Watch This Giant Anaconda Strangle a Huge Croc in a Battle of Ancient Monsters

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: November 10, 2023

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A closeup of ananaconda snake wrapped around an alligator in a pond in Pantanal, Brazil
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In this next video, we are taken to the center of South America, often known as the heart of South America –the world’s largest wetland, Pantanal. Here it is no surprise since it is a wetland where we would find enormous animals such as the anaconda and crocodile. We watch as nature unfolds as it has for centuries, as we watch these two apex predators fight one another.

The video posted below by Wocomo Wildlife shows an anaconda under shallow water that is surfacing and heading to the treelines. He is hoping he will be able to find something to eat on land, unlike the water. The video goes on to explain that if this enormous anaconda is able to find an animal big enough, it could be plenty of food for him to last weeks if not months. 

This apex predator has sensed a caiman crocodile. The anaconda sees that this crocodile has set himself up on a small perch above ground. To assist with the nest not being flooded and give this crocodile fair warning if predators try to take her eggs. The video describes that the caiman crocodile is a fiercely protective animal over her young.

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Caiman Crocodile (Alligatoridae) Facts 

Yacare Caiman

The Yacare caiman is endemic to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay.

©Ondrej Prosicky/

The caiman crocodile, commonly known as just cayman, can be found in both Central and South America. These small crocodiles only weigh between 13-88 pounds and reach 6.6-8.2 feet long. 

Caiman crocodiles feast on fish, insects, birds, small mammals, and even other reptiles. 

As the anaconda approaches the crocodile nest, we notice this cayman doesn’t move a single inch. It’s not for lack of not seeing this anaconda. It is a fact that this caiman crocodile refuses to abandon her eggs to save herself. 

As the anaconda slithers up, thinking it will just grab some eggs, we see the crocodile mother fiercely snap at the anaconda. For whatever reason, this anaconda has decided this fight wasn’t worth it. She knows that fighting a mother to protect her young would be much more difficult than fighting a crocodile just to be eaten.

Green anaconda

As a constrictor snake, anacondas will squeeze their prey until they asphyxiate.


The anaconda slithers back into the waters, hoping there will be something else to eat that can last her for weeks or months. It comes across a crocodile in the water. The anaconda just has to get close enough to strike with surprise.

And strike the anaconda does. We see the giant snake engulfing this large crocodile. Squeezing it to death, this crocodile will feed this snake for weeks to come. 

How Large Are Adult Anacondas?

What Do Anacondas Eat - Pet Anaconda

Green anacondas are the largest snakes in the world.

©Holger Kirk/

Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world, with lengths reaching anywhere from 20 to 30 feet. Females are larger than the males and can weigh more than 550 pounds. The largest anaconda on record came from Brazil and was a massive 880 pounds and 33 feet long.

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