc in this vid do just that when the object is thrown into the water. The webbing also helps them to walk on soft, muddy shores.

These amazing reptiles can swim faster than they can run – in short bursts they could easily catch a human swimmer. But over longer distances, they are more evenly matched. We get a great aerial view of this croc using its powerful tail to propel them along.

When they are not chasing humans, crocodiles hunt fish, crabs, turtles, and crabs in the water and can dive below the surface to reach their prey. On land, they hunt wildebeests, goats, and even cattle. Let’s hope this swimmer learns a valuable lesson from their narrow escape.

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