PetChatz Interactive Pet Camera: Reviewed for 2022

Updated: June 8, 2022

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Do you need to leave your pet home alone while you’re away at work or doing other things during the day? Do you worry about whether they’re getting enough interaction or staying entertained to keep them happy and out of trouble? If you’re looking for a videophone that will help you interact with your dog or cat when you’re not at home, you may be interested in learning more about PetChatz.

PetChatz is more than just a treat camera for dogs or for cats. Continue reading, and we’ll take an in-depth look at just what PetChatz device for dog-to-call owners is, how it works, and whether it is safe for pets. Use the information we share to help you decide whether this dog phone and treat camera is the right solution for you and your pet.

What is PetChatz?

PetChatz is a cat and dog interactive video phone. It was designed to help owners who need to leave their pet home alone. By using the PetChatz videophone, you’ll be able to interact with your dog, even when you’re far from home.

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This interaction can help prevent your dog from feeling lonely, anxious, or bored. You can also use the PetChatz to dispense treats to your pet when they stay and ‘chat’ with you over video or follow a specific command.

PetChatz does much more than just this. Continue reading to learn more about how the PetChatz camera accessory for dogs and cats can truly change the experience of being home alone for your pets.

Features and Benefits of PetChatz

Want to find out more about all the features offered by PetChatz? Below, you’ll find an overview of the main features and benefits of this innovative pet videophone.

Sound and Motion Detection

The PetChatz camera accessory can detect sounds and motions to send you alerts when you’re not home. This can help you know what your dog is up to when you’re away and intervene by dropping in for a video call if you feel it is necessary.

Special Ringtone to Alert Pet to a New Video Call

When you’re ready to start a video call for cats or dogs in your home, PetChatz will alert your pets with a special tone. This tone is designed to catch their attention and let them know it is time for their interactive video call with you. After a few times hearing the ringtone, they’ll be ready and excited to come to see you on the PetChatz screen.

Ability to Reward Your Pet with Treats

This is also a special treat camera. During your call, you can press a button to have the PetChatz device dispense treats for your dogs to enjoy. Using this camera to dispense treats can help you reinforce the positive behaviors you notice your dog doing while you’re away, such as responding to your calls to come and chat with them or staying out of trouble.

Video Recording

Another thing you can do with this dog phone is to record videos of your animals. It includes PetWatch, which is a recording feature that automatically records activity. The recordings are automatically activated by sounds or motion.

You can access the 30 most recent recordings (each recording will be up to 30 seconds long) on the app. If you see something funny, sweet, or maybe even naughty that you’d like to save or share, you can download the video through the app.

Pet Can Message You

In addition to letting you initiate a video call with your pup, this can also be a device for dogs to call their owners. If you purchase the PawCall add-on, your dog will be able to let you know when they want to have a video call with you. With some training, you can teach your dog to press the button to have it send you a message that they want to ‘talk.’

Brain Games

The PawCall add-on also makes it possible for your dog to participate in games to keep them mentally stimulated while they’re home alone. You can set up a ‘Game Mode’ time, and then PawCall will start blinking to encourage your pup to play along. If they participate, a treat will be dispensed.

DOGTV Streaming

Do you think your pet that is home alone would like to watch some TV to keep them entertained? If so, then you can choose to subscribe to DOGTV. DOGTV is designed specifically for dogs. The programming will help keep dogs happy and allow them to relax and stay calm.

Once your subscription is set up, you can use the PetChatz app to get DOGTV streaming for your pup.


The PetChatz device also offers calming aromatherapy. The special PetChatz Scentz is specifically formulated to help calm dogs when they are left home alone. You may find this to be a very valuable feature if your dog suffers from separation anxiety.

Apps for Smart Devices

As we’ve mentioned a few times, you can access PetChatz using from your tablet or smartphone using the app. The app allows you to set up dog interactive video calls, dispense treats, and so much more. It really gives you the ability to keep tabs on your dog when you’re away and make sure they’re happy, entertained, and staying out of trouble.

Is PetChatz Safe for Pets?

Yes, PetChatz is safe for pets. The makers kept the safety of cats and dogs in mind as they designed the camera accessory that attaches to the wall. It doesn’t have any sharp corners or edges that could hurt your pet, and there are no exposed electrical cords that your pet could chew on.

Training Treats for PetChatz

If you want to use the PetChatz to dispense treats for your dog or cat, the company recommends choosing one of their recommended brands. Each of the treats recommended on their site is manufactured to be a certain shape and size to ensure they will work well with the PetChatz treat dispenser.

You can feel confident in your choice to feed your pet the treats recommended by PetChatz. They are made in the United States without any artificial flavors, artificial colors, or animal byproducts. Plus, with numerous flavor options, you’re certain to find something that your cat or dog will enjoy.

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PetChatz Interactive Pet Camera: Reviewed for 2022 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Where can I buy PetChatz?

The best place to buy PetChatz is through the company’s website,

How much is PetChatz?

The PetChatz HDX cost $349.99. Adding on the PawCall Accessory is an additional $89.99.

How does PetChatz work?

PetChatz is a special dog phone that allows owners to stay in communication with their pets even when they’re away from the house. Owners can do an interactive video call with their pets or even dispense treats to keep them happy. Additionally, this is also a device for a dog to call its owner. You can train your dog to press the PawCall button (sold separately) and send you a message to let you know they want to talk.

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