The 8 Best Lakes in Maine That Have Sandy Beaches

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: September 15, 2023
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Sandy beaches add to the beauty of these Maine lakes.

Although Maine has a coastline with a variety of beaches, if you’re in the western part of the state, the drive can be too much. The good news is that in the Pine Tree State, there are lots of lakes you can explore. Take a dip in the water, camp out at a state park, or plan a fishing trip! Discover the eight best lakes in Maine with sandy beaches!

The 8 Best Lakes in Maine With Sandy Beaches

1. Echo Lake

View of Echo Lake Beach from the top of Beech Mountain in the summer in Acadia National Park in Maine.

Echo Lake in Maine is a popular destination for families and has a sandy beach and shallow water that leads into the deeper parts of the lake.


This lake is located in Acadia National Park. It is beautified by granite cliffs and dense forests. This place is popular among swimming enthusiasts as the water temperature is comfortable during the summer. There are specific areas where there are lifeguards, which is ideal even for experienced swimmers. There are trails that curve their way around the park for scenic walks and exploration. Its sandy beach attracts families who take in the sun, enjoy the natural backdrop, and immerse themselves in the inviting water.

2. Swan Lake State Park

View of Swan lake in Swanville, Maine with vivid blue sky.

Swan Lake is located in the State Park in Swanville.

©BW Folsom/

This lake is in the town of Swanville in Waldo County. It’s smack dab in the central part of Maine. The serene freshwater lake is surrounded by the state park which has its own attractions. The entire lake area covers approximately 1,370 acres and anglers are usually in search of pickerel, perch, and bass. There’s plenty of fish found here! Outdoor gatherings are quite popular at Swan Lake as well. You can take a short hike that takes you to the shore of the lake where you can enjoy the beach.

3. Branch Lake

Ellsworth, Maine, during autumn leaves.

Ellsworth, Maine is close to the beautiful Branch Lake.

©Chiara Salvadori/

This lake is located in the eastern part of Maine, near Ellsworth in the county of Hancock. The lake itself is about 2,400 acres. It is one of the biggest lakes in the region! The lake has different shores for you to explore. There are rocky shores, wooded areas, and sandy beaches. This location attracts families throughout the year and during the winter it offers ice fishing. During the summer you can just lay out, soak up the sun, and freshen up in the water.

4. Sebago Lake State Park

Fall foliage along Sebago Lake in Maine

Sebago Lake is attractive year-round, though summer months are best for a visit.

©Derek Young/

This lake is about 30 miles from Portland. It’s the second largest in Maine, covering about 45 square miles. It is known for its crystal-clear freshwater. It has sandy beaches and scenic views and offers just about all kinds of activities you can imagine. It’s popular with locals and those visiting from out of town as well. For boating enthusiasts, this is the place to visit. Take out motorized boats, canoes, and kayaks! There are several options to camp, the campgrounds are rather large, and they can accommodate RVs, group camping, and solo tents.

5. Sebec Lake

Sunset over Sebec Lake, Maine

Sebec Lake is a great place to fish for salmon.


Located in Piscataquis County, Sebec Lake is about 10 miles from the town of Dover-Foxcroft. It covers 6,803 acres and its depth is about 155 feet (47 meters). The fish species anglers visit the lake to catch include smallmouth bass, pickerel, lake trout, and landlocked salmon. There are a few options to stay either in nearby lodges or camp by the lake for a much better view and more convenient beach access.

6. Lake George Regional Park

Friends having fun enjoying a summer day swimming and jumping at the lake.

Swimming is popular on the western side of Lake George.

©Zoran Zeremski/

This lake is popular for anglers as there are several fish like chain pickerel, redbreast sunfish, minnows, and brown trout. Head to the east side of Lake George Regional Park to enjoy the sandy beach and the water. The water is shallow near the shore and gets deeper the further out you go. You can swim from the west side of the park, but the shore is rocky there. The sandy shore usually attracts families, making it a great place to take the kiddos.

7. Lily Bay State Park


Camping is popular at Lily Bay State Park.

©New Africa/

This lake is located in the central region of the state of Maine, near Greenville. The park provides camping facilities and is equipped with tent sites and RV sites. This means you can set out for a leisurely trip to enjoy the beach without straying too far.                                                   

8. Webb Lake

Sunset at Lake Webb Maine

There are rocky shores and sandy beaches on beautiful Lake Webb.


You can find Webb Lake in Mount Blue Stata Park in Weld, located in Franklin County. This little-known lake is worth a visit as it’s reminiscent of the ocean. There are both rocky shores and sandy beaches but unlike the ocean, the occasional waves come only from boats traveling on the water.

Summary of the 8 Best Lakes in Maine That Have Sandy Beaches

RankBest LakeLocation
1Echo LakeAcadia National Park
2Swan Lake State ParkSwanville, Waldo County
3Branch LakeEllsworth, Hancock County
4Sebago Lake State Park30 miles from Portland
5Sebec LakeDover-Foxcroft, Piscataquis County
6Lake George Regional ParkCanaan
7Lily Bay State ParkGreenville
8Webb LakeMount Blue Stata Park in Weld, Franklin County

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/

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