Where Was ‘The Goonies’ Filmed?

Written by Nixza Gonzalez
Published: February 27, 2024
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“The Goonies” is a spectacular movie that is considered a cultural icon and a cult classic. Although popular in its initial release, it’s even more popular today and is constantly referenced and quoted in pop culture. This fun movie follows a group of kids on the hunt for treasure to save their home. As you can imagine, they go through many silly and strange adventures, twists, and turns. But where was it filmed? Can you visit any of these iconic spots? Keep reading to discover where “The Goonies” was filmed and fun facts about the area and film.

What is “The Goonies” About?

Before we dive into the filming locations, let’s discuss the plot of the movie. Note that there will be spoilers from now on. “The Goonies” was released on June 7, 1985, in the United States. It stars incredible actors like Sean Astin, Ke Huy Quan, and Josh Brolin.

At the beginning of this adventure comedy, a group of kids that refer to themselves as the Goonies are meeting for the last weekend together before their houses get foreclosed to make way for a country club. The real story though begins when the kids find a shiny 1632 doubloon and an old treasure map that supposedly leads to “One-Eyed Willy’s” treasure. They begin their adventure and journey to find the treasure, hoping they find it in enough time to save their homes. This brief plot description though doesn’t do the movie justice. There are so many fun characters and hilarious moments that can’t be explained in just a few short paragraphs.

Where Was “The Goonies” Filmed?

Oregon - US State, Beauty, Cloud - Sky, History, Horizontal

Astoria is an old city in Oregon. It was founded in 1811, over two hundred years ago.

©WestWindGraphics/ via Getty Images

Very few movies are filmed where they are also set. This isn’t the case for “The Goonies.” This movie took place in Astoria, Oregon, and was also filmed in the city. But where exactly?

In the film, there is a scene where Jake Fratelli sits in a jailhouse. This jailhouse is really the County Jail, now known as the Oregon Film Museum. This museum is open to the public and is a popular visiting spot for film lovers. Another “The Goonies” filming spot you can visit in Astoria is the Flavel House Museum. In the film, Mikey’s father worked there.

Possibly one of the most iconic filming spots in Astoria is Cannon Beach. This scenic Oregon coast is scenic and is where the final scene was set.

What about the homes of the characters? You can also see some of the character’s houses, although they aren’t open to the public. For instance, Data and Mouth’s house still stands but is on a private road. Like Cannon Beach, the Goonies House is an iconic spot. This house still stands and is privately owned. The owner though encourages visits, but if you decide to, always do so with permission and respectfully.

While most of this film was shot in Astoria, Oregon, one part was shot in Goat Rock State Beach. It acted as Cauldron Point, which doesn’t exist.

About Astoria, Oregon

Astoria, Oregon, the first permanent U.S. settlement on the Pacific coast, overlooks the Astoria Megler bridge as it crosses the Columbia river to the state of Washington.

The best time to visit Astoria and enjoy the beaches is during summer, from June to September.

©Jess Kraft/Shutterstock.com

Astoria is a cool city to visit, even if you take away the fact that “The Goonies” was filmed in the city. The city was founded in 1811 and incorporated in 1976. It’s the oldest city in the state. The surface area of Astoria is nearly 10 square miles. About 10,000 people call this lovely city home.

The best time to visit Astoria is from June to September if you’re looking for warm weather. It can be hectic though as this is a popular time to visit. If you’re looking for low crowds and don’t mind the cold or rain, you can visit during fall and winter.

So, apart from visiting the filming locations, what is there to do in Astoria? While visiting Astoria, you can explore the Astoria Column, Columbia River Maritime Museum, Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, and the Heritage Museum.

Wildlife in Astoria, Oregon

Now that we know where “The Goonies” was filmed and more about the city, let’s learn about some animals that call this coastal city home. Within Astoria, you can see marine life, beautiful songbirds, long reptiles, and large land mammals. Some birds you may see while visiting include bald eagles, buffleheads, golden-crowned sparrows, snow geese, Anna’s hummingbirds, and greater yellowlegs.

Whale and dolphin watching is a fun activity. It’s a popular way to spend time in Astoria. From the beach or on a boat tour, you can see wildlife like California sea lions, orca whales, and harbor seals. Reptiles you may see in Astoria are northwestern garter snakes, northern alligator lizards, and common garter snakes.

Pair of Bald Eagles Perched in a Bare Tree Chatter

In Oregon, there are around 570 nesting pairs of bald eagles.


The photo featured at the top of this post is © WestWindGraphics/ via Getty Images

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