The Best Dog Beetlejuice Costumes: Reviewed for You

Written by Judie Sigdel
Updated: November 15, 2022


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Key Points

  • The #1 Best Overall Beetlejuice costume is Rubie’s Beetlejuice Pet Costume.
  • The following guidelines will help you narrow down your search for the perfect dog costume: costume type, fit, personality, quality, and comfort.
  • Under the section entitled “Our Criteria,” we share the very personal process that we use to select costumes for our own pups.
  • The market is saturated with Beetlejuice costumes. We’ve narrowed it down to the top three and ranked and rated them so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right costume online.

Only the bold will say his name three times to summon him: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! The character from the classic Halloween head-spinner is sure to spook your neighbors. Instead of the human version, with these costumes you’ll be staring down at your pup transformed into the hilarious yet spine-chilling Beetlejuice. A fun Beetlejuice costume for your dog is sure to be the hit of the next costume party or the neighborhood as you trick-or-treat this year.

Deciding which Beetlejuice costume to get for your dog can be tricky, which is why we created this review. We sifted through the countless costumes and came up with our top picks to help narrow down the best choice for your pup! Keep reading to discover the costumes we most recommend.

  1. Rubie's Beetlejuice Pet Costume

    •Authentic Beetlejuice costume for dogs

    •Striped jacket & wig pieces

    •S-XL sizing (refer to size chart)

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  2. GRAPHICS & MORE Beetlejuice Dog Bandana

    •Beetlejuice quote bandana for pets

    •Great for Halloween

    •21" size


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  3. GRAPHICS & MORE Beetlejuice Beetle Worm Pet Bandana

    •Beetle Worm bandana for dogs

    •Halloween costume or everyday use



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The Top Picks for the Best Beetlejuice Dog Costume: Ranked and Rated

#1 Best Overall: Rubie’s Beetlejuice Pet Costume

Rubie’s Beetlejuice Costume for dogs takes the cake as best overall in the category for good reason. You won’t even be able to recognize them! The costume design features Beetlejuice’s signature black and white striped jacket and a gray-haired wig. With a little styling, you can get the wig to look like Beetlejuice’s wacky, spiked hair.

Rubie’s Costumes’ sizing chart can help you select the costume size that will offer the best fit for your pup. This Beetlejuice costume is available in sizes small, medium, large, and X-large and should fit most dogs weighing between 6 and 45 pounds. But, since every breed is different, consult the sizing chart using your dog’s measurements to ensure a good fit.

Pros and Cons of the Rubie’s Beetlejuice Pet Costume

Transform your dog into Beetlejuice with his signature black and white jacket and a gray-haired wig.This costume runs small.

This costume is available in four sizes (small, medium, large, and X-large) designed to fit dogs weighing between 6 and 45 pounds.
Best Overall
Rubie's Beetlejuice Pet Costume

•Authentic Beetlejuice costume for dogs

•Striped jacket & wig pieces

•S-XL sizing (refer to size chart)

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Best Quote Bandana: Graphics & More Beetlejuice It’s Showtime Bandana

If you’re a fan of the movie, you know the famous “It’s showtime!” line from the infamous Beetlejuice. Graphics & More has recreated the moment perfectly into their bandana, making it our favorite option for black bandana. Make it showtime for your pup for trick-or-treating, a Halloween party, or any day of the year with this bandana from Graphics & More. The bandana is black with an image of Beetlejuice. The phrase, “It’s Showtime” is written in yellow over Beetlejuice’s image.

This bandana is approximately a 21-inch square. It is sized to fit most dog breeds, particularly medium and large breeds.

The bandana is an officially licensed product that is designed to last a long time. It is made in the United States using a soft cotton-poly blend fabric, meaning it is soft, breathable, and even machine washable. Some may think that a bandana is not an actual costume. However, it is perfect for dogs who overheat easily, don’t like wearing clothing, or simply must chew everything. Bandanas give the perfect amount of festiveness without the hassle.

Pros and Cons of the Graphics & More Beetlejuice It’s Showtime Bandana

This black bandana features an image of Beetlejuice and his famous phrase, “It’s showtime!”Some people think that a bandana isn’t a proper costume, but we think it’s perfect for dogs that don’t like to wear clothing, that overheat easily, and for chewers that may destroy conventional costumes.
The bandana measures approximately 21-inches square and fits most dogs, particularly medium and large breeds.
This officially licensed product is designed to last a long time and is made in the US from soft, breathable, cotton-poly blend fabric.
It’s machine washable.
Best Quote Bandana
GRAPHICS & MORE Beetlejuice Dog Bandana

•Beetlejuice quote bandana for pets

•Great for Halloween

•21" size


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Best Graphic Bandana: Graphics & More Beetlejuice Beetle Worm Bandana

The Graphics & More Beetlejuice bandana is the perfect, spooky graphic bandana to use as a Beetlejuice costume for your dog. If your dog does not like costumes or you are worried about them overheating in a heavy, full-body costume, take into consideration this bandana. The white bandana is made from a lightweight and comfortable poly blend fabric that won’t rub against a dog’s skin. Bandanas like this one are also a good option for dogs with sensitive skin.

While this isn’t a full costume, you’ll still be able to share your love of Beetlejuice with your pup and anyone else you encounter. The officially licensed bandana features the Beetlejuice logo encircled by the distinct Beetle Worm eating its tail.

If you have a large or medium breed, this 21-inch square bandana should offer a good fit. However, bandanas are versatile and can work with some smaller breeds as well.

