The Top 20 Most Dangerous Cities in Europe in 2024

Written by Rob Hayek
Published: October 21, 2023
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Europe is one of the seven continents in the world and features a range of beautiful areas to visit. Additionally, there are so many spots to visit that it is inevitable that some cities will have some dangerous elements to them.

Many factors contribute to what makes a city dangerous. Moreover, these factors include violent crime, property damage, corruption, current world affairs, and even bad roads. Much of the information from this list is based on the crime index. However, there are many variables that go into this list and will determine why these cities are in this order.

We will explore the top 20 most dangerous cities in Europe while also giving you a brief overview of each town and what causes the danger. Then, we will showcase how to avoid the dangerous parts and what to do.

20. Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the most popular cities in Italy to visit. Moreover, people visit the city for the beautiful landmark architecture, such as the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. Rome is a nice place to visit. Yet, there are elements to it that make it dangerous.

Rome had a 51.63 on the crime index and a 48.37 rating on the safety index, according to Numbeo, the world’s largest measuring tool of cost of living. The crime rate has increased over the last three years and is not slowing down. Unfortunately, property crimes and bribery are the biggest dangers in this city.

Rome has a good benchmark for safety during the day. Conversely, nighttime is when things get treacherous. It is why Rome is on this list as one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

Rome, Italy. Papal Basilica Of St. Peter In The Vatican. Sightseeing Boat Floating Near Aelian Bridge. Tour Touristic Boat

The city of Rome, Italy, has several elements that make it slightly dangerous.

©Grisha Bruev/

19. Drogheda, Ireland

Drogheda is a small town in Ireland that has a port that allows ships to dock from the east coast of the country. Also, it is located just north of Dublin. There are many things for tourists to do here. Alternatively, they also must know of the dangers.

Numbeo gives Ireland a 49.17 score on the crime index and a 50.83 in the safety index. Moreover, their stats have highlighted an increase in crime over the past three years. The biggest concern for citizens of the town is people dealing drugs or using them.

Consider the fact that Drogheda is a port town, which increases the chances of these factors happening. Therefore, it is not a surprise to see it on the list of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

Drogheda, Ireland

There is a checkered history in Drogheda, Ireland, that helps it earn a spot on this list.

©Rumi006/ via Getty Images

18. London, United Kingdom

London is one of the oldest cities in the world and a place many people love to visit. Ultimately, it is the epicenter of the world and one of the most popular places in the world. There are many good stories to tell about London. Conversely, there are many dangerous pockets to watch out for.

A five-year study conducted by the London Police revealed some alarming statistics. First, the homicide rate doubled in the two years from 2019 to 2021. The abduction rate also went up by approximately 1.5. Also, there are approximately 900 more violent crimes committed in London in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Another crime rate report highlighted that London had a crime rate of 819 per 1000 people. Ultimately, theft was the biggest crime committed in the city and helped spike the crime rate by 86 percent from the previous year.

Numbeo added that the level of crime was constantly on the rise over three years. Furthermore, it illustrated that walking alone at night was not a good idea in addition to a spiking drug problem. It is why London earned its spot on this list as one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

Big Ben and westminster bridge at dusk in London

The city of London can be great, but parts of it are filled with crime, which limits the safety factor.


17. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is one of the most popular cities in Belgium and a place with a rich history and many exciting things to do. Curiously, it has some of the best cuisine in the world. Brussels also has recently developed a reputation for being slightly dangerous.

The U.S. Department of State issued a travel advisory in July 2023 stating that terrorist groups were plotting attacks. Likewise, they warned the public to take precautions and come up with a contingency plan in the event of the worst-case scenario.

Numbeo gave Brussels mostly moderate ratings for safety. However, they also revealed that crime has increased over three years. The number one concern among residents and visitors was property crimes, which were at an all-time high. Thus, Brussels was unable to escape this list of dangerous cities in Europe.

