Wholehearted Pet Food Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: May 27, 2024


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When you’re looking for dog or cat food for your furry friend, it’s important to do your research. In this deep-dive review of Petco’s exclusive brand WholeHearted, we’ll discuss everything from their most popular products to recalls to the best qualities of the company and the dog and cat food that they make.

Petco introduced WholeHearted dog food in 2016 to provide a wholesome nutritional choice to its clients at a reasonable price. WholeHearted dog and cat foods are made with only the best ingredients and are predominantly grain-free, making them suitable for dogs and cats of all types and ages. It’s available in two forms: dry kibble and canned soft food.

A-Z-Animals’ Top Picks of the Best Wholehearted Pet Products

  1. WholeHearted All Life Stages Grain-Free Chicken
    • The primary protein source is real chicken
    • Thick soup consistency
    • Contains sunflower and tuna oil
    • Added probiotic bacteria mixed with prebiotic fiber
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  2. WholeHearted Grain-Free Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food
    • Key ingredients are chicken, chickpeas, and peas
    • Great for sensitive digestive systems
    • No harmful colors, flavors, or preservatives
    • Great for kittens
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  3. Petco Brand - WholeHearted Culinary Cuts Jerky Dog Treats
    • Made with only six wholesome, natural ingredients
    • Don’t contain corn, wheat, or grains of any kind
    • Comes in resealable bags
    • High-protein snack for all types of dogs
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Because WholeHearted pet food is a Petco-specific brand, purchasing their products straight from them will save you money. WholeHearted pet food may be purchased through Amazon, but the higher price may not be worth the convenience.

We invite you to click the links below to read our detailed reviews of the brand’s most popular products.

Dog Food

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Key Features

  • Healthy, grain-free pet food selection
  • Affordable price for quality-ingredients
  • Designed by a pet store (Petco) gaining pet owner’s trust

What Type of Animals/Breeds Is Wholehearted Pet Food Best Suited For?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the top features of WholeHearted and which animals it suits best! 

Protein-Dense Food

Having a high-protein diet is a great way to keep your dog and cat in shape. Protein helps build muscle and burn fat. The first mentioned component in the majority of the formulae is chicken, fish, or beef, with no animal by-products. 

There’s a significant possibility that dogs or cats that are finicky eaters will discover a meal they like because of the range of tastes and animal types available, including lamb, duck, beef, chicken, and salmon.

Pets of All Ages

WholeHearted offers a variety of cat and dog diets for cats and dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes, as well as specialty recipes for animals with digestive disorders, urinary aid, and limited-ingredient formulas for pets with allergies. The company produces meals for people of all ages, as well as foods for kittens, puppies, and older animals.

High-Quality Ingredients

Generally, the ingredients in WholeHearted dog and cat food are high-quality, with the majority of the protein sources being animal-based. Synthetic colors and dyes are not used in any of WholeHearted’s meals because they’re dangerous and completely unnecessary to your furry friend’s diet. 

These dyes are frequently used to make food more attractive to consumers in order to help the food sell better. And odds are high that if a business has to color their food to begin with, the ingredients aren’t all that good.

While all of WholeHearted’s food recipes for pets are grain-free, they do contain fillers such as powdered cellulose and pea protein. Apart from the fiber content, powdered cellulose is nutritionally useless. It is composed of fine wood pulp and plant fibers. Pea protein, which is made by eliminating the starchy components of peas, has a lesser nutrient benefit than meat.

Wholehearted Pet Food: Where to Buy

If WholeHearted sounds like food you’d like to purchase for your pet, there are several trusted places where you can purchase it, including: 

  • Amazon
  • Lowe’s
  • Petco
  • Petsmart
  • Target
  • Walmart

Wholehearted Pet Food Recalls & Controversies

As of January 6, 2023, no WholeHearted foods or treats have been recalled, nor have they been the subject of any controversy.

Bottom Line

Overall, WholeHearted creates delicious and nutritious food and treats that your feline and canine will enjoy. While a grain-free diet isn’t ideal for all pets, it’s best to ask your vet before switching to any new food. You can find WholeHearted’s products just about anywhere and they won’t break the bank!

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Wholehearted Pet Food Guide: Everything You Need to Know FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How good is WholeHearted dog food?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Generally speaking, it’s a great option for most pets. Ask your vet if you have any concerns about WholeHearted before switching over.

Where can you buy WholeHearted dog food?

You can purchase their dog food at popular stores such as Petco, Amazon, and Target.

Where is WholeHearted dog food made?

WholeHearted dog food is made in the US and Thailand.

Who makes WholeHearted dog food?

Petco has been in business for more than 50 years and is the creator and producer of WholeHearted dog pet food. Petco launched the debut of its own pet food line, WholeHearted, in 2016. It set out on a goal to give clients a product created with superior ingredients at a fraction of the cost of its competition.

Has WholeHearted dog food ever had a recall?

As of January 6, 2023, WholeHearted has not had any recalls.

Is Wholehearted dog food good for dogs and cats? 

WholeHearted often receives around four out of five stars when reviewed by professionals. It’s high-quality food for pets, but not all pets will like all types of food.

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