These Are the 15 Quietest Cat Breeds

Written by Kristin Hitchcock
Published: December 22, 2023
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Cats are often considered quieter than other pets. However, this isn’t always the case. Some cat breeds are downright talkative. While most cats won’t meow at people as they walk by the window, they may very well follow you around the house meowing.

If you’re looking for a quieter feline, you’re in luck. It is true that most cat breeds are on the quieter side, but some are particularly known for their silent nature. Here’s a list of the quietest cat breeds.

1. Chartreux

Chartreux cat relaxing on a sofa. Beautiful golden eyes of Chartreux. Grey cat. French cat.

These gray cats are known for their plush coats. Sadly, they are looked over by many cat owners.

©Katniss studio/

Known for their permanent “smile,” these felines tend to be very calm and easygoing. They aren’t as uptight as other felines. They communicate mostly with soft meows and body language, making them perfect for quieter spaces. They’re easily one of the quietest cat breeds.

Chartreux are intelligent cats that can adapt readily to different living situations. They work well in apartments and smaller homes, and they aren’t very high maintenance.

However, they’re also somewhat aloof compared to other breeds. They tend to form a strong bond with only one or two people.

2. Birman

Domestic Cat, Autumn, Birman, Nature, Winter

These fluffy cats can make adorable pets and tend to be very loving.

©Liudmila Chernetska/

Birmans are gentle felines that were bred to be laidback companions. They will follow their humans around the house, but they tend to have a quieter meow. Therefore, they’re perfect for those who want a very affectionate feline without the bellowing meows that often come with them.

3. Persian

Persian cat on the couch

Due to their very fluffy coats, Persians have a high grooming need.

©Valerio Pardi/

Persians are notoriously known for their high grooming requirements. However, when you have such a fluffy coat, it comes with the territory.

These felines aren’t very loud, though they are often described as “lap cats.” They will try to get yoru attention with quiet chirps and purrs, but they don’t meow as loudly as some other breeds.

4. Ragdoll

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Ragdolls tend to be very relaxed, hence their name.

©Ria Peene/

Ragdolls can be floppy, cuddly companions. They literally “ragdoll” when you pick them up, so they tend to be very popular among cat owners who want a cuddle partner.

These cats are not silent by any means, but they do tend to have quieter voices than other felines out there. They prefer more laidback homes, as well, and they do need some regular brushing to keep their coat healthy. If you can fulfill these needs, Ragdolls can be one of the quietest cat breeds.

5. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold cat sitting on a red seat.

Their interesting ears make Scottish folds quickly stand out amongst other breeds.

©Ozge Emir/iStock via Getty Images

With their folded ears and big, round eyes, Scottish folds are incredibly cute. They’re also very gentle and tend to be lap cats. While they do meow, they tend to do so quieter than other breeds.

Sadly, this breed is prone to many health issues. It’s important to work with a quality breeder.

6. Singapura

Handsome young adult Singapura cat, sitting up side ways. Looking straight at camera with mesmerising green eyes. Isolated on a white background.

This rarer breed comes from Southeast Asia and is one of the smallest breeds that’s domesticated.

©Nynke van Holten/

These cats enjoy the nickname “Elf Cat” due to their very large, pointy eats. They’re bundles of energy, unlike most cats on this list. However, their meows tend to be very high-pitched and soft, making them one of the quieter, active breeds out there.

Singapuras are very curious, intelligent cats. Therefore, they need a special kind of owner that can meet their attention needs.

7. Siberian Forest Cat

Cute Siberian cat sitting in the pine forest.

Siberian forest cats





While these cats have a luxurious coat, they aren’t your average housecat. They do tend to be laid back and calm, but they can get going when they need to. They’re very devoted to their humans and prefer to perch in a lap whenever possible.

These cats do occasionally meow, but their chirps tend to be quieter. They work well for families that want a more peaceful feline.

8. American Shorthair

American shorthair laying on hardwood floor

Despite their name, these cats aren’t just random shorthairs from America. Instead, they are a very specific breed.