Brussels, Belgium

While relatively safe, Brussels has certain pockets that have placed it on this list.

©bbsferrari/ via Getty Images

16. Manchester, United Kingdom

When you think of Manchester, you probably think of great pubs, the Manchester United football club, or the Manchester City football club. Ultimately, it is a massive town with many exciting things to do and two powerhouse football teams. Manchester has its share of issues. Namely, one of them is the condition of the roads.

The Federation of Small Businesses conducted a study on the conditions of the roads in Manchester. Ultimately, the FSB revealed that there were 2,568 pothole complaints last year. These potholes have caused numerous issues for drivers in Manchester, making the roads unsafe.

Numbeo illuminated that crime had increased over a three-year period. Also, there was a larger issue among people doing drugs in public, or property crimes also skyrocketing. Manchester remains one of the most dangerous cities in Europe to live in or visit.

Manchester City Hall Plaza in downtown and Elm Street aerial view, Manchester, New Hampshire, NH, USA.

The danger in Manchester is high due to dangerous roads.

©Wangkun Jia/

15. Malmo, Sweden

Malto is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to visit. Additionally, it is the perfect place for anyone who wants to explore true European life, especially in Sweden. Like most places, you should always take precautions.

Numbeo gives Malto a 56.67 on the crime index and a 43.33 on the safety index. Ultimately, their research stated that crime has been going up in recent years. While many cities only have to worry about drug use or vandalism, Malto also has an issue with violent crimes such as armed robbery. While it is relatively safe to walk around during the daytime, it is not advisable to walk around at night.

Johannes Church in Malmo. Malmo, Scania, Sweden.

Certain elements in Malto, including drug use and vandalism, place it on this list.

©Henryk Sadura/

14. Athens, Greece

When you think of Athens, you think of the Greek Gods and their beautiful history. Also, it is the birthplace of democracy in addition to arts, science, and Western civilization. But Athens has its issues that make some parts unsafe.

Crime has risen over the years as the city attempts to curb this issue. Unfortunately, Greece has dealt with crime and bribery. Property crimes and drug use are still on the rise. However, the main thing to worry about is pickpocketing and taxi scams. Athens is still a beautiful city to visit. Nonetheless, it is best to take cautious steps.

Skyline of Athens with Monastiraki square and Acropolis hill during sunset. Athens, Greece

While being relatively safe, you should not venture off into certain pockets of Athens.

©Nick N A/

13. Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the most famous structures in the world. Also, it is one of the many highlights of going to France. People love to come to Paris to explore the culture and try the food. Yet, there is a dark pocket of Paris to avoid, as well as international threats that make it dangerous.

The U.S. Department of State issued a travel advisory in July of 2023 due to the increased threat of terrorism. Even the Government of Canada issues a travel advisory. Ultimately, some of the reasoning for this included the recent demonstrations in addition to the Rugby World Cup.

Numbeo revealed that Paris, like many European cities, is going through an increase in crime. More importantly, residents are more concerned that someone will mug them. Paris got a 36.37 rating for walking alone at night. Thus, Paris remains one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

Orsay Museum (Musee d'Orsay) in Paris, France. Night cityscape of Paris. Architecture and landmark of Paris

The city of Paris has its beauty but also contains pockets of danger, which puts it on this list.

©Catarina Belova/

12. Grenoble, France

We’re staying in France to talk about Grenoble. Ultimately, it is the capital of the French Alps. It is also the home of many great research facilities.

But Numbeo revealed that it also has a 58.96 crime rate with a 41.04 safety index. Significantly, the crime rate keeps growing, and there are big concerns about robberies and muggings. Drugs and vandalism is also an issue this city is dealing with. While there is relative confidence in walking around in the daytime, there is an incredibly low confidence in walking around at night.

Grenoble. The city embankment.

