This Intense Staredown Between a Leopard and a Giraffe is Insane

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: January 31, 2024

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Leopard eating his kill
© Sheri Lim/

When you think of an epic staredown, do you imagine two burly men standing face to face with sweat dripping down their faces to see who will lunge first? Well, let’s just say this epic staredown was quite literally an animal staring very far down. And that’s because his opponent is a tad bit small compared to him. Don’t miss the look this giraffe gives in the video above. 

Traffic Jam in Africa

The YouTube video clip takes us to Africa, where there’s a small traffic jam happening on a dirt road. The Latest Sightings YouTube page shared this incredible footage, and it has already received more than 85,000 views. The latest video this African channel shared is of animals such as warthogs, leopards, lions, elephants, and rhinos

Leopard Approaches Scared Giraffe

At the start of the video, we see a massive giraffe standing in the middle of the road. Closer to where the videographer is shooting, we see a leopard slowly approaching. The giraffe’s face really says it all. We think it could quickly be cropped to become a viral meme of “You better not come over here.”

However, the leopard is not known to be a scaredy cat, so he presses on. He takes the size of this giraffe seriously, so he slows his stroll down so as not to spook this giraffe. But, once the leopard stepped forward, the giraffe turned around and ran a couple of feet. 

He quickly stops and turns back to see if this leopard plans to stop. But, as the leopard presses forward, despite his enormous size, this giraffe hightails it out of there. According to the National Wildlife Federation, a giraffe can run more than 35 miles per hour. And with the leopard’s ability to run up to 36 miles per hour, we would have to admit this chase would be an intense one if the leopard decided to give it a try. 

Can a Leopard Kill a Giraffe?

South African giraffe

Giraffes are herbivore eaters that feast on leaves, fruit, and seeds.

©Stefan Scharf/

The adult giraffe really doesn’t know any predators because of its size. Giraffes can weigh anywhere from 1,200-4,200 pounds. And what’s impressive about these mammals is that they are the tallest land animals, reaching up to 20 feet in height. 

A pride of lions may possibly be able to take down a mature giraffe if they have the numbers, and if the adult giraffe is injured in any way. But, a leopard by itself could not take down a mature giraffe. There are scattered reports of leopards being able to take down a juvenile giraffe, however. According to the San Diego Zoo, “One leopard was spotted dragging a 220-pound (100 kilograms) young giraffe into heavy brush to hide it.” 

But, as we can see from the video above, this giraffe was still scared of this leopard. He knew that even in a fight, he could get severely injured, and so he did his best to keep a safe distance. 

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