Watch a Hungry Black Bear Dive Into a Pond to Chase Down a Big Buck

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 5, 2023
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Whenever we hear of a bear attack, we have no hope for the prey attacked. After all, how could any animal win in an attack against a bear? However, for this suspecting prey in the video captured below, he had one thing between him and this enormous predator—a small body of water. Wait, why would that stop this bear? Let’s find out! 

Black Bear Sighting at Ocean Ridge Plantation

This next YouTube video takes us to the Ocean Ridge Plantation, which is located in the beautiful state of North Carolina, where we see the sighting of a black bear emerging from the tree line out into the open. Why would he allow himself to be vulnerable like this? Let’s take a look below. The Ocean Ridge Plantation is beautifully located in the city of Wilmington. According to their website, this is where they are centered. 

“Ocean Ridge is located within minutes of beautiful Sunset Beach, nestled between the historic charm of Wilmington, NC, and the excitement of Myrtle Beach, SC.”  

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The Chase

Black bears

Black bears have fur for their skin.


At the start of this video, the black bear emerges from the woods and seemingly just stands there staring at something. However, we can’t see anything until the camera pans out, and we quite clearly see a large buck wading in the water. He sees the bear and is wondering what this bear will do next. The bear leaves for a moment, and the buck uses this opportunity to slip out of this small body of water at 25 seconds.

Once the buck leaves the water, the bear gives chase. Now, this hunt can be on fair ground, and this buck will have no hope of escaping the claws of this predator. The bear gives chase, and the buck rounds some trees but then realizes he can’t keep this up. He enters back into the water. And the bear follows suit and goes toward the buck. It takes him a while to swim out there; once he does, at 3:28, we see the buck turn and rush into the bear, and it causes them to clash. The buck uses this opportunity to escape. 

What Do Black Bears Eat?

Black bear in water bringing its two front paws to its face

They can run up to 30 miles per hour.

©Elizabeth Caron/

Black bears are omnivorous, meaning they will eat meat and plants. The majority of the black bear’s diet consists of berries, fruits, and insects. However, because they are omnivores, they will eat meat.

According to the Yellowstone Bear World, these enormous black bears will also hunt large deer. They will feed on them for several days. This type of meal would fill them up! This is why we see this black bear being so persistent in the video below. 

Check Out the Incredible Video Below!

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