Some French people have listed Grenoble as one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

©Pel_1971/iStock via Getty Images

11. Minsk, Belarus

Minsk is a beautiful city located in the heart of Belarus and one many would love to visit. Largely, it has some of the best forests and lakes in the world. Belarus also has some of the country’s largest educational institutes. Unfortunately, it is also on the border of Russia and Ukraine, which puts it in a sticky situation since the two countries are currently in a war.

You should not travel to Belarus, according to the U.S. Department of State. While it is a majestic country with a beautiful history, the current situation creates a lot of tension and possible danger. The advisory is mainly for people from the United States. Regardless, it serves as a reminder of the impacts of war and how it can affect people.

Numbeo noted that crime has been increasing across the board over the last three years. Additionally, the largest fears among residents and visitors are corruption as well as the chances of someone attacking them. These factors help Minsk earn a slot in the most dangerous cities in Europe to frequent.

Cityscape of Minsk, Belarus. Summer season, sunset time

The crime rate in Belarus is high due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

©Ryhor Bruyeu/iStock via Getty Images

10. Nice, France

Nice is a lovely little city in France with many beaches and museums. Thus, it is the ultimate travel destination. The only issues plaguing Nice are at night. Thus, Numbeo revealed that people are more comfortable walking around during the daytime than at night.

Cote d'Azur France. Beautiful panoramic aerial view city of Nice, France. Luxury resort of French riviera

Theft is the biggest worry in Nice rather than violent crime.

©Marina Datsenko/

9. Liege, Belgium

Like Nice, Liege is a relatively nice place to visit, especially during the daytime. Furthermore, it is a nice alternative to Brussels.

Numbeo and other sources revealed that Liege was a safe city during the time. Conversely, it is not a good city to be alone at night. The biggest concerns in Liege are car theft, muggings, and attacks. The increase in criminal activity at night puts it on this list.

Liege, Belgium

The city of Liege is safe during the daytime but turns incredibly dangerous at night.

©elifranssens/ via Getty Images

8. Montpellier, France

Montpellier is a city in the south of France with a fascinating history. Amazingly, it has some of the best wines in the world. But Montpellier also has some issues with criminal activity, mainly at night.

Redbook gave Montpellier a 52.79 on the crime index and a 47.25 on the safety index. Also, they gave them a 39.07 safety rating for walking around at night. The biggest problems in Montpellier are property crimes like theft and drug use. Therefore, it remains one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

Montpellier, France

Crime has increased in Montpellier over the past three years.

©Ross Helen/ via Getty Images

7. Naples, Italy

Naples is a nice city in Italy with plenty of history and great pizza. Also, it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Italy. But Naples has a checkered past due to its affiliation with the mafia. Ultimately, it is also the home of the Camorra, one of the oldest criminal organizations in Italy.

While there are many great tourist spots in Naples to explore the arts, there are also pockets of the city that are rife with crime. Furthermore, a good chunk of this crime is due to the Camorra. Numbeo revealed that their prescience helped the crime increase, as concerns of mugging, bribery, or robbery remained high. It is advisable to take precautions before visiting Naples.

Naples, Italy

The reputation of Naples comes from its past affiliation with mafia organizations.


6. Birmingham, United Kingdom

If you go to Birmingham, you will see the largest city outside of London. Additionally, you will also get a chance to visit the oldest cinema in the world.

But Birmingham is also among the most dangerous cities in the United Kingdom, according to CrimeRate, an independent researcher. Curiously, the biggest issue in Birmingham in December 2022 was bike theft. Burglary, arson, and other property crimes were among common complaints.

There were allegedly 76,806 sexual offenses in the city of Birmingham in 2022. Unfortunately, it has not gotten much better in 2023. These crimes make Birmingham one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

Birmingham, UK

Birmingham is one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.

©Isabel-O/ via Getty Images

5. Nantes, France

Nantes is a city with many cathedrals and white wine. Also, it is a great city with so much history to explore. But Nantes has its problems with crime. Mainly, it has endured more issues with increases in crime.

