The 10 Best Flower-Inspired Cat Names (And Their Meanings)

Written by Sam Hindman
Updated: October 30, 2023
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Giving your cat (or any pet) a name is one of the first intimate moments that you share with them. It’s also one of the toughest choices that you’ll need to make. This name will represent them, their personality, and their character for the rest of their lives. They will eventually become familiar with it and understand it, even if they don’t always come when called! So, naturally, this isn’t an easy decision! However, some people opt to name their kitties after a lovely living thing: Flowers. In this article, we’ll be diving into ten of the best flower-inspired cat names as well as their meanings.

Why Choose A Flower Name?

A cat with a fragrant bouquet of lilies of the valley. A cat with spring flowers.

Much like cats, there are many things to love about flowers.


You may be on the fence about whether you want to use a flower-inspired cat name. That’s fair- it’s a tough choice! To give you some more food for thought, let’s talk a bit about what flowers represent and how this might relate to your cat.

Flowers have always been revered across different civilizations (much like cats) and have played significant roles in things like rituals and legends. This means they have a strong historical association, which makes for an interesting name. Perhaps even more important, though, is the emotions flowers evoke in people. Many have specific personal memories that revolve around flowers, or they carry a heavy emotional weight to them.

Besides, these two living beings have much more in common than what meets the eye. Here are just a few of the many things that felines and flowers share:

  • The aesthetic value and beauty that flowers and their petals possess match the intricate patterns of a cat’s coat.
  • Just as flowers go through phases of blooming and wilting, cats go through phases of energetic excitement and calm.
  • The softness of a cat’s fur can be compared to that of a flower petal!
  • Both cats and flowers can seriously elevate a person’s mood.
  • Many flowers, wildflowers, in particular, thrive with minimal human intervention. Cats are also creatures that value their independence and ability to entertain themselves.
  • Just as cats adapt to different environments, from city apartments to country homes, flowers can thrive in diverse conditions.

Top Ten Best Flower-Inspired Cat Names


Our first name is Lily, a timeless choice. However, don’t confuse timeless for overused, as this name constantly showcases gracefulness and beauty. The lily has many meanings. In Greek mythology, for instance, the lily represents motherhood and childbirth with its connection to Hera, the Queen of the Gods. In Christianity, the lily similarly represents purity.

Naming a cat Lily could be a homage to the cat’s elegance and grace. If your cat has a remarkably poised demeanor, it can mirror the delicate balance of a lily. It’s gentle and refined, but it can also represent innocence. Cats have an untainted sense of affection; the name Lily could reflect this, embodying these pure emotions!


Portrait of playful Burmese European cat about 3 months and pink flowers

Roses are strong symbols of both love and independence, two things that cats strongly possess.

©Liliya Kulianionak/

Rose, our next flower-inspired cat name, is more than just a name. It’s a symbol of passion, strength, and beauty. A universally recognized flower, the rose has made its mark on nearly every culture at one point or another. From Shakespearean plays to Greek gods, roses have a strong and vital cultural significance. But how do they relate to cats?

Well, naming a cat “Rose” could capture their dual spirit. You see, roses are gorgeous but have protective thorns. Cats are generally soft and kind, representing petals, but certainly have their fair share of thorny moments when they feel spiteful or threatened. This name can wholly symbolize this double-sided nature.


What do you usually think of when you hear about daisies? It could be something like a sunlit field or a generally carefree feeling. In many cultures, the daisy often represents purity and new beginnings. The flower’s quaint charm is often linked with childhood, too. For example, consider when you pluck its petals in the “he loves me, he loves me not” game.

By this logic, the name Daisy gives off an energy of youthfulness and happiness without complications. Cats named Daisy might be found lounging around in the sun or chasing down a butterfly. If your new cat has a sense of beautiful, unburdened joy, this is their perfect name. Besides, don’t daisies brighten everyone’s day? Your cat probably also gives you this feeling!


Like the color, the flower violet is often related to elegance and regal nature. It also represented humility during the Middle Ages due to its tendency to “bow its head.” Violets have an understated, almost secretive charm to them, making them perfect for the enigma cats can often be.

If your cat has a serene disposition or often seems deep in thought, they could do well with a name like Violet. Since violets have a deep color, they could also be well-suited for a cat with a particularly luxurious coat or beautiful eyes. More than beauty, though, the name Violet relates to loyalty and an ever-present sense of calm.


Jasmine flowers

Jasmine can represent many things, but most of all, it represents divine beauty.

