Watch This Lioness Bring The Male Lion His Food Like It’s Thanksgiving

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 26, 2023

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What do lions eat - dinner time
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In many families around the world, women will serve food to the elders of the household, typically being the family’s dad. Well, lions are no different in the animal kingdom. In the video above, let’s see this lioness serve the male lion his food before she eats.

Lion Couple Sighting

The YouTube video at the top of this blog post takes us to the Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa. The DaBear Media YouTube page shared this video. This channel shares footage of animals such as zebras, hyenas, and crocodiles, and various other footage of travel locations. They share a short description of what happened in the video posted below. 

“After the male lion had made a kill and laid by the dead Zebra, the female Lioness approached and greeted the Male Lion before opening the abdomen of the Zebra and taking out the Liver, then presenting this to the resting Male Lion before they both started feasting on it.” 

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Lioness Feeding Dominant Male Lion

As the video starts, we see these two lions relaxing beside their fresh zebra kill. The dominant male lion is lying down close. We know the lioness digging inside this zebra, looking for the meat for her and the male lion to eat. 

At nine seconds, we see this lioness pull out what looks like the liver of this zebra. And she places it in front of the dominant male lion. We see her lift it so he can grab it. It’s almost as if the ground was too low for him, and he wanted to be spoon-fed!

As humorous as this may seem, the pecking order of lions is that the male lion gets the food first. According to the Mara River Safari Lodge, “Food is distributed among the pride, with the alpha male lion eating first before everyone, even though the females were the ones catching the prey. Finally, the females and young get to eat the leftovers.” After the male takes his piece, the lioness tears off her end and can finally eat.

What is a Lion’s Favorite Food?

Lion chasing cheetah at Serengeti

As opportunistic eaters, lions will eat a


if they can catch it.

© Niiranen

Lions (Panthera leo) of the genus Panthera are carnivore eaters. This means that lions will primarily eat meat. This isn’t to say they can’t also eat plant matter, but most of their diet consists of meat. Lions will eat a variety of prey, such as birds, hares, turtles, lizards, wild hogs, wild dogs, baby elephants, and small hippos. 

However, like everyone has a favorite food they like to eat, lions are no different. Lions enjoy eating zebras and wildebeest. However, in the end, lions will eat what they can get. They won’t pass up a hare running by simply because they’d rather eat a zebra. 

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