Numbeo revealed that the biggest problems in Nantes were robberies, attacks, drug use, property crimes, and violent crimes. The rating for walking alone at night was 29.98. Consequently, it makes it one of the most dangerous cities in Europe to visit.

Nantes, France 6th October 2019 A barque, barc, or bark is a type of sailing vessel with three or more masts

The crime rate in Nantes is high due to excessive theft and pickpocketing.

©Pixilated Planet/ via Getty Images

4. Coventry, United Kingdom

Coventry is a city that is in the center of England. Significantly, people know it for its connection to the Middle Ages and its medieval festivals. But there are safety issues in Coventry. Namely, violent crime is an issue.

The annual rate of crime in the city of Coventry is approximately 40 times higher than the national average in England, according to UK Police Data provided by Plumplot. Violent crime is about 66 percent higher than the national average.

Numbeo highlighted how the rating for walking alone during the daytime is 46.00 while the rating for walking alone at night is 26.62. Additionally, people in Coventry constantly worry about theft, mugging, vandalism, assault, and robbery. These things highlight how dangerous Coventry is and a city that you should take precautions before visiting.

Coventry, UK

Robberies were the top crime in Coventry, which helped it make this list.

©nrquemi/ via Getty Images

3. Catania, Italy

Catania is the ideological and literal center of Sicily. Amazingly, it has a great history with many great places to visit. But like Naples, it also has a connection to the mafia. Namely, the Sicilian Mafia has ruled this area for centuries.

While most tourists and visitors won’t run into a mafia member, there is always a chance. Therefore, it is best to take safety protocols when traveling around the city. Like many other big cities, do not go to the outskirts of town.

The biggest issue in Catania is crime and bribery, according to Nimbio. Ultimately, the rife and graft are prevalent throughout the area. It makes it a very dangerous city to visit.

Catania Sicily, Italy

The crime rate in Catania is high due to pickpocketing and theft.

©Kavalenkava Volha/ via Getty Images

2. Marseille, France

Marseille has stunning beaches and a great culture to take in. Yes, you will love every second of your time here. But like many European cities, it has its conflicts. Namely, they have been dealing with a deadly drug war for the last few months.

There have been 68 shootings, which has resulted in 31 shooting deaths since the beginning of 2023, according to the Marseille Police Department. Apparently, the two factions have engaged in a war over real estate and are allegedly responsible for 80 percent of the homicides in Marseille.

Marseille, France

The city of Marseille is more dangerous than many cities across Europe due to rival gangs.


1. Bradford, United Kingdom

We present to you the most dangerous city in Europe. Why is Bradford first on this list? We go through the stats.

Crime in Bradford is approximately 65 times the national average of England, according to stats from the National Statistics Data provided by Plumplot. Moreover, the national crime rate is 184 percent compared to England. Violent crime accounts for almost half of the crimes reported.

The CrimeRate scorecard listed Bradford as the most dangerous and a top-3 ranked dangerous city in all of the United Kingdom. Overall, they estimated the crime rate in 2022 was 159 crimes per every 1000 people in the country. It is a country that has continually seen safety slip and remains the most dangerous city in Europe.

Bradford, UK

The violent crime in Bradford helps it gain the top spot on this list.

©Duncan Cuthbertson/ via Getty Images

1.Bradford, United Kingdom
2.Marseille, France
3.Catania, Italy
4.Coventry, United Kingdom
5.Nantes, France
6.Birmingham, United Kingdom
7.Naples, Italy
8.Montpellier, France
9.Liege, Belgium
10.Nice, France
11.Minsk, Belarus
12.Grenoble, France
13.Paris, France
14.Athens, Greece
15.Malmo, Sweden
16.Manchester, United Kingdom
17.Brussels, Belgium
18.London, United Kingdom
19.Drogheda, Ireland
20.Rome, Italy

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