©Shaikh Kamal Uddin Khalid/

Jasmine originates from the Persian word “Yasmin,” which means “gift from God.” In Eastern countries such as India, this flower holds a sacred status and often appears in religious ceremonies. It’s also known to represent things like sensuality and romance

Naming a cat Jasmine is an excellent way to characterize a cat with a “royal attitude.” Suppose your feline often lounges in luxury or elegantly purrs. In that case, this behavior can be akin to the historic flower’s. Truly a gift from God, all cats can represent this jasmine-like energy in one way or another.


Tulips are many things- bright, bold, and incredibly cheerful. There was a “Tulip Mania” in the Netherlands in the 17th century when the demand for tulips led to insanely high prices. This era highlighted the fact that tulips represent wealth and luxury. These beautiful flowers represent the end of winter and the beginning of warmer, better days.

If you name your cat Tulip, it’s because they have an insanely colorful personality! This cat lights up every room it enters and has a strong sense of individuality. No two tulips are the same, and your cat has a unique set of quirks and behaviors. Seen as precious and worthy of admiration, Tulip is a fantastic flower-inspired cat name for a fantastic cat.


The flower Iris has its etymology rooted in the Greek word for “rainbow.” That’s because these flowers have many gorgeous colors and tones. But there’s much more to them than aesthetics! Iris flowers have been a symbol of wisdom and valor in various cultures. Ancient Egyptians often placed these flowers on the scepters of pharaohs, representing their connection to the divine.

A cat named Iris is elegance personified (or, let’s say, ‘cat-ified’). And, just like how the flower has a multitude of colors, a cat named Iris would have a range of personalities. Sometimes mysterious and reclusive, and other times bursting with energy and playfulness. If you believe your cat has a deep connection to their surroundings, as well as a strong trust in you, Iris could be an excellent choice for a flower-inspired cat name.


Cat on bench

Marigolds are able to exist in a number of varying environments.

©arc130/iStock via Getty Images

This one might be a bit unconventional for a cat name, but listen- sometimes you want to be unique! When you think of a marigold, you probably think of bright fields and a general radiant nature. If that’s what your cat possesses, this could be a great name choice to symbolize their spirit.

Marigolds are native to the Americas, but they’ve journeyed worldwide and weaved into several cultures. They have a certain hardiness, which allows them to thrive in different environments. No matter the conditions, their beauty endures it all.

Warmth, joy, and tenacity are all traits that a cat named Marigold might possess. If you believe your cat brings luck and happiness with a constant sunny disposition, Marigold can be a great name to capture their spirit.


The poppy flower has had many meanings in its day. This flower is unique, from representing dreams and sleep to loyalty and love. Certain varieties of poppy have strong sedative effects, which is why it will sometimes be referenced in association with dreamlike states and peace.

This is why a cat named Poppy might always have their head in the clouds. A dreamy, reflective sort of cat, they might get lost in their feline fantasies occasionally.


Last but certainly not least is Ivy. Okay, sure, this isn’t technically a flower. However, it is certainly a plant that is quite a popular choice for people naming their cats! Ivy is comprised of graceful, trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves. This plant is symbolic of growth and persistence. Its ability to thrive in various conditions showcases its capacity for adaptability and resilience. It’s also seen as a great protector in many cultures.

A cat with a name like Ivy is both gentle and strong all at the same time. Their ever-present purrs, consistent playful behavior, and ability to adapt and thrive in their environment represent the plant’s resilience and never-ending growth.

Bonus Name: Blossom

Consider something more general if you can’t settle on one flower that fully represents your cat. The Blossom, for instance, will still mean the strong feelings you associate with flowers and their beauty. However, instead of representing a single plant, this flower-inspired cat name is all-encompassing. All flowers, regardless of type, will begin to blossom at their peak season. In that sense, this name means that you consider your cat to always bloom and dazzle! Blossom is a perfect name for cats that are hard to define but constantly show others their inner beauty.

Tips For Trying to Name Your Cat

Cat Walking in Clover Plant with White Flowers

No matter what you name your cat, they are sure to love and appreciate the thought.

©Anna Hoychuk/

Naming your cat can feel unnecessarily challenging. But be on the lookout for any identifying behaviors, and then try to see what sticks. If you choose an initial name but feel weird about it, you have a little while before your cat becomes accustomed to it to potentially change your mind.

Perhaps the best tip that one can give regarding naming your cat is to stop putting so much stake into it! Sometimes, as pet owners, we need to focus on aesthetics and tend to sweat the small stuff. While a name choice isn’t small, it isn’t the most important thing. In the end, the most important thing is that your pet feels loved and that you give it the best life you can. It doesn’t matter if you call them “cat over there” at the end of the day!

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