American shorthairs are known for their easygoing nature. They tend to be playful and very adaptable. Some of them are quite noisy, but most are on the quieter side. This breed may not be the quietest on this list, but they are quiet enough to consider if you live in an apartment.

9. Havana Brown

Havana brown cat on beige background

This interesting breed is known for their very “chocolate” coloration.

©Joan Wozniak/

These sleek cats are quite playful and energetic. They will spend a great deal of time exploring and climbing, so they work better for people who want a more interactive pet.

Sometimes, they can be a bit vocal when excited (such as when you’re filling up their food bowl). However, they’re often on the quieter side the rest of the time. Their meows are quite soft when they do happen, though. They aren’t quite as chirpy as other breeds.

10. Exotic Shorthair

Cute Exotic Shorthair cat on sofa at home

This relatively new breed is a lower-maintenance version of the Persian.


Exotic shorthairs are basically short-haired Persians. They have a shorter coat that requires less grooming, which is one reason they’re slowly becoming more popular. However, this breed can still be challenging to find.

Their noise level tends to be similar to a Persian. They may meow and purr, but they tend to be relatively quiet. The exotic shorthair may be a solid option if you want a feline to cuddle with but don’t want to spend much time grooming them.

11. Nebelung

Fluffy Curious Grey Nebelung Cat

Nebelungs are very common in the United States. However, they’re fairly similar to the Russian Blue.

©Allison McAdams/

Nebelungs are often described as long-haired Russian Blues. Despite their somewhat intense appearance, they’re calm and laid back. They often want to spend their time cuddling, but they do require some grooming, too. Just like all cats, they will meow somewhat. However, their meows tend to be softer and more melodious.

These gentle giants enjoy companionship and often want to perch in someone’s lap. They do prefer more low-key homes, though, as they can be stressed easily.

12. Balinese

Balinese cat

Despite having Siamese ancestry, these felines tend to be more laidback and quieter.


Balinese are not silent cats. They do meow and often follow their owners around the house, looking for attention. Most owners describe them as very affectionate, though they do require more attention than some are expecting.

The Balinese is a good option for cat owners who want a cat similar to the Siamese but with a lower sound level. They act a lot like a Siamese, but their meows tend to be quieter and less frequent. They’re a Siamese that has been toned down a little.

13. Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex kitten, 5 months old, sitting in front of white background

Like other Rex breeds, the Selkirk Rex has very curly fur.

©Eric Isselee/

Many people are drawn to these cats for their unique fur. However, they stay for their sweet demeanor. Selkirk Rex cats are pretty quiet, though they do still meow and purr. You can expect the majority of these cats to be silent much of the time. They may not be one of the quietest cat breeds, but they still belong on this list.

These felines are both playful and affectionate. They adapt quickly to most living situations and just want to spend their days lying in the sun.

Their fur does require regular brushing, as it is prone to matting. However, they’re still one of the more low-maintenance breeds.

14. Burmese

Lilac Burmese cat sitting on sofa.

These adorable felines can be more on the chatty side, but it does depend a lot on their personality.

©Julija Sulkovska/

Burmese cats can be chatty, but they can also be pretty quiet. Some are very noisy, while others may be silent for much of the time. Their meows do tend to be softer than most breeds, but that isn’t a guarantee, either.

This breed is one of the smarter ones out there, so it is possible to train them to be quiet (though this requires extra work on your end). They can make very charming companions, especially if you’re looking for a more interactive pet.

However, we don’t recommend this breed is you really need a quieter pet. You never know when you’re going to end up with a chattier Burmese.

15. Bombay

black traditional bombay cat on nuts background

Bombay cats are known for their sleek, black coats that often cause them to be described as “mini black panthers.”


While most cats on this list are more laidback, Bombay cats tend to be very playful and curious. They’re known for running around the house in the early hours of the morning. However, they are surprisingly quiet when it comes to communication. Their meows are surprisingly quiet and gentle.

Bombay cats are pretty adaptable. They can thrive in a wide range of different environments, making them perfect for those in unusual situations. They don’t need tons of attention, so they do just fine in families that tend to be gone for much of the day.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Jasmine_K/

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