Pros and Cons of the GRAPHICS & MORE Beetlejuice Beetle Worm Dog Pet Bandana

This officially licensed bandana features the Beetlejuice logo featuring encircled by the Beetle Worm eating its tail.It’s not a full costume.
It’s made from white, lightweight, comfortable poly-blend fabric and measures 21-inches square.
It will fit large and medium breed dogs well and may work well with some smaller breeds.
It’s perfect for dogs that don’t like costumes or clothing, and for pups with sensitive skin.
Best Graphic Bandana
GRAPHICS & MORE Beetlejuice Beetle Worm Pet Bandana

•Beetle Worm bandana for dogs

•Halloween costume or everyday use



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Beetlejuice Dog Costume Buying Guide

Each Beetlejuice Dog Costume on the market is different. Use the buying guide below to help you compare the various features of each costume you’re considering to make sure you are pleased with the final selection you make.

Costume Type

First, consider the costume type and design. There are not too many full Beetlejuice dog costumes, but there are a variety of Beetlejuice bandanas for dogs that can double as a costume. If your dog is not a huge fan of wearing heavy clothing items or costumes, you may want to consider choosing a Beetlejuice bandana; you’ll still be able to dress them up a bit for a special event, but not in a way that may increase their anxiety or make them uncomfortable.

Additionally, the temperature in the area where you live can also impact which costume style will be the best choice. Since dogs already have a fur coat, they may overheat if they are dressed in a heavy costume. If you live in a hot area, a bandana may also help keep your dog cooler.


Finding a costume that is appropriately sized for your pooch is also important. Costumes that are too large won’t stay in place on a dog, and those that are too small will be too tight or won’t fit at all. Manufacturers offer sizing guides to assist you in selecting the costume that will deliver the best fit. Before you check the sizing guide, you’ll need to take measurements of your dog’s length, neck and chest circumference, and weight.


As mentioned previously, you know your dog best; therefore, it is up to you to pick a costume that suits your dog’s physical and mental needs. If a costume has a lot of removable parts or fabric in reach of their mouths, it may not be a good idea to get if your dog loves to chew. Additionally, if your dog does not like clothes and gets anxious when covered, choose options like bandanas or lightweight back coverings instead of onesies or step-in costumes.


There’s no point in wasting your money on a costume only to have it break after just a few uses. Look for Beetlejuice dog costumes that are made using durable materials that will withstand the wear dogs will impose on them.


Finally, your dog’s comfort is also essential. As we mentioned above, dogs are more likely to overheat in a costume than we are since they already have a fur coat. Look for costumes made with breathable materials that will help dogs regulate their temperature and stay cooler.

Additionally, rough fabrics may rub against a dog’s skin. This can irritate the skin and make your dog itchy or otherwise uncomfortable. When possible, look for costumes that are made using soft fabrics that won’t irritate a dog’s skin. If your dog already has a history of skin irritation or allergies, look for light, cotton materials and costumes that don’t fully cover their bodies/legs. You can also try the costume before Halloween to ensure your pet will comfortable and happy on the day-of.

Our Criteria

When choosing what we believe to be the top picks for products for your pets, we treat it as if we were looking for our own dogs! As pet lovers and dog owners, we strive to narrow it down to only the best based on several factors: appearance (obviously), practicality, affordability, comfort, and originality. While there are many options out there, not all fit every dog. So, we aim to find outfits that can be worn by most dogs and other options to include those with different needs.

Looking for costumes for your dog to accompany to you to parties in or to even compete in costume contests can be so fun! Getting to pick dress them as your favorite character or as the perfect match to your costume is exciting for you and the goal is to make it just as exciting for your pup, as well! Sorting through the multitudes of costume options available on the internet can turn this happy event into a stressful one, however. So, that’s where we come in. We narrow down the search so you don’t have to. The only work left for you is to choose from our list what suits your dog best.

Many owners get so involved in choosing the “perfect” costume that they can forget to take into consideration the most important thing — their dog’s personality. Not all dogs are the same, and their uniqueness makes them so special as companions. You know your dog better than anyone else. Day-to-day you learn their personality, their quirks, and their needs as individuals. Choosing the wrong costume can be really detrimental to their happiness and even their health. For example, if your dog is an avid chewer, it is not a good idea to put them into a costume with all of the bells and whistles, covering places they can get to easily to chew it off. Also, if your dog is very active or furry, it is best to avoid costumes that are plush or fuzzy and may cause them to overheat.

The best example I can give is my own. I am happy to call Winston, a young rough collie, my son. He is rambunctious and hyper and very, very fluffy. Winston also loves to chew anything he can get his snout on. So, choosing costumes can be difficult but not impossible. I usually go for a light, easy option, such as a bandana or simple back-covering piece of material. I will not choose a full-body, leg-covering outfit because he would overheat in five minutes. He would definitely chew the material off of his body, as well.

Ultimately the decision of costume is up to you. However, put yourself in your dog’s shoes and plan accordingly and mindfully. You want your dog to be as happy as you are during your Halloween festivities!

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The Best Dog Beetlejuice Costumes: Reviewed for You FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Beetlejuice a good dog costume?

Any costume that you like is a good costume for your dog. If you like the movie Beetlejuice or are planning a costume theme for the family or some friends around the movie, then a Beetlejuice costume is absolutely a good costume for your dog.

Are costumes safe for dogs?

Most dog costumes are designed to be safe for dogs. However, it is still possible that a costume may pose a potential threat. Any costumes with smaller pieces that may break off or be chewed by a dog represent a choking hazard to your pup. If a dog swallows a piece of a costume, it could also pose a risk to their health.

How much do Beetlejuice dog costumes cost?

The cost of a Beetlejuice costume can vary depending on the manufacturer and the costume type you select. Most costumes cost under $30 and most bandanas cost around